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When planning to amplify the appearance of your beloved car, you can look for some great car interior decoration ideas on the internet. The car is an extension of one’s own personality and style. Also, considering the fact that you spend a significant amount of time in your car running for errands, commuting to office, or taking your family for a vacation, putting some interior car decoration ideas to reality is worth your time.

Here in this article, we have put together a list of quick and simple, yet smart and functional ideas for decorating car interior on a budget. At the end, we also talk about some tips to keep your car clean and organised to complement your car interior.

Indian Style Car Interior Decoration Ideas

Have you ever had a day when one of your office colleagues asked for a ride but your car was just too messy to be invited in? If yes, then your car interior seriously needs a renovation. Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about major changes costing you tens of grands. Just some cool car interior decoration ideas Indian style that are not only inexpensive, but super easy to implement and make a huge difference to the overall look and appearance of your car.

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Rear View Mirror Hanging

  • Hanging Planter

Plants have become an essential part of interior decoration, especially with their increased popularity in the past decade. Get a tiny hanging planter and fill it with a small plant, preferably a succulent. Hang the greenery through the rear view mirror and make yourself feel closer to serenity of nature. However, if you worry about not having a green finger, there’s an impressive variety of fake plants available on the internet that look just as natural as the real ones.

Hanging planter
  • Your Favourite Jewellery

A gorgeous pendant necklace or a jewellery gifted by your girlfriend should not wait for an occasion to be flaunted. Another super easy, personalised and of course, extraordinary idea to decorate car interior is by hanging a beautiful piece of jewellery through the rear view mirror. You can look for metal tones complementing other car decor. For example, if the theme of your car interior is bohemian, a jewellery crafted out of oxidised metal and vibrant stones will make for a perfect rear view mirror hanging.

Your Favourite Jewellery


  • Phone Mount

A phone mount has to be the most functional car accessory. A phone mount can literally transform your life and make car rides so much easier. There are endless times when you have to use your phone while driving. It could be to pick up a call, make a call, look for directions on the map, etc. but there are many times when you have to risk your safety. Look for a stylish phone mount with metal detailings or complementing colours to stick to your dashboard.

Phone Mount
  • Decorative Air Fresheners

Nobody likes to be in a car that doesn’t smell good. Decorative air fresheners make for a functional car accessory that is also very essential. They come in different forms like gel-based air fresheners that you can place on the dashboard- a perfect dashboard accessory. Vent stick car air fresheners come with bright and unique shapes and designs that you can flap on the A/C vent.

Decorative Air Fresheners
Air freshners

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Steering Wheel

  • Bohemian Cover

A steering wheel cover not only offers an elegant look and feel to the car interior, but also makes for an easier hold on the wheel so you can drive conveniently without slipping your hands off the steering. You can look for coloured patterns for a stand-out look or if you like going minimalist, choose a solid colour in leather texture. Just make sure to coordinate the colour of the steering wheel with the seat covers to bind together the overall theme of your car interior.

Bohemian Cover

  • Bling Sticker

Go bold and dainty with a shiny and blingy steering cover. These covers come studded with lines of silver blings, making for the best instagram worthy car decoration ideas. One thing that you need to take care of is the texture of the sticker or cover. The studs should not be prickly and hard to hold on to. Rather, they should make your grip on the steering wheel easier and firmer.

Bling Sticker

Car Seats

  • Bold Colours

Car seats are probably the biggest surface that you can decorate in the car cabin. They also have to be the biggest investment you make in the car interior decoration but if you make a smart choice, the expenditure is totally worth it. Choose a good-quality, scratch resistant, comfortable seat cover. You can go for bohemian patterns and pastel colours or find elegance in minimalism with solid brown tones.

Bold Colours

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  • Faux Fur

Faux fur is another popular trend of the season that adds a cozy, girly aesthetic to the car interior. While faux fur has to be one of the most extraordinary car interior ideas, maintaining and keeping the faux fur spotless is a task. If you think you can control the hygiene, faux fur seat covers will truly make your car stand out. And did we mention the superb silky feel that you will enjoy each time you sit on car seats with faux fur covers?

Faux Fur

Car Floor

  • Sound Deadening Mats

Sound deadening materials for cars come in the form of dense mats that you can place underneath the carpet or on the doors. Such materials not only absorb sound to make your automobile whisper quiet, but also work to regulate the car interior temperature.

Sound Deadening Mats

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  • LED Lightings

Decorating car interior is made easier with LED mood lightings. You can have LED light strips to stick on the edges of the dashboard, door handle, or under the seats to illuminate your car from inside. LED fairy light strips come in different colours that you can coordinate with other car interior decor items.

LED Lightings

Car Roof

  • Laser Dotted Flash Light

Laser lights for the roof really make for a light show. Transform your car into a night disco station and make your night rides a visual enjoyment show with a laser flash that is not only inexpensive, but super easy to install and use. There are other variants that project night stars, perfect for those space enthusiasts.

Laser Dotted Flash Light

Sun Visor

  • Tissue holder

A tissue box is an essential car accessory and getting a tissue holder for the car sun visor is one of the most creative car decoration ideas. You can choose from a variety of colours, prints and embellishments like a blingy tissue holder for car visor. A DIY sun visor tissue holder is also super easy- just tape an almost flat, decorative tissue box onto the sun visor with double sided tape and you’re done.

Tissue holder
  • Organisation pouches

Organisation pouches are another super functional car accessory. Attachable organisation pouches for car seats come very handy. Such car decor items come with multiple pouches to hold mobile phones, water bottles, documents, etc. You can have solid colours and patterns with highlighted edge linings for a car seat organiser that not only provides enough space to store a lot of things, but adds to the aesthetic of car interior decoration.

Organisation pouches

Pro Tips to Step-Up Your Car Interior Game

  • Keep it Clean

With cars being an extension of your personality and hygiene, it’s essential to keep it clean all the time. Moreover, all your car interior decor is useless if the car is messy, as the mess will always overshadow the decor. Make sure to wash your car twice a month at the least. 

  • Invest in Car Detailing

Bathing your car regularly is not enough to maintain its pristine shine. You must invest in premium car care or auto detailing products like car wash shampoo, car wax, and polish. Special compounds can help to keep the textured plastic of your car dashboard, gear knob, doors and the seats looking as glossy as brand-new.

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  • Keep it Organised

Keeping your car organised is an essential part of decorating ideas for car interior. Invest in different organisers for car seats, glove box, and car trunk. Keep some travel pouches handy to put in random stuff like pens, coins, lighter, cards, organised.

  • Add Textures

The simplest and the easiest way to personalise your car is by adding different textures to the interior. Add a nice, bright floor mat, throw a soft shawl on the seats, or add eye-catching steering and seat covers- they all bring texture to your car, making it feel more cozy and personal.

  • Add Mood Lightings

When planning to renovate your car interior, you just can’t miss to add mood lightings. Look for LED light strips that you can stick under the dashboard, seat, or footwells. LED light strips come in different colours and are oftenly controllable by remotes. While accent lights are an excellent way to set the car interior mood, you can also change the standard lights with warm tones, making your car interior decor not only aesthetic, but functional as well.


While decorating the car interior adds personal touch, elegance, and luxury to the car, it doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune. Most of the interior car decoration ideas mentioned in this article will cost you less than a grand and will instantly amplify the overall appearance of your automobile.

Just make sure to keep the vehicle clean and organised as that will only add to its beauty and appeal.

Thank you for reading through the end. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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