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Challenge the Rains With Motorcycle Rain Jackets From Carorbis

You need to conquer the stormy skies & ride through the monsoons in style with Carorbis' collection of premium quality motorcycle rain jackets. Because when the clouds roll in, you can’t let a little water dampen your riding spirit and change your plans. Carorbis’ selection of super waterproof motorcycle jackets is sleek & functional, helping you stay absolutely dry, comfortable, and looking cool on the open road, no matter how harsh it’s raining.

From high-quality waterproof fabrics to advanced features like sealed seams and adjustable cuffs, Carorbis range of best rain jackets have only one main mission, and that’s to keep you protected from the elements without compromising on performance or style. Motorcycle rain jackets from Carorbis online shopping store are designed to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

But staying dry is just the beginning – When you buy a riding rain jacket from Carorbis, you are getting apparel packed with features to make your riding experience even more convenient. With reflective accents for increased visibility, articulated fits for maximum mobility & breathable materials to keep you cool & comfortable, our rain jackets are more than just rain gear – they're your trusted companion for every ride.

So why let a little rain stop you from hitting the road? Gear up today with Carorbis' motorcycle rain jackets and ride on, rain or sunshine. Because when you're dressed for the weather, there's no limit to where your next adventure can take you.

Why Do I Need To Wear A Motorcycle Rain Jacket?

The most important feature of a riding rain jacket is to shield against wet weather when you're out on the road. Rain jackets for motorcycle riders from Carorbis are designed to repel water & keep you dry. These jackets are a must-have for staying comfortable and safe during rainy rides.

Here are some more amazing features of best rain jackets from Carorbis:


Our motocross rain jackets feature high-quality poly-Nylon shells and anti-moisture materials with up to 10,000 mm of water resistance. This means that you stay dry even in the toughest Indian monsoons due to water tight seams and water sealed zippers that won’t even let a drop of water through. Reach your destination in your finest clothes even if it’s pouring outside.

Windbreaker Functionality

The waterproof fabric of our riding rain jackets also doubles as a wind cheater. You can enjoy added protection against cold winds during your rides.

Sealed Seams

You don’t want to reach your destination with a big water spot on your T-shirt. This is prevented with sealed seams on our rain jackets that offer durable waterproofing technology for your comfort. Carorbis rain jacket gear doesn’t let water droplets seep into your clothes through seam in the sleeves, collar and from the sides.

Adjustable Features: 

Tired of wearing an ill-fitting rain jacket, but you are forced to wear one just to keep the rain away. Then you should shop online on Carorbis for lightweight waterproof motorcycle jackets with elasticated cuffs, adjustable shock cord hoodies & hem drawstring adjustments providing a snug and comfy fit. Also, these tailored features help to seal out wind and water for maximum comfort.


What if the rain suddenly stops while riding. Taking your jacket off and then putting on a summer rain jacket would be extremely inconvenient at this point. That’s why Carorbis offers the best motorcycle rain jackets with inverted vents on the backside of the jacket for proper ventilation. This prevents overheating & perspiration buildup during warmer rides.

Visibility Enhancements: 

Reflective inserts and piping help improve visibility during low-light conditions and night riding. This will keep you visible to other motorists for added safety on the road. The reflective tape is perfect for shining back at headlights and streetlights for a safe ride.


Motorcycle rain jackets from Carorbis are designed to be worn over T-shirt, jerseys and your regular ring apparel. The slim-cut fit helps reduce wind flapping, offering maximum functionality without sacrificing style. You can even get a versatile motorcycle rain jacket with hood to wear while trekking, cycling, travelling, etc. Or you can even use it as a running rain jacket. Whether you are looking for a women’s waterproof jacket or the best rain jacket for men, you will find it at Carorbis.


Carorbis lightweight waterproof motorcycle jackets are packable and come with carrying pouches for easy transport & storage. Now you’re always prepared for unexpected weather changes. When you are ready to pack your rain jacket, it can easily fit into a backpack or duffle bag, ready till the next time you need to brave the rainy weather.

Comfortable Fit: 

What’s better than a good fitting motorbike rain jacket? How about articulated fits tailored for different riding positions providing maximum comfort and mobility through the twists and turns. You can focus on the road ahead without any distractions.

Quality Assurance: 

Backed by the trusted quality and service of Carorbis, along with our guarantee to list only 100% original and authentic rain jackets for bikers, you can be sure these products are built to last, offering reliable protection and performance for every ride. Forget about torn seams, wear and tear and water damage due to constant use. These high-quality riding jackets made from premium materials will provide you with many years of excellent service.

How Do I Care For My Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket?

The care procedure for both women’s waterproof motorcycle jackets and mens waterproof motorcycle jackets is the same, because they use the same materials. To maintain your waterproof rain jacket in top condition for reliable protection, it’s a good idea to follow proper care & maintenance practices mentioned here. Here’s how you can care for your riding jacket:


Wipe the jacket clean with a damp cloth & use lukewarm water and mild soap to remove dirt / stains or spots. Avoid using hot water, solvents, petrol or diesel, or cleaning agents, as they can damage the waterproof fabric.


Allow the jacket to air dry on a clothesline in the shade or on a hanger away from direct sunlight and heat sources. The jacket may get damaged if exposed to extreme heat from a dryer or if kept under sunlight for long. Completely dry the jacket before storing to prevent mildew growth, fungus and unpleasant smells in the material. A wet folded rain jacket can also damage the fabric.


Store the riding rain jacket in a well-ventilated area once it’s dry. You can store it in a cupboard, but take it out occasionally to air out the fabric and prevent any moisture accumulation due to humid environments. Avoid folding / creasing the fabric, as this can weaken the waterproof coating or damage the water tight seals. Instead, hang it neatly on a hanger or lay it flat on a shelf.

Zipper Care

Clean & lubricate the rain jacket zippers regularly for smooth operation. You can use Vaseline or candle wax for this purpose, but avoid any other lubricating chemical that could potentially ruin the waterproof coating on the jacket.

Avoid Chemicals: 

Do not expose the rain jacket to cleaning solvents, bleach, fabric softeners, or any type of alcohol-based products, as they can deteriorate the waterproofing properties of the fabric. Usually, the waterproof material is made of PVC and Nylon which can react with certain chemicals and get damaged.

By following these care instructions, you can prolong the lifespan of your motocross waterproof jacket & maintain its effectiveness for many years. It will surely keep you dry and protected during your rides with these basic steps.

Which is the best waterproof jacket for motorcycle riding?

Carorbis gives you a wide choice of riding jacket with waterproof materials, stylish designs, colours and even fashionable Women’s rain jacket with hood for the ladies. Check out these types of rain jackets to find the perfect riding gear for you.

High-Visibility Rain Jackets: 

These motorcycle riding jackets have vibrant colours & reflective inserts, for maximum visibility on the road. They offer waterproofing / windbreaker functionality, along with adjustable features for a comfortable and secure fit that keeps you safe on the road.

Ventilated Waterproof Riding Jackets: 

These jackets feature ventilation slots for breathability and extra comfort as humidity can build up even in the rainy season. These lightweight and durable jackets can also be worn in summer when the temperatures rise. 

Ladies Waterproof Jacket: 

These jackets have a tailored fit for the feminine body type and offer great style along with weather protection. The waterproof rain jacket women type comes with an optimised fit and highly durable, abrasion resistant poly-fabric and mesh for the best protection. Women’s sizes are also available for extra small to extra-large.

Mens Waterproof Jacket: 

These motorcycle riding rain jackets have an emphasis on rugged durability, storage space and an ergonomic fit. They also incorporate elements such as adjustable cuffs and straps to accommodate physical preferences of male riders.


Think Carorbis When Buying Waterproof Jacket For Motorcycle Riding

Stay ahead of the rain game with Carorbis collection of bike rain jackets featuring waterproof materials and durable construction to take on any road challenge. When it pours, we keep on going without breaking a sweat and focus on the open road, and ultimately our destination. From sleek, high-visibility designs to rugged and reliable gear, think Carorbis the next time you need a cool waterproof rain jacket for riding.

Don't just ride, make a splash – with Carorbis online shopping, the road is yours to conquer with premium waterproof rain jackets for riding, rain or shine!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much do motorcycle rain jackets cost?

Ans. Prices on Carorbis start from Rs. 900 for a rain jacket featuring PU coated waterproof nylon fabric with reflective logos and a hood for extra protection.

Q2. How do I wash my rain jacket after a ride?

Ans. Follow the wash and care instructions on the inner label of the product. You can use a damp cloth and mild soap to get rid of dirt. Dry cleaning is not advisable; however, a gentle machine wash is considered fine to clean a soiled riding jacket. Make sure to close the zippers and take out loose items before loading into the washing machine.

Q3. Where do I store my jacket when it’s not raining?

Ans. Dry the riding jacket completely and place in a cupboard or shelf until the next rainy season.

Q4. How do I buy the right size waterproof riding jacket?

Ans. Refer to the size chart in the product description which indicates the chest measurement, shoulder and sleeve length in cm relating to the rain jacket size (small, medium or large). Choose the right size for best protection. If the jacket is too small it can be uncomfortable while a loose fit may cause water to seep into your riding pants.