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Isn’t it simply frustrating to know that your car battery is dead in between your trip? With constant stopping and starting, the battery carries great loads and then abruptly falls flat.

Obviously, it’s not pleasing to witness a flat battery and cause a downer amidst your fun trip. Luckily, you can avoid a flat battery by carrying a car battery charger - a relatively affordable and relevant accessory of all times.

Instead of spending thousands of bucks for a brand-new battery, invest in a reliable and car battery charger that revives your vehicle battery in no time. A battery charger is a perfect ally to prevent premature battery death or extend the battery service life.

Car battery chargers are designed to recharge your vehicle through electrical currents. By using the right equipment, the battery charger is plugged into the wall outlet to draw out AC currents and restore energy to the vehicle within a few minutes. The charger is truly a lifesaver. Easy to use, convenient, and fits your budget. The benefits of using battery chargers are simply too many.

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Car battery chargers are designed to recharge your car battery through electrical currents. It provides a relatively low voltage charge to the vehicle battery optimal for the battery and user’s health. The chargers regulate the required electricity for your vehicle, preventing charging at a high rate where the battery is at risk of a blowout.

Your vehicle depends on the battery to start the engine and power the accessories during its operation. After constant vehicle use, the energy runs out. Car battery chargers work their magic by replacing that energy and keep the electrical systems powered while the vehicle is running. The chargers are effective even if your car sits unused for a few weeks, and the battery slowly discharges on its own.

The most common battery chargers use a 2-amp charger which requires 24 hours to recharge a dead battery. Although it’s daunting to wait for such long hours, it proves to be beneficial in the long run. However, you can choose from a different range of car battery chargers with different charge rates, going from 2 to 10 amps. The higher the charge output, the quicker the flat battery will be reenergized.

The car is built with a mechanism called the “alternator” to supply direct current (DC) power to the battery. The alternator is responsible for charging the car battery while it’s running, turning mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The alternator is pretty reliable and effective in keeping the battery charged when the vehicle is running. However, when the car is turned off, the battery starts to discharge on its own. The battery levels go dead while the vehicle is resting by 1% each day, though relatively higher in hot temperatures and lower in cold temperatures.

It sounds quite less to stress about, but remember that the battery requires a whole lot of energy to start the vehicle. Your car battery losing 1% each day is a concern as you never know when the vehicle will completely exhaust abruptly.

A deeply discharged battery results in sulfation in the batteries. It impairs the chemical to electrical conversion and negatively impacts the battery overall performance.

To prevent such catastrophic instances, car battery chargers improve battery maintenance and come useful when required. The charger ensures full battery recharge before starting the vehicle, blocking deep discharges from premature battery depletion.

If you also use electronic systems like phone charging and lights when the engine isn’t running, the car battery charger turns extremely vital. In conclusion, the charger not only extends the battery service life but also saves you from being lost in case you have left the headlights on.


Car battery chargers can vary from one another. Here are the different type of car battery chargers to look out for -

  1. Charger -

    As the name gives away, chargers are the most common and basic type of car battery charger helpful for restoring the battery. You are most likely to find a suitable charger in the proper size, shape, and amperage required for your vehicle.
  2. Maintainer -

    Rare, yet effective in preventing the vehicle batteries from complete discharge. These types of car batteries are suitable for quick fill-up and maintenance of the overall health of the battery.
  3. Restorer -

    The least prevalent of battery types, restores rechargers old batteries into a brand-new life. When contaminants take over the battery’s cells, the battery loses its performance.

Restores, on the other hand, work to knock down impurities so the battery regains its charging powers and functions effectively as earlier. Regarded as one of the most costly chargers, restorers are more common in professional garages than in regular home use.


By investing in premium car battery chargers, you are gifted with numerous benefits directed to your car maintenance. Here’s how -

  1. Prevent Battery Replacements -

    Removing and replacing lead-acid batteries might not appear like a hassle. However, depending on the type of vehicle you drive, it can turn into a complicated process.
    In an ideal world, replacing the battery requires a few steps: undo the clamps, detach the old battery, position the new one and reconnect everything again.
    However, hybrid vehicles consist of intricate processes that require special tools, batteries, and sections. However, simple chargers help to eliminate a lot of complications.
  2. Active Battery Maintenance -

    The most common and significant perks of car battery chargers for vehicles is to improve battery maintenance even if the vehicle is unused for a few weeks or months. A perfect accessory for preserving batteries in storage, and an effective backup whenever the battery life is coming to an end.
  3. Cost-Effective -

    A high-quality car battery charger saves thousands of your money from getting spent on a brand new battery. It helps to run the vehicle battery for years by instant charging and limiting full discharge. All in all, a good-quality car battery charger keeps your vehicle battery functional, safe, and long-lasting.
  4. Charge Several Other Devices -

    There is a wide variety of car battery chargers to explore, many of them are built with additional charging ports. The chargers power small accessories, USB ports, and recreational devices while the vehicle battery is getting charged. These versatile chargers come with an additional cost but are completely worth it.
  5. Lifesaver in Crisis -

    Battery chargers often take a long time to charge, but you can find advanced models that do the job within a few minutes. These instant boost chargers are an effective solution during an emergency situation where the batteries die abruptly, saving you from getting stranded.


Here is the perfect “do” and “don’t” while buying car battery chargers.

  1. Voltage -

    Battery charger voltage is an important criterion worth your consideration. Finding the right voltage charger is pretty simple. Stick to the frequent demands by drivers, i.e 12-volt chargers.
    If you are on a hunt for a versatile vehicle battery charger, then go for it. You get a wide variation of battery chargers for utility purposes and meet different voltage requirements.
  2. Focus on the Function -

    What kind of battery charger are you looking for? Do you need the charger for simply battery charging or maintenance or both? Yes, both are not the same. Battery charging helps with recharging a flat battery to the full capacity.
    While battery maintenance involves topping off by using the charger. However, there are times when you need a charger for both battery maintenance and charging. Depending on your need, seek a suitable car battery charger for satisfying your needs.
  3. Amperage -

    Amperage is equally important as the charger’s voltage, as it deals with the amount of current the charger can handle. Low current chargers are effective in charging the vehicle when it’s not in use. While other batteries require a quick and powerful charger.
    To resolve such needs, you can utilize higher amperage chargers for faster charging and a lower amperage for slower charging. Consider what is ideal for your vehicle battery, whether it requires a slower or faster charging rate.
  4. Automatic or Manual Functionality -

    As the name suggests, car battery chargers operate automatically or manually. You can go for either, but consider the best suited for your vehicle.
    Manual chargers require active monitoring of the charging process. You need to switch off or detach the charger to prevent overcharging, often resulting in a lower battery charge-up.
    While an automatic charger takes care of the complete A to Z charging process for you. The charger self-switch off or turn on maintenance mode automatically when the battery is fully powered. Automatic chargers prove to be relatively convenient and easy to use.
  5. Water & Dust Proof -

    Cars often parked outside or holed up in the garages with their battery chargers require essential protection for long-lasting service life. Prolonged exposure to water and dust can damage the battery chargers. Thus, consider getting water and dust-resistant chargers.
  6. Security Features -

    Remember not to neglect the safety features while choosing the best car battery charger for your vehicle. Although most chargers have built-in safety features to ensure complete protection of the vehicle and battery from catastrophic events.
    Chargers must come with overcharging, auto-voltage, and auto-amperage detection to regulate over-heating of the battery. The safety features help the customer to act before it gets too late and drive without any stress.


Don’t just stick with any cheap charger to save money, as it will impact the vehicle battery life rather than improving or extending it for the greater good.

Depending on your charging demands, look for the charge time in the battery chargers. Most chargers take up two to three hours to charge the battery completely. While small portable chargers take longer so choose the suitable charger based on your speed demands.

Ensure to select the right charger output as it makes a crucial point of consideration. Pick a charger that provides a minimum of 10% of your batter’s amp-hour rating. If you have a 100Ah car battery, opt for a charger with a minimum of 10 amp.

Switch to larger chargers for high amps, helping you to charge your battery quicker. At the end of the day, you need a charger that’s convenient to use. It shouldn’t be complicated or difficult to set manually.

If you are looking for easy-to-use car battery chargers, then we recommend automatic chargers that read and direct the charging process, saving your time and effort.

Lastly, look for a battery charger that operates for years. Investing in durable and high-quality chargers will improve the overall performance of the vehicle battery life.


All batteries come to an end - don’t let it be today!

With proper maintenance, car batteries last longer than decades before being replaced with a new one. Frankly, a simple measure of maintenance can save tons of money from buying brand-new batteries every other year.

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Q 1. How to charge a car battery?

Ans. Here is the instruction to charge your car battery -

  1. Switch off the charger.
  2. Attach the charger’s positive cable to the battery’s positive terminal.
  3. Attach the charger’s negative cable to the battery’s positive terminal.
  4. Set the charger on the lowest charge rate.
  5. Switch on the charger and set the timer.
  6. Stitch off the charger.
  7. Remove the positive, then the negative cable.

Q 2. How does a car battery charger work?

Ans. Car battery chargers are designed to store a fixed amount of electric charge before running out completely. The charger is clicked to the vehicle batteries, plugged in and within a few hours of charging, the battery is charged and ready for the drive.

Q 3. Which car battery charger do I need?

Ans. The type of car battery charger you need depends on the vehicle you own. The car type, engine size, and age dictate the best-suited charger to keep your battery alive.

In other words, there is not a common charger that we can recommend for every vehicle out there.

Q 4. Where can I buy a car battery charger?

Ans. Buy car battery chargers online from International brands at affordable prices at Carorbis. Our range of car battery rechargers fits every budget and gets you back on the road.

Q 5. Does a car battery charger work?

Ans. Yes, car battery chargers are equipped to recharge your vehicle battery using the electrical current within an hour or two.

Q 6. Where to connect the car battery charger?

Ans. Attach the red or positive clamp to a red terminal of the batter. Then move on to attach the black or negative clamp to the solid metal part of the vehicle.

Q 7. How much electricity does a car battery charger use?

Ans. If you are running a vehicle for an hour, it is likely to use less than 1 kWh (kilowatt-hour =1,000 watts for an hour) of electrical power.

The regular 10A battery chargers consume less than 200 Watts. While a bigger 25A car battery charger takes less than 500 Watts.

Q 8. How much electricity does a car battery trickle charger use?

Ans. A car battery trickle charger takes up to 48 hours to fully charge up the battery, requiring only one to two amps of power.

Q 9. Can I start my car while the battery charger is attached?

Ans. It depends on the type of battery charger you use. Please refer to the owner manual before doing any experiments. The smart battery chargers in the markets can safely charge the vehicle battery even when it's connected.

However, few manufacturers discourage charging the battery while connected. It is to protect the sensitive electronic equipment that is vulnerable to damage by the use of the wrong charger.

Q 10. Why is my car battery charger beeping?

Ans.If your vehicle battery charger is constantly beeping while charging, it means that the battery is damaged.

Q 11. Can I leave the car battery charger on overnight?

Ans. We don’t recommend charging the vehicle all night due to the risk of overcharging. The battery charger must not stay connected to the charger for more than 24 hours.

In cases of full discharge, overnight charging can prove to be helpful. Otherwise we insist on monitoring the charge time.

Q 12. What is the car battery charger that doesn't need to be plugged in?

Ans.Automatic car battery chargers automatically charge and monitor the rate. It manages overcharging, keeps the batteries safe no matter how long the vehicle has remained unused.

Q 13. Should the car be on when charging the battery?

Ans. If your vehicle, headlights or the radio is one for a long time, then it can slow down the charging process. It will drain the vehicle of its charge, so recommend switching off the vehicle while charging.

Q 14. Why is my car battery charger not working?

Ans. A car battery charger rarely fails to do the job. However, if you find your car battery charger isn’t working, repair the fuse in the mains plug. If it doesn’t work, we recommend getting a new pair online from Carorbis.