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You have bought that tourer bike and long for a long ride but don’t know how to take some belongings with you? For any long bike ride lover, some kind of storage accessories are important to take with them clothes, food items and other useful things. Nowadays, bikes don’t don’t come with attachment points for a side luggage box, so you can’t even mount those traditionally used storage solutions.

So, today the only way is to carry a bag with you or mount it at the back or side. We will discuss the benefits of a military duffel bag and how to choose the best one. Additionally we will learn how to mount a military duffel bag.

Before the 2nd world war, motorcycles weren’t popular. But the war changed all of that. The British Government and other countries needed cheap and reliable personal transports for the military troops. After the war was over, the motorcycles were not needed anymore and they were sold off at cheap rates. That was the first time, any commoner in Europe could afford a motor asd personal mode of transport. That’s how the British motorcycle culture began. Not only the motorcycle, but goggles, gloves and bags came with the culture.

A military duffle bag is mainly a product of that British motorcycle culture and is loved by people as they were first of its kind and used by a respectable military power back then. That’s why the love and pride of these bags never died among people and here we stand discussing it

So, here is how a military duffel bag will change your way of riding:

  1. A great storage accessory:

    As no modern bikes come with storage places, a military duffel bag serves a great deal of storing your clothes and food items. You can also take some hand tools for your bike in this bag as a bike may malfunction at any time and at lonely places you need to get your hands greasy. At least a tyre puncture kit is a necessity on long rides and off roading.
  2. Easily mountable

    They can be easily mounted on your bike. They can be mounted at a side or at the back of the bike and you can ride worry free without hurting your shoulders. If the bag is heavy, mounting at the back of the bike is a really good idea as it may interfere with the balancing if mounted at a side and may hurt the shoulders if you carry it on your shoulders.
  3. Easy to carry

    Along with mounting, they can be easily carried on your shoulder. They have the necessary backpack type straps to carry it with you on your shoulders which make it very convenient to carry it around.
  4. A vintage look

    This is another aspect for getting military duffel bags. There are simple duffel bags available in the market but riders prefer military duffel bags because of the connection of this said bag with the military. It gives a classy look and the leather construction makes it more premium than any normal bags. They come in a variety of colors like cherry red, vintage tan, classic black and tobacco tan. The cherry red color stands out from the rest being the most vibrant one in this lot.
    Carrying a military duffel bag will make you stand out from the crowd because of its looks. The stylish and beautiful design language is great for a luggage bag.
  5. Durable

    As said above, military duffel bags are made from leather. And leather is a lot more durable than normal cotton bags. They are also capable of carrying more load as compared to others. We have military bags which are made of 100% leather and nothing cheap like rubber or cotton is mixed in our product. This product comes from the famous Trip Machine company which is well established as a premium riding gear manufacturer.
  6. Other uses

    A military duffel bag can be used for a lot of other uses for example as a weekend tour bag, a gear haul or for the matter of fact even your gym gears to the gym class. It has got you covered for a wide number of occasions and won’t let you down.

How to mount a military duffel bag?

Now, after we have discussed all the advantages of a military duffel bag, we must also guide you how to mount it so that you don’t need to surf the internet anymore.

First, let’s close the bag for a convenient mounting. Close all the straps and then you are ready to mount it.

The Tripmachine bags come with 3 mounts with the package. Most manufacturers will include the mounting straps with the bag.

We will start by tying the mounts to the bike first. First tie mount A then B then C and check if you have fastened the mounts properly.

Then mount the bag using the mounts. Mount B will lock with mount A. Mount C is like a clip and you can clip on to any holder of the bag. Finally, make sure there are no hanging straps as they may get stuck in the wheels. Loop the hanging straps back to the tiening.

Hope, you are now ready to use the stylish purchase of yours. Let it make your life easier and use it on your long tours. Keep surfing our site for amazing products. Thanks.