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In the modern era of digitalization, there's barely a place where you would not want to carry your smartphone. Even when driving your car, there are multiple functions that a smartphone performs, the major ones being calling and GPS directions. Hence, it becomes inevitable to keep your smartphone charged up all the time. At, you can find the best range of all fast car charger for quick, convenient, and safe charging of smartphones in the car. Enjoy car charger fast charging at the best price for a premium fast car charger online.


Considering the wide range of fast car chargers available on the internet, you have to be very careful to pick only the best and authentic product for your car. Do consider these parameters before paying the bill:

  1. Price -

    If you have a budget constraint, then the price is the very first thing you want to consider. Fortunately, the Indian automobile market offers a good number of reliable yet affordable fast car chargers.

  2. Amperage -

    Make sure to check the amperage of the adaptor. It should be as close to the one supported by your smartphone as possible. If you have more than one smartphone to charge, then the amperage can be an average of the amperage required in all these devices.
  3. Number of sockets -

    A fast car charger with more sockets can be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Hence, you can share the charger with your friends or family.

  4. Adaptor size -

    As there's only a limited amount of space around the cigarette lighter socket of the car, you should look for a compact adaptor.

  5. Cable length -

    The cable length is another essential parameter to consider. The fast charger cable length should be long enough to make the smartphone reach the dash mount or vent. However, it should not be too long to be a hassle to untangle.

  6. Quality -

    Nobody enjoys spending money on the same device after every 3-6 months. Hence, you want to thoroughly go through the reviews of the fast car mobile charger to make sure you buy only the most durable fast car charger.


Upgrading your car with high-quality accessories should not always burn a hole in your pocket. Carorbis offers the best fast charging car charger online at a price most suitable for the Indian budget bracket.


Stop searching for 'Fast car charger near me' on different local stores or online sites when you can simply explore the excellent range provided by Order the best-selling fast car charger from from the comfort of your home and get it delivered right at your doorstep in less than 2-5 working days.


Carorbis is India's youngest online platform for authentic and premium car and bike accessories. Carorbis was established in 2019 and it strives with its aim to make high-quality, reliable auto accessories and parts accessible to each and everyone in the nation. As the wholesome collection on the website works to make online shopping for original auto products easier, there are many more reasons for you to shop from

  1. Comprehensive collection -

    No matter if you are a car detailing enthusiast, a petrolhead, or just a person who enjoys upgrading his car with latest accessories, the wholesome collection at has something to offer to everyone. The collection here includes premium products for:

    • Car exterior and interior accessories
    • Car audio and electronic
    • Auto detailing and car care products
    • Repair and maintenance
    • Tools and garage
    • Riding gear
    • Performance products
    • Custom products
  2. User-friendly interface of website -

    The Carorbis website is also very convenient to navigate. The interface even guides you into choosing a product that is most compatible with the model of your car.
  3. International brands -

    Carorbis sources products from the most trusted renowned brands to make sure that you receive only the best quality auto parts and accessories for your beloved automobiles.

  4. Authentic products -

    The products at Carorbis are sourced from 100% verified and certified distributors and sellers. This again ensures that the product reaching your doorstep is high-quality, authentic product from a trusted brand.

  5. Budget-friendly prices -

    With its aim of making top-notch quality auto products more accessible for the common man of the country, Carorbis ensures to make its prices as affordable as possible. You can always find exciting offers, sales, discounts, and coupons to make your purchase economical at

  6. Multiple payment option -

    Online shopping for the best automobile accessories and parts is made all the more easier with the variety of payment options available.

  7. Secure online payments -

    Carorbis incorporates a special secure-server technology that functions to encrypt all critical information regarding your contact and bank details, ensuring that your data is safe and protected at the website.

  8. Cash on delivery -

    When shopping from, you can also choose to pay at the time of delivery in cash. You can avail the cash on delivery service by paying only INR 40 extra from your bill.

  9. Express shipping -

    Now you won't have to wait for multiple weeks before receiving your online order. Carorbis strives to dispatch your order within the first 24 hours after the order is placed. This way, our diligent delivery partners can make the product delivery within the next 2-5 working days.

  10. Free delivery -

    The benefits of online shopping should not come at the cost of a hefty convenience fee. Carorbis provides free delivery above the purchase of INR 500

  11. Refundable returns -

    If by an unfortunate chance, you feel unsatisfied with the quality or service of the product received, you can always return the product by applying for its return on the website within 10 days of receiving the order.

  12. Passionate customer support -

    The customer support team at works all day and night to help resolve your queries and complaints regarding registration, online orders, exchange, and returns. They are always willing to serve with their utmost patience and integrity.

  13. Engaging and useful blogs -

    Another reason why Carorbis stands out is its super engaging and informative blog section. The website regularly posts amazing blogs on not only the hot topics of the industry, but they also share useful tips, tricks, DIYs, and How-Tos for personal maintenance of automobiles at home.


Q 1. Is it ok to charge an iPhone with a car charger?

Ans. iPhones utilise a unique charger technology. Hence, a regular fast car charger can not be used to charge an iPhone. You need a dedicated iPhone car charger to charge an iPhone.

Q 2. What is the best fast car charger?

Ans. The best fast car charger is compact, durable, affordable, and comes with more than one sockets for convenient in-car charging.

Q 3. How many amps is a fast car charge?

Ans. A regular fast charging car charger works on an amperage of 3-5 amps.

Q 4. How much is a fast car charger?

Ans. The price for a fast car charger can range anywhere between INR 300 to 3000, depending on the quality, features, and number of sockets available.

Q 5. Where can I buy the best fast car charger online?

Ans. If you are looking for the best-quality, affordable fast car mobile charger, then you have to explore the amazing collection offered at