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Our iPhones are not just phones, but they perform a lot of functions, especially during a car ride- they also help as GPS and an audio entertainment source. Hence, it becomes important that we keep them charged up all the time. Having an unreliable iPhone car charger can be a real trouble if it stops working in the middle of a journey. You can shop for the best iPhone car chargers from at the best iPhone car charger price.


You have to choose an iPhone charger that fits the needs of everyone who is going to use the charger. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when shopping for an in car charger for iPhone:

  1. Price -

    The first thing you want to consider is the price of the iPhone charger, especially if you have a budget constraint. Fortunately, there are many brands in India that provide dependable quality car charger for iPhone at quite reasonable prices.

  2. Fast-Charging -

    As the latest iPhone models support fast charging and you don’t want to wait for long hours before your iPhone is charged, you must look for a charger that provides fast charging.

  3. Amperage -

    Modern iPhones support charging up to an electric current of 2.4A at 5V, while older models charge around 1A at 5V. If you want to get the best iPhone in car charger, you want a device that charges at the appropriate amperes (1-2.4A).

  4. Number of Sockets -

    A lot of iPhone car chargers are designed with multiple sockets, so that they can be used to charge more than one device at the same time. Such iPhone in car chargers can be shared with your friends and family.

  5. Charger Size -

    Usually, there isn’t much space around the cigarette socket on your car. Therefore, it is better to choose an in car charger for iPhone with a small size.

  6. Cable Length -

    If you buy an iPhone car charger with a built-in cable, then you need to consider the length of the charger. Make sure that the cable of the iPhone car charger is easily reached from the charger to a vent or dashboard mount. However, a car charger for iPhone with only an in-built cable is not recommended as it limits the number of iPhones you can charge. Also, when this cable gets broken, you have to change it with a brand iPhone car charger instead of just changing the cable.

  7. Durability -

    You don't want to find yourself spending money on purchasing a new iPhone car charger after every three months. Moreover, poor quality, cheap chargers can also damage your precious iPhone. Hence, it is always better to check the reviews of an iPhone car charger before investing your money into it.

  8. Design -

    If you enjoy decorating your car with elegant car interior accessories, then you should also consider the appearance and design of the car charger iPhone. Simple accessories like these can actually amp-up your car interior and make it look more stylish and sporty.


Shopping for an iPhone car charger online can be daunting considering that the internet these days is stuffed with fake and counterfeit products. However, Carorbis ensures to put together a range of only authentic and high-quality products from the most trusted automobile brands. Purchasing iPhone car charger online is made easier with safe and easy payments, free, express delivery, and free returns.


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WHY CHOOSE CARORBIS.COM? is the nation’s youngest online automotive platform that caters to all your automobile needs with its wholesome collection of high-quality, affordable auto accessories. Carorbis strives to make online shopping easier and safer while making authentic, top-notch quality car and bike accessories more accessible for each and everyone in the nation.

While Carorbis is still in its infancy stage as it was established in only 2019, it has quickly expanded to a vast national customer fanbase. The Carorbis family is still expanding and we can not count enough reasons why:

  1. Comprehensive Collection -

    No matter if you are a detailing enthusiast, a petrolhead, or just a person who loves to revamp his automobile with the latest accessories, Carorbis has something to offer to everyone. The super wholesome collection at includes:
    • Car exterior and interior accessories.

    • Auto detailing and car care products.

    • Repair and maintenance.

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    • Custom products.

  2. User-Friendly Website Interface -

    One thing that all renowned websites have in common is a super creative and user-friendly website. A detailed website interface reflects on the immense amount of time, thought, and money that a brand has put into building a website that is easy for everyone to navigate. is not only wholesome and creative, but it also guides you to select the most suitable parts and accessories for your vehicle.

  3. Best-Selling Brands -

    While there can be hundreds of automobile brands in India, Carorbis ensures to bring together only the most reliable and trusted brands by the people of the nation. Carorbis sources products of internationally established brands like Bosch, Philips, Michelin, Gulfstar, Roots, Potauto, Osram, Shell, Wavex, and many more.

  4. Affordable Prices -

    With its aim of making high-quality car parts and accessories more accessible to the common Indian man, Carorbis strives to bring its prices as low as possible. You will always find huge discounts, sales, coupons, and offers on the best-selling products to make your online shopping for car accessories like an iPhone charger more economical.

  5. 100% Authentic Auto Parts and Accessories - sources all its products from 100% certified and verified sellers and distributors around the country. This ensures that the products reaching you are high-quality, original products from the brands. Furthermore, your orders at the QC stage undergo strict quality audits to check them for any damage right before they are dispatched for delivery.

  6. Guaranteed Fit of Products -

    When shopping from, you don’t have to worry about receiving a product that won’t fit your vehicle as the Carorbis website interface suggests only the most compatible products for your vehicle for you to choose from.

  7. Multiple Payment Options -

    You already know that the website is trustworthy if it is offering a great number of payment options. Carorbis makes online shopping for high-quality auto parts and products like the best iPhone car charger more convenient by offering multiple payment options for easy online payments.

  8. Cash on Delivery Available -

    While there are several online payment options that Carorbis offers to you, there can be times when paying in cash is more convenient for you. Carorbis allows you to make a cash payment at the time of delivery by paying an extra charge of only INR 40.

  9. Easy Monthly Payments -

    Carorbis never wants you to wait for your next salary to be able to buy your much-needed auto accessory. For this reason, Carorbis also offers you to pay in easy and equal monthly installments.

  10. Secure Ordering Process -

    With your privacy being a top priority at, the website incorporates a secure-server technology that functions to encrypt all the data that you provide into digital codes. This includes all critical information like your name, address, contact details and especially, bank details. Encrypting this information ensures that it is safe and protected from hamperations by any third entity.

  11. Free Shipping-

    Carorbis understands that one should not have to pay hefty amounts just so they can enjoy the benefits of online shopping. Hence, Carorbis offers a free delivery service above a purchase of INR 500.

  12. 24-Hour Dispatch -

    Now you will not have to wait for multiple weeks before your online order is delivered. At, most of your orders are dispatched within the first 24 hours after you place the order. After this, our diligent and experienced delivery partners make sure to deliver your order within the next 2-5 working days.

  13. Hassle-Free Return Process -

    While Carorbis ensures to send only the best quality and best fitting products in their best possible condition, there can be times when you feel dissatisfied with the quality of the product you have received. In this case, you can simply apply for easy returns on the website. Once you do that, a delivery partner will come to pick up the product from your doorstep and deliver it back to the distributor or seller. Next, the product will undergo QC. After the return request is approved by the QC team, the refund for your order will be initiated.

  14. Passionate Customer Support Team -

    The customer support team at passionately works 24*7 in helping to resolve all your queries and complaints regarding registration, orders, exchange, and returns.

  15. Engaging and Informative Blogs -

    Another reason what makes Carorbis lovable is its super amazing blogs section. Carorbis regularly posts informative blogs on hot topics of the Indian and international automobile industry. In this section, you can find latest news, useful insights of the automotive industry, how-to guides, DIYs, and much more.


Looking for an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 car charger best buy but wondering if it would be compatible with your iPhone? Fortunately, in car charger for iPhone at are compatible with almost all iPhone models. The premium iphone car charger at are compatible with the following iPhone models:

  1. iPhone

  2. iPhone 3G car charger

  3. iPhone 3GS

  4. iPhone 4

  5. iPhone 4S

  6. iPhone 5

  7. iPhone 5c

  8. iPhone 5s

  9. iPhone 6

  10. iPhone 6 Plus

  11. iPhone 6s

  12. iPhone 6s Plus

  13. iPhone SE (1st generation)
  14. iPhone 7

  15. iPhone 7 Plus

  16. iPhone 8

  17. iPhone 8 Plus

  18. iPhone X

  19. iPhone XR

  20. iPhone XS

  21. iPhone XS Max

  22. iPhone 11

  23. iPhone 11 Pro

  24. iPhone 11 Pro Max

  25. iPhone SE (2nd generation)

  26. iPhone 12 mini

  27. iPhone 12 car charger

  28. iPhone 12 Pro

  29. iPhone 12 Pro Max car charger


Q 1. What is the best iPhone car charger?

Ans. The best iPhone car charger is durable, affordable, the perfect size to be easy to handle inside the car, supports fast charging, and comes with more than one socket.

Q 2. How to use an iPhone car charger?

Ans. An iPhone car charger is plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of your car and then it is connected to your iPhone for its charging.

Q 3. Where to buy an iPhone car charger?

Ans. If you are looking for an affordable yet efficient iPhone car charger, then you must visit and check their collection. Carorbis offers the most high-quality, authentic products at the best prices.

Q 4. Can a car charger damage an iPhone?

Ans. A good quality, branded iPhone car charger will never damage your iPhone.

Q 5. How many amps for an iPhone car charger?

Ans. As modern iPhones support charging up to a current of 2.4A at 5V and older devices charge around 1A at 5V, you want an iPhone car charger that charges at the appropriate amperes (1-2.4A).

Q 6. Are all iPhone car chargers the same?

Ans. No. Each iPhone car charger comes with different features and specifications. You have to carefully go through these details and choose the one most suitable for your needs.