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Get Ultimate Comfort And Protection With Car Tray Mats From Carorbis

Car tray mats are a great addition to any vehicle to help protect the original flooring from dirt, debris, mud, snow and rain. The tray structure consists of raised edges that fit perfectly in foot wells and keeps the vehicle clean and tidy. Carorbis has a wide range of car tray mats made from high-quality materials that are 100% waterproof, durable and long-lasting. You can be assured your car will remain clean and dry, no matter the weather conditions you are driving through.

Keep You Car Clean And Safe With Tray Car Mats

Let’s explore some of the benefits of tray-type car mats and look at the reasons why car owners prefer them over traditional car floor mats.

  • Protection

    Car tray mats provide excellent protection for the car’s interior from weather elements and the environment. They accumulate dust, dirt, moisture and debris and prevent damage to the vehicle floor. These mats are particularly useful during rainy weather where there is a chance of water getting into the interior. Tray mats have raised edges that contain spills, keeping the interior clean and hygienic. They also help prevent the growth of bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odours.
  • Waterproof

    Tray mats for cars are usually made of PVC or vinyl. Rubber tray car mats are 100% waterproof which means they won’t allow moisture to damage the vehicle floor. Original equipment usually features soft carpets that need some protection. Car tray floor mats are the perfect solution to keep your car in impeccable condition. By preserving your car’s interior, you can even increase its resale value over time.
  • Easy Maintenance

    Tray type car mats can easily be cleaned with soap and water, vacuuming and a wipe down with a clean cloth. With easy removal and installation, the hassle of weekly cleaning becomes much easier. Plus, you don’t have to spend money on a professional service. Wash these mats at home with just a garden hose and some simple accessories.
  • Anti-slip Design

    Car tray mats have anti-slip clips to secure them in place while driving. This prevents slipping and sliding and reduces the chance of tray mats getting entangled under the pedals, which could lead to an accident. The extra grip also ensures that the car tray mats stay in place during sudden stops or turns, providing maximum safety for the driver and occupants.
  • Customisable

    Tray car mats come in a variety of designs, colours, shapes and materials to suit your car interior. Drivers can choose from a range of patterns, prints and styles to match their personal preferences. It is a great way to enhance the premium look of any vehicle and car owners will have a better driving experience.

    Car tray mats are a practical and convenient accessory for any driver, providing the right balance between protection, style and comfort.

    Start browsing on Carorbis today for the best tray mats for cars. Shop from brands such as Elegant for a premium driving experience and ultimate protection.

Top Reasons To Choose Carorbis For Car Tray Floor Mats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a tray mat?

Ans. Car tray floor mats are an accessory to protect vehicle floors from dirt, mud, snow and water. They are typically made from rubber or PVC and come with reinforced/raised edges for trapping dust and debris and for perfect coverage. The design ensures that the mats fit snuggly around the contours of the car’s floor and that liquid spills cannot seep out of the edges. It makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Q2. What are the advantages of car tray mats?

Ans. They offer comfort and luxury while protecting the car floor from damage. Tray mats for cars are suitable for daily drives and offer excellent protection from all weather conditions. The easy-to-clean top layer is convenient for maintenance while the high-quality PVC material offers many years of service without degrading or damage. The biggest advantage is that car tray floor mats are 100% waterproof, which is perfect for the rainy season.

Q3. What is the cost of tray mats for car?

Ans. Carorbis offers Elegant brand car tray mats starting at Rs.5,600 to give your car a premium look at an affordable cost. These tray mats are compatible with a wide range of vehicles and offer a custom fit for maximum protection and comfort.

Q4. What are boot tray car mats used for?

Ans. Boot tray car mats are placed in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle to protect the floor from dirt and water. Many car owners use trunk mats below items that could potentially damage the vehicle or lead to rust or corrosion. They also help prevent stains in the cargo area and make cleaning an easy task.

Q5. Are rubber tray mats popular?

Ans. Rubber tray car mats are waterproof and easy to maintain, making them the preferred choice of protection for vehicles. Rubber is also a natural material that can be recycled and is biodegradable. In addition, this material does not contain any toxic chemicals and is safe for pets and children travelling in the car.

Q6. Which is a good brand for tray car mats?

Ans. Elegant car tray mats are a popular choice and are available online on car accessory websites such as Carorbis. These mats are made from durable materials and high-quality components to provide several years of service. Elegant floor tray mats give your car a premium look and ultimate protection while providing the right amount of comfort for passengers. The reinforced edges and anti-slip backing prevent the mats from slipping around while driving.