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Unlock High Performance With Octane Boosters From Carorbis

Octane boosters from Carorbis keep your engine running at its best, no matter the quality of the fuel or the condition of your vehicle. These high-quality performance fuel additives will make a big difference to your driving experience in terms of performance and efficiency.

Carorbis is not just your average online shopping website – we expertly curate the best octane booster products from reputable brands and onboard verified sellers to give your vehicle the care and performance it needs. With octane boosters priced at affordable rates, you can take your driving experience to new heights without worrying about high costs. So, start shopping on Carorbis today, find the right product for your vehicle and get fast & free shipping for orders above Rs.499 directly to your doorstep. It’s really that easy on Carorbis.

Discover Octane Booster Benefits For Your Vehicle

Octane booster uses include high engine performance, better mileage and long engine life. Here are more reasons why using an octane booster for petrol engine is a smart choice for car enthusiasts and daily drivers.

  1. High-Performance:

    An increased octane rating will provide more horsepower for better acceleration and top speed. It's an ideal product for engines with high compression ratios and turbochargers.
  2. Better Fuel Efficiency:

    Optimised fuel combustion leads to less fuel consumption over time.
  3. Eliminate Engine Knocking:

    Octane boosters prevent the engine from knocking and pinging, thereby preserving engine health.
  4. Fuel System Cleaning:

    Some octane booster products have cleaning agents that maintain fuel injectors and combustion chambers in good condition. It also counteracts poor fuel quality at petrol stations.
  5. Flexibility:

    You can fill up on regular petrol and use an octane booster to get the performance you need. It is cheaper than spending on high-octane fuel whenever you fill up.
  6. Convenient to Use:

    Simply add to your fuel tank and you are ready to go!

These benefits make octane boosters a valuable addition to your automotive toolkit. Keep an extra bottle of this product handy, and use it whenever required. You cannot use octane boosters for diesel-fuelled vehicles, instead, there are special products for diesel engines called cetane boosters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Octane Boosters Really Work?

Ans. Octane boosters are designed to increase the octane rating of petrol in order to improve performance, reduce knocking and pinging and reduce emissions by efficient combustion of fuel.

Q2. Is Octane Booster Safe For Bike?

Ans. You can use an octane booster for bike to help improve engine performance and for smooth engine operation.

Q3: Does Octane Booster Improve Fuel Economy?

Ans. Yes, using an octane booster can help optimise combustion which will lead to better fuel mileage with reduced knocking from the engine

Q4. Can I Add Octane Booster To Full Tank?

Ans. Follow the recommended guidelines for the exact quantity of octane booster to add to a full tank. Product instructions will state the correct amount to add to a full tank.

Q5: What Are The Disadvantages Of Octane Boosters?

Ans. Octane booster is an added cost every time you refill your fuel tank. Also, overuse of the product beyond the manufacturers' recommendation may not have any noticeable benefits.

Q6. Which Octane Booster Is Best?

Ans. Octane boosters for petrol engines should raise the octane rating while keeping the fuel stable and offer complete combustion for maximum performance, better mileage and reduced emissions. Brands such as Gumout Octane Booster and Proctane Evo High Octane Booster are recommended for the best results in your vehicle.

Q7. How Long Does Octane Booster Last?

Ans. Once the octane booster is blended with the fuel in the vehicle tank, its effects will last as long as you drive on that tank of fuel. You should add another dose of octane booster as per product instructions when you refill the fuel tank.

Q8. How Do You Mix Octane Booster?

Ans. Fill your petrol tank and then refer to the octane booster instructions for the recommended dosage per litre. Pour the octane booster into the petrol tank and then drive your vehicle to ensure proper mixing.

Q9. How High Does Octane Booster Raise?

Ans. Generally, octane booster for petrol will raise the octane rating by 5-10 points which is sufficient for optimum engine operation.

Q10. Can I Put 2 Bottles Of Octane Booster?

Ans. It depends on the manufacturer's recommendation. Each product will have a sufficient dose per litre of petrol. Follow product instructions for optimum results.

Q11. What Is Octane Booster Made Of?

Ans. Octane boosters are made of various chemical compounds to increase the octane rating along with fuel additives that help in combustion. Each product has a unique blend of chemicals that allow fuel to burn more efficiently and produce more power.

Q12. What Octane Is Jet Fuel?

Ans. Jet fuel doesn’t usually come with an octane rating like petrol used in vehicles. It is classified as Jet A or Jet A-1 depending on its energy density and freezing point. Jet fuel is used in aircraft turbine engines which work on different principles as compared to internal combustion engines.

Q13. What Octane Is Kerosene?

Ans. Kerosene does not come with an octane rating as it is used in jet engines, aviation, generators, heating and some types of diesel engines.

Q14. How Many Octane Is Diesel?

Ans. Diesel comes with a cetane number which measures its ignition quality. Octane ratings are not applicable to diesel fuel.

Q15. What Is Octane Number Of Petrol In India?

Ans. Petrol in India has an octane rating of 91. High-performance vehicles use 95 octane petrol In India.

Q16. What Is The Octane Number Of CNG?

Ans. CNG is primarily a gaseous fuel and does not come with an octane rating.

Q17. WIs 100 Octane Petrol Available In India?

Ans. Certain fuel stations will provide 100 octane petrol for vehicles. If this fuel is not available, you can fill up on regular petrol and add an octane booster product into your fuel tank to achieve a 100-octane rating.

Q18. What Octane Is BS6 Fuel?

Ans. The minimum octane rating for fuel used in BS6 engines is 91, which is the regular fuel available in petrol stations in India.

Q19. How Often Should You Add Octane Booster?

Ans. Add octane booster to your fuel if you experience engine knocking or need higher performance from your vehicle.

Q20. What Happens If I Put Higher Octane Fuel In My Car?

Ans. You will have clean combustion and smooth engine operation.

Q21. Does Octane Booster Clean Injectors?

Ans. Some octane booster products do have fuel injector cleaning agents, but you should use a dedicated fuel system cleaner to maintain injectors.