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Explore a Premium Range of Differential Oil for High Performance

Differential oil is a vital component for your vehicle’s peak performance and the long life of gears used in differentials and axles. At Carorbis, you will discover top-quality differential oils that meet the demands of a wide range of vehicles with adverse driving conditions. Explore 100% authentic differential oils from top brands that are perfectly suited for your vehicle. Carorbis is committed to providing a seamless online shopping experience with a user-friendly website so that you get the best products delivered right to your doorstep.

What is Differential Fluid

The differential is part of a vehicle’s drivetrain responsible for distributing power to the wheels as the car turns. They allow each wheel to rotate at different speeds because the outer wheel has to travel a larger distance than the inner wheel when the vehicle turns. Differential oil lubricates the gears and bearings in the differential mechanism to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear. Each differential mechanism will require a specific type and viscosity of differential oil for peak performance and protection. Here are the key features of differential fluid:

  1. Lubrication:

    The main function of differential oil is to provide adequate lubrication for moving gears. With reduced friction, the differential can work smoothly with less wear and lower noise.
  2. Heat Dissipation:

    Differential oil absorbs heat generated in gears and bearings and prevents it from overheating.
  3. Corrosion Protection:

    Differentials are susceptible to oxidation, rust and corrosion with exposure to the elements. Differential oil contains special additives that inhibit corrosion.
  4. Sealing:

    There are various rubber and metal gaskets in the differential that are conditioned and sealed with the help of differential fluid.

What Are the Different Types of Differential Oils Used in Vehicles?

Differential oil specifications include various grades and types depending on the specific requirements of a vehicle. Here are some typical differential oil grade types and their intended application:

  1. Differential Oil 75W80

    This is a common multi-grade of differential oil used in a wide range of cars, SUVs and other vehicles. 75 represents the low temperature viscosity while 80 represents the high temperature viscosity.
  2. Differential Oil 80W90

    Similar to 75W-80, this differential grade 80W90 has better high-temperature viscosity and can be used in vehicles where higher loads and temperatures are encountered. They provide good protection against oxidation and breakdown as well as corrosion inhibition.
  3. Differential Oil 75W140

    A heavier viscosity differential oil type that can deal with extreme temperatures and load. It can be used in heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, off-road SUVs and commercial vehicles.
  4. Fully-Synthetic Differential Oil

    Offers the best protection and high lubrication under all driving conditions. It is the choice for racing cars that are driven at their limit.
  5. Limited Slip Differential Oil

    These are used in special types of differentials with limited slip capabilities. They have enhanced friction prevention and provide high performance in vehicles equipped with these types of differentials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Differential Oil Used For?

Ans. The main purpose of differential oil or gear oil is to lubricate the gears and bearings within the differential of the vehicle. This oil ensures the smooth operation of the differential mechanism which helps the wheels of the car turn at different speeds while turning. It is also important for heat dissipation, corrosion protection and maintaining the condition of seals.

Q2. Does Differential Oil Need To Be Changed?

Ans. Differential oil needs to be changed at regular intervals that are specified by the manufacturer. Under normal driving, the oil will last for around 30,000 km or more. If the car is driven with a heavy load or in offroad conditions, you may have to change the differential oil more often as advised by your service centre.

Q3: Which Grade Of Oil Is Used In Differential?

Ans. The oil is graded according to its low-temperature and high-temperature viscosity, which indicates how thick the oil remains at its operating temperatures. You can also use synthetic differential oils that have a longer life and can handle heavier loads as compared to mineral oils. Some automatic transmissions require the use of special differential oil that enhances performance and allows for smooth driving. Check your service manual or consult with a certified technician to find the right differential oil for your car.

Q4. Can I Use Engine Oil In Differential?

Ans. Engine oil cannot be used in differentials because it is designed to work at much higher temperatures, while differential oil is designed to work at high pressures. Using engine oil in your differential may cause damage to your vehicle and affect other components such as the transmission. Stick to the grade and type of differential oil recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Q5: What is the differential oil capacity of my car?

Ans. Refer to your car service manual for the differential oil capacity of your specific car make and model. It is best to go by the manufacturer's recommendation to ensure that you are using the right type and quantity of oil in your differential.

Q6: What is differential oil color?

Ans. Usually, the differential oil color will be light golden in colour. It could also be slightly transparent. With use, the color may change to light brown or even black due to the accumulation of contaminants. However, colour may not be a good indicator of oil condition. Refer to your service manual or take advice from a certified technician on when to change your differential oil.