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Premium Car Dashboard Mobile Holders at Carorbis

Carorbis brings you a great way to stay connected with calls, music and GPS navigation with a wide range of high-quality car dashboard mobile holders to securely keep your smartphone within easy reach while driving. 

At Carorbis online shopping, we are committed to letting you focus on the journey ahead while staying connected to the digital world. Browsing for Car Dashboard Mobile Holders is a seamless experience on Carorbis with top-notch customer service, an extensive selection of products, detailed product descriptions and quick checkout carts that allow you to order through secure online payment gateways.

You'll find the perfect solution to meet your needs, from mobile holders with wireless charging capabilities, 360° rotations, or powerful suction dashboard mounts. Another advantage of shopping online at Carorbis for car dashboard mobile holders is the peace of mind that comes with free shipping over ₹499, along with easy exchange/refund options, and cash on delivery availability on eligible products.

Get a phone holder for car dashboard from Carorbis today and discover a new way to stay connected on your journeys.

Perfect Companion for Your Drive: Premium Car Dashboard Holder for Mobile

Experience the ultimate blend of functionality & style with Carorbis's premium collection of sleek car dashboard phone holders. This product range of high-quality holders has been meticulously chosen to offer convenience, versatility & reliability for car drivers.

Check out these amazing features such as advanced suction lock technology, wireless charging capabilities, magnetic locking mechanisms and 360-degree rotation for seamless navigation, hands-free calling, and effortless access to your smartphone while driving.

Multipurpose Design: 

Versatile dash mount phone holder from Carorbis are designed to securely hold your device on various surfaces such as the car windshield, dashboard, or any flat surface of the car interior. You get easy navigation, quick access and ultimate flexibility.

Stronghold Suction Cup:

 Buy a dashboard cell phone holder equipped with a robust suction cup for a reliable grip on different surfaces, ensuring great stability. The stronghold suction cup sticks to all car interior surfaces.

Optimum Viewing Angle: 

Get ultimate flexibility with a swivel ball head & adjustable arm on your dashboard phone mount, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle. Best for navigation and hands-free calling.

Strong Magnet: 

The best dashboard phone holder from Carorbis features Neodymium N45 magnets, that offer a strong magnetic force capable of securely holding any smartphone or tablet even on bumpy roads or sharp turns.

Clutch Arm Design: 

Dashboard mount phone holders have a convenient one-touch open mechanism, swift grasp lock and easy unlock with minimal effort. The clutch arm design adds an extra level of convenience to your daily activities.

Clutch Holder Design: 

Carorbis offers phone holders using a combination of suction and 3M tape. The combination ensures a strong and reliable grip.

Compact Design: 

With its sleek & compact designs, these dash mobile holders maintain the aesthetics of your interior while providing functionality. It is a tidy accessory without compromising on performance.

Versatile Viewing Angles: 

Dashboard phone car holders have the flexibility of adjustable viewing angles with parallel rubber at both upper and lower mounting flaps. Gives you customizable viewing angles to suit your preferences.

Secure Grip: 

Choose a dashboard mobile phone holder with secure silicone pads for a firm & reliable grip for your smartphone device. Reduce the risk of accidents or damage to your phone.

Easy Installation: 

Carorbis choose products that offer hassle-free installation ensuring a stable attachment to the dashboard surface. Easily mount the holder without worrying about it coming loose.

Wide Compatibility: 

The best dash mount phone holders from Carorbis are compatible with various smartphone models, including iPhones, Android smartphones, and even small notebook-style devices. Get amazing versatility to accommodate different devices, making it suitable for every driver.

360° Rotation: 

Carorbis lets you enjoy the convenience of 360-degree rotation capability from your phone holder for optimal visibility and to enhance your overall driving experience.

Wireless Charging: 

Get the added advantage of wireless charging mobile holders for car dashboards. No more tangled cords and charging cables. Simply place your smartphone on the holder & it will start charging automatically.

Charger Included: 

You can buy a dash cell phone holder with a charger & cable included, allowing you to use it right out of the box. The charger provides fast & efficient charging for your smartphone, so you stay connected on the road.

How to Choose The Right Mobile Phone Holder For Car Dashboard

When selecting the perfect dashboard handphone holder for your car, consider several key factors to meet your needs.

By understanding these deciding factors and the different types of holders available online, you can choose the ideal mobile holder for your car interior.

 1.      Compatibility with your smartphone model and size: some dash mounts for cell phones can accommodate larger devices.

2.      Mounting location: do you prefer a dashboard or windshield mount? Some dash mounts for phones offer flexibility for both.

3.      Secure grip: strong adhesive or suction power for stability.

4.      Ease of use: look for features that make mounting and removal simple. Magnetic holders for quick access or clutch holders for extra security.

5.      Adjustability: you need optimal viewing angles for navigation and hands-free calling. Look for 360-degree rotation.

6.      Wireless charging: keep your phone powered without cables.

What Are the Different Types of Car Dash Mount Phone Holders Available?

Suction Cup Holder Mounts: 

These dashboard mobile holders use powerful suction cups to attach to the dashboard/windshield or flat interior surface. Available with adjustable arms, 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing angles and easy scrolling of the touchscreen. Provides excellent stability.

Self Adhesive Dashboard Mount Car Phone Holder: 

Use a combination of suction and adhesive tape along with a clutch mechanism to clamp the phone securely. It’s designed to provide a firm grip on your smart device even on a bumpy drive.

Magnetic Dashboard Phone Holder: 

These smartphone holders use strong magnets to secure your device in place. Easy to use as they don’t need any clamps or cradles. Magnetic holders are great for quick & easy mounting and removal of your smart device.

Multifunctional Car Dashboard Mobile Phone Holders: 

These mobile holders for cars not only hold your phone but also charge it wirelessly. Perfect for keeping devices charged on the go without dealing with tangled cables & adapters. They can feature 360-degree rotation and powerful mounting suction.              


End Your Search for ‘Premium Cell Phone Holder for Car Dashboard’ At Carorbis

If you are looking to buy the best dashboard phone mount for car online, then you have to visit Carorbis. It’s the most loved destination for car and bike accessories online for several reasons, here are just a few of them:

Free Shipping Over ₹499

Save on delivery costs with free shipping for orders above ₹499. Get your car mobile holder dashboard accessories delivered right to your doorstep without any extra charges for a truly economical purchase.

Easy Exchange

At Carorbis, customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority. That’s why we offer an easy exchange/refund / return policy. You can replace eligible products that don’t meet your expectations. And that means you can shop online with confidence knowing that you have the flexibility to exchange items hassle-free.

Cash on Delivery (COD) Available

Enjoy the convenience of shopping online at Carorbis while paying for your purchase upon delivery. With our COD option on eligible products, you can shop online and pay when you receive the order.

Secure Online Payments

Your privacy is important to us. Carorbis uses secure servers and encrypted online transactions to protect your payment information for a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Genuine Product Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products. Carorbis lists only authentic and genuine accessories sourced from verified sellers who are officially licensed by the brands they sell. This policy ensures that you can shop without worries, knowing you are getting the best value for your money.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Carorbis offers exclusive deals, discounts and affordable prices allowing so that you can save more while you shop online with us.            

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a car dashboard mobile holder?

Ans. A car dashboard mobile holder is an interior accessory designed to securely hold your smartphone or other smart device on your car's dashboard or windshield. It provides easy access to navigation, music & hands-free calls on the move.

Q2. How much do Car Dashboard Mobile Holders cost?

Ans. Car dashboard mobile holders vary in price depending on the brand, model and features. At Carorbis the range starts from ₹399, but you can buy a premium mobile holder for around ₹2,999.

Q3. How does a magnetic dash mount phone holder work?

Ans. A magnetic dash mount phone holder uses strong magnets such as Neodymium N45 Magnets to secure your smartphone. It requires a magnetic plate attached to your phone case which firmly attaches against the magnetic mount installed on your dashboard.

Q4. Which is the best mobile stand for car dashboard?

Ans. The best mobile holder for your car depends on your needs. SKYVIK Truhold GPS Clutch provides a secure mounting for your smartphone along with versatile viewing angles. Another great choice is the Napolex Smartphone Holder 3d Suction Cup L – Fizz-983 offers the convenience of a 90mm arm for a notebook-type Smartphone. Choose a car dashboard mobile holder that fits your requirements for adjustability, ease of use & additional features such as wireless charging.