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Discover Smooth Riding With Best Chain Lube and Cleaner From Carorbis

Carorbis knows exactly what your bike needs for the best riding experience. Keeping the motorcycle chain clean and well-lubricated is the most important step for a smooth ride. Browse through a wide collection of top-quality chain lube and cleaner products from Carorbis at the best prices. Start shopping today with big discounts, special offers and free delivery on essential bike care and maintenance products.

How to Choose the Best Chain Lube and Cleaner?

Maintaining your bike chain is important for optimal performance, smooth riding, reduced jerks, easy gear shifting, reduced wear and long life of your motorcycle. Here are some key features to choose from in a chain lube and cleaner product.

  1. High Capillary Action:

    It indicates excellent cleaning and lubrication properties for best performance.
  2. Residue-Free Formula:

    Look for a motorcycle chain lube and cleaning product that leaves no residue or mess. Any leftover product may attract dust and dirt while riding.
  3. Compatibility:

    Each bike chain is designed a little differently with ‘O’, ‘X’ or ‘Z’ ring links. Choose a chain lubricant and cleaner that is suitable for these types of chains.
  4. Heavy Duty Cleaning Action:

    Chains are often exposed to road tar, dust, contaminants, moisture and debris which can hinder their performance and life. Buy a chain cleaner that can attack dirt quickly with minimal effort.
  5. High Lubrication:

    You need efficient bike chain lubrication for smooth riding. Get a bike chain lubricant that has been designed with friction and wear prevention for high performance in demanding conditions.
  6. Ease of Use:

    The most convenient way to apply a bike cleaner and lubricant is with a spray can. Choose a fast-acting formula that won’t clog up when sprayed and offers good coverage over the entire chain mechanism, including gear sprockets and chain sprockets.

Expert Tips for Effective Motorcycle Chain Maintenance

Incorporate these tried and tested tips for bike chain maintenance to improve your riding experience and extend the life of your bike.

  1. Regular Cleaning and Lubing Schedule:

    To prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, grime and contaminants, it is important to establish a regular cleaning and lubrication schedule for your bike chain. Debris on the chain will lead to increased friction, higher wear and tear and poor performance. You should clean and lube your motorcycle chain at least once every 2 months, especially if you ride in dusty or muddy terrain. You may need to clean your bike chain more often if you ride long distances.
  2. Tools & Accessories:

    Buy a chain lube and cleaner kit online along with a brush with firm bristles & a cleaning cloth. Bike chain cleaners are formulated to dissolve grime quickly without leaving a mess. The lubricant needs to have a high penetrating ability to adhere to the bike chain surface for an extended period, without leaving any waxy/sticky residue.
  3. Application:

    Place the bike on the centre stand, then spray the cleaner evenly over the entire length of the chain while slowly rotating the rear wheel. Use the brush to gently agitate the cleaning solution & reach all hidden areas/nooks of the chain links & sprockets.
  4. Wipe & Dry:

    Wipe away excess product with a cloth. Make sure to remove all loose debris \ grime. Allow around 10 minutes for the cleaning product to dry off.
  5. Lubrication:

    The bike chain requires high-quality lubrication to reduce friction as it moves. Efficient lubrication leads to smooth power transfer from the engine to the rear wheel. Before you buy a bike chain lubricant, consider your riding conditions, weather and environmental factors as well as the type of chain.
  6. Apply the Lubricant:

    Rotate the rear wheel slowly while spraying the chain lube across the length of the chain. You can get even coverage in this way.
  7. Avoid Over-Lubrication:

    Excess use of the lubrication product may attract more dirt, grime & debris while riding. Allow the chain lubricant to penetrate for a few minutes for adequate absorption. Wipe away any excess or dripping lubricant.
  8. Test Ride the Bike:

    Take the bike for a small test ride to ensure the chain is moving properly.

When Does My Bike Chain Needs Cleaning and Lubrication?

Here are some signs & indicators that tell you it's time to clean & lube your bike chain.

  1. Visible Dirt:

    Inspect the chain for accumulated grime or build-up of dirt.
  2. Noisy Operation:

    If you hear excessive chain noise while riding, and notice rough riding and dragging sensation, then you need to clean the chain and restore its smoothness with a lube.
  3. Rust or Corrosion:

    Moisture exposure will lead to rust on the bike chain. Use a chain lube and cleaner if you see rust marks on the chain links.
  4. Stiff Chain Links:

    Resistance or stiff movement of the bike chain when manually inspecting is an indication that cleaning and lubrication is required.
  5. Poor Fuel Economy:

    A dirty chain will cause excessive load on the engine and lead to increased fuel consumption and low mileage. Clean the chain if fuel economy is dropping unexpectedly.

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Top Picks for Best Motorcycle Chain Cleaner and Lube Kit

Here are the best products for your bike chain maintenance.

  1. Liqui Moly Motorbike Chain Lube

    Premium quality motorcycle chain lube and cleaner products from Liqui Moly are fully synthetic and completely water resistant for maximum performance and protection. This ensures your bike runs smoothly in all riding conditions with easy maintenance.
  2. Wurth Chain Lube

    The brand features a dry and non-sticky formula with excellent lubrication giving high performance. It can permeate all parts of the chain mechanism without any waxy residue which provides lasting protection against wear and corrosion. Choose Wurth chain lube for its high lubricating and anti-wear properties designed for all types of bike chains.
  3. Wurth Chain Cleaner

    If you are looking for excellent degreasing ability from your chain cleaner, then you should buy this product. It has a quick dry formula that is suitable for all types of chain links, gear wheels, sliding rails, wire cables and sprockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Clean And Lube Chain?

Ans. Remove the chain cover. Next, spray cleaner on the bike chain using a brush to remove any visible dirt. Let the formula settle in for a few minutes. Wipe clean with a dry cloth to remove any excess product. Finally, spray chain lube over the entire chain & replace the chain cover.

Q2. What’s The Difference Between Chain Lube And Cleaner?

Ans. Chain cleaner contains fast-acting detergents and surfactants that have been specially designed to dissolve oil, grease, dirt & grime. This will remove all contaminants and debris from the chain surface. Chain lube is another name for chain lubricant. It is used to reduce friction & prevent wear. The chain lubricant allows for smooth bike chain operation and efficient riding.

Q3: Why Chain Lube Is Important?

Ans. A moving bike chain receives high amounts of friction & heat which can cause it to wear out very quickly. Applying a high-quality lubricant will allow the bike chain to operate efficiently. Inadequate chain lubrication may also cause damage to other parts of the bike wheel sprockets, and transmission/engine due to excessive load.

Q4. Is Chain Lube Necessary?

Ans. Yes, it is not possible to ride a bike without chain lube. It is required to reduce friction, prevent wear, protect from corrosion, increase the life of the chain and sprockets, improve performance, reduce noise and maintenance costs.

Q5: How Often Chain Lube Motorcycle?

Ans. Motorcycle chain lube and cleaning should be done every 1000 km for good riding performance. If you ride in dusty or dirty conditions, long-distance touring, off-roading or with hard acceleration, then you should lubricate your bike chain more often.