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If driving is a part of your daily commute, then you should consider getting a reliable USB car charger to keep your phone running. The additional benefits of car phone chargers are more than just powering your smartphone, but also laptop, tablets, and music devices.

Imagine missing out on important business calls or potential clients of your business? In this digital age, a dead smartphone can cost you a hell lot of missed opportunities.

It’s completely understandable to miss charging your smartphone, after all, you’ve to use the smartphone almost all day long. When you have an extra charger at your office, and home, then get a USB car charger to use in your car for greater convenience and comfort.

Buy in-car charger USB online from top brands at Carorbis for the lowest prices. All USB car chargers are designed to power your smartphone quickly and other devices while you are heading to your destination.

Carorbis car charger USB is built to be compatible with all kinds of smartphones, including Apple, Android smartphones, and almost every device that supports USB charging.

We offer affordable, durable, and long-lasting USB car chargers boasting a wide range of in-built features. The quality and superior design of USB for car chargers are simply rare to find in the Indian market.

Grab the best deals and a limited range of USB car chargers online in visual-appealing design.


A car charger to USB is a lightweight and portable device built to power your smartphone in cars along with other devices. The charger is built with single or multiple ports to charge two or more devices simultaneously.


  1. No More Missed Opportunity -

    Stay ahead of everyone and attentive at all times by keeping your phone switched on and completely charged. Keeping a USB car charger in your vehicle will create the habit of charging your phone whenever you start driving.

    It’s the best time to pay attention to trivial issues like your phone’s power and charge up the battery. Resulting in taking every phone call and staying updated with your personal or professional tasks.

  2. Power Multiple Devices -

    If you got kids in the back, keep them entertained (mostly silent) by charging their tablets for playing cartoons, or movies. In case of a family picnic or friend’s trip, charge several mobile devices simultaneously to stream music and seize the journey.

    You can power several phones or different kids with a universal car phone charger. Get an in-car charger USB with multiple ports to charge multiple devices at once and make the drive extremely fun and entertaining.

  3. Quick Charging -

    Although there are different kinds of USB car chargers providing different charging speeds, there are selected few that are far more powerful, fast and efficient than others.

    The super-fast USB car phone chargers power your phones within a few minutes. If fast charging speed is something you are looking for, then pick a charger with high output.

  4. Extremely Convenient -

    The size, charging ability, and compatibility of USB for car charger makes it a great device worth investing in. It’s incredibly helpful in emergencies and provides solutions at a quick speed.

    Its compact and portable size fits right into the car without taking much space. The USB for car charger is an excellent lifesaver, powering all your power banks, laptops, headphones, and smartphones in all sorts of emergencies.


You will find a wide variety of USB car chargers, depending on the charging speed, size, colors, and many more. When it comes to the major differentiating category of USB car charger, here are the top three -

  1. Wired USB Car Chargers -

    As the name suggests, the wired USB car charger is an older version. The wired car charger is capable of charging only one device, as people in the past didn’t really need many devices to charge.

  2. Unwired USB Car Chargers -

    Unwired USB car chargers are currently in use. It’s a modern version that’s free of wire and completely hassle-free. Popular for their versatile features, the unwired car chargers are easy to install, and use. These chargers connect to different phone models and accessories and power them simultaneously at a high speed.

  3. Multiport USB Car Chargers -

    Featuring multiple ports, these car chargers are a modern take on the traditional USB chargers. Multiport car chargers are capable of charging more than 3 to 4 devices simultaneously. Built with modern technology, multiport USB car chargers can charge your tablets, and laptops way faster.


  1. Single vs Multiple Sockets -

    Do you prefer single or multiple USB car charger sockets? For most people, the single socket is quite enough. While some require a car charger dual USB or even multiple when traveling with friends or family.

    Multiple USB car charger socket is naturally better than a single socket USB car charger for supporting numerous devices. Remember to check the specification of multiple socket chargers and choose the advanced one. Depending on the specification, your car phone charger can charge faster or support several smart devices at the same time safely.

  2. High Amp -

    As you may already know, USB car phone chargers offer a different range of amperage. The amperage of a car charger is the amount of electric current provided to power the smartphone and other devices. The higher the amp, the faster the charger will charge your phone.

    Android mobile devices and tablets require 1 amp to charge at normal speeds. While an iPhone requires at least 2.1 amps for adequate charging. Thus, remember to look for at least a 2.1 amp per USB port to charge your smartphone or iPhone at optimal speed.

    If you are aiming for a high-performing charger, look for a 4.8 Amp car charger. It will offer 2.4 Amps output per port to charge multiple devices simultaneously. With these kinds of chargers, you can continue to use the phone to run navigation apps or stream music while charging.

  3. Compatibility -

    Check the compatibility of your USB car charger before opening your wallet. If the charger doesn’t accommodate iPhone or Android phones, then there’s simply no point in buying it. Read the specifications carefully and select the car charger that supports your phone type.

  4. With or Without Charging Cable -

    Cables cause a lot of hassle and are also prone to failure. USB car charger cable isn’t the perfect pick for convenience and flexibility as the cable.

    The USB to car charger adapter with cables isn’t worth buying as it can be lost or damaged. Once the cable malfunctions, you will have to repurchase the entire device again. Thus, consider getting a USB to car adapter without a permanent cable that can be replaced if it fails.

  5. Fast or Slow Charging -

    While all USB car chargers provide an adequate amount of charging speed, some are faster than others and more efficient. Buying the fast-charging USB to car charger adapter is obviously the best part as it can charge your phone more efficiently than an ordinary one. Don’t forget to check the compatibility of fast-charging USB car chargers.

  6. Additional Details -

    If you are looking for additional features in your USB car phone charger for improved efficiency and support, then here are some of the best details -
    • LED light -

      Having a light indicator to indicate the charging status of the car phone charger is convenient. It also helps you identify when the charger is working or not.

    • Size -

      The size of your car phone charger matters. If you aren’t a fan of plug-in accessories, then consider getting a USB car charger that isn’t bulky in design. It should be easy to plug and use without taking much space in your car.


When it comes to buying the best in-car charger USB online, Carorbis is the best place. You must have come across thousands of online car charger retailers, each claiming to sell the best product, the reality is far more different.

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Top reasons why you should buy your next product at Carorbis -

  1. High-Quality Product Assurance -

    Carorbis offers superior quality USB car chargers online in a wide variety from the leading brands. Each product is built to meet customer demands and offer long-lasting service.

    Fast, and Reliable Service - Carorbis is known for its immense commitment to offering excellent customer service. Our blazing fast delivery and easy return and refund help us retain and gain new customers each day.

  2. Free & Fast Home Delivery -

    We know you don’t have any time to waste. Carorbis always meets your deadline by offering the fastest home delivery. Your order is processed and delivered to you within 2 to 3 working days. Plus, you can get FREE home delivery for purchases above INR 500.

  3. 100% Customer Satisfaction -

    Our products and services can NEVER let you down. Carorbis takes extra measures to ensure the customer is fully satisfied with every product, whether its size, fitting, or quality. In case we ever miss the mark, you can apply for a hassle-free return and refund.


Has typing “USB car charger near me” got you tired, then we got you covered. Buy high-quality in-car charger USB online at Carorbis at the best price.

Carorbis offers a wide collection of USB car phone chargers to manage the power load of several devices. The car phone chargers are built to be compatible with several devices including Apple, and Android smartphones.

The USB car phone charger comes with built-in features and smart technology to offer efficient charging in no time. With a higher output, each car charger is equipped to provide a faster-charging speed compared to a normal car charger.

Easy to install, use and carry around, the Carorbis USB car charger comes in a compact size, with stylish visuals to complement your car interior decor. You can find car chargers in different colors, including gray, black, silver, etc.

Coming in dual, single, and multiple USB ports, charge multiple devices simultaneously, and enjoy fun family trips together. Carorbis offers USB car chargers that are compatible with all sorts of mobile devices.

Power your iPhones, Android devices, tablets, and laptops with a sleek-designed car charger from Carorbis in quick minutes.


Q 1. How to use a USB car charger?

Ans.Follow the steps to install/use USB car chargers -

  1. Insert a USB car charger into the cigarette lighter port of the car.
  2. When the indicator light is switched on, it means charging.
  3. Plugin your USB cable and adapter to charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for charging.

Q 2. How does a USB car charger work?

Ans. The USB car charger powers smartphones and other devices when plugged into the cigarette lighter/accessory port in carts. It contains single or multiple USB ports, providing current to charge devices.

Q 3. Can a car charger drain your battery?

Ans. Yes, you can drain your car battery if you leave the car phone charger plugged in, resulting in power depletion if the engine isn’t running. If the USB car phone charger uses battery power, you are more likely to get stranded.

Q 4. Where to buy a USB car charger?

Ans. Buy the best USB car charger online at Carorbis at an affordable price.

Q 5. Can you play music through a USB car charger?

Ans. Yes, most USB car chargers permit streaming music or using navigation while charging.

Q 6. Can I leave the USB car charger plugged in?

Ans. No! We don’t recommend leaving the USB car charger plugged in your car as it can drain your car battery.

Q 7. Why doesn't my USB car charger work?

Ans. If your USB car charger isn’t functioning, then the reason can be traced back to a defect in the hardware or software. Although USB car phone chargers are quite powerful, they are also more prone to getting damaged due to their open design.

Prevent your USB car charger from food, dust, and other debris from reaching the charging port.

Q 8. Are USB car chargers water-resistant?

Ans. No! Most USB car chargers aren’t water-resistant. Thus, you must protect your charger from water or anything liquid.

Q 9. Can a poor-quality USB car charger affect my phone?

Ans. Yes, big time! A bad-quality USB car phone charger can negatively impact your smartphone battery. To stay on the safe side, consider buying a reliable charger to protect against any phone risk.

Q 10. Can I charge my phone with my car engine off?

Ans. Yes, you can but we don’t advise you to do so. If you charge your smartphone with the engine turned off, it can drain your car battery, causing you great inconvenience. If you make a stop, then consider unplugging your car phone charger or invest in a smart charger that automatically stops.