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Tackle Any Track With Best Off Road Pants From Carorbis

Off road riding requires more than regular riding gear to keep you protected and comfortable. What you need is genuine off-road pants for riding that feature innovative designs, additional armour and flexible yet durable fabrics. You’ll find premium quality off-road pants from Carorbis, the No.1 online shopping destination for bike accessories and riding gear, where you can browse from a huge range of men’s and women’s off-road riding pants to challenge any terrain.

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Why Buy Off-Road Pants From Carorbis?

Here are some cool and useful features of offroad riding pants that you should know about before buying them:

  1. Innovative Flex Technology:

    Off-road pants from Carorbis come with convenient innovative flexible technology, giving you improved comfort & great flexibility while riding. Some of these off-road pants have fully elasticized waist bands that offer 360-degree freedom of movement. It is essential for navigating rugged terrains with ease & agility with apparel that doesn’t restrict your movements.
  2. Foam Padding in Knee Area

    This essential padding is engineered for protection featuring strategically placed foam padding in the knee area, because that is often the first pace that makes contact with the ground during a fall. This protective knee padding acts as a semi-hard cushion to absorb shock, minimising the risk of injury to sensitive knee joints during off-road adventures. You can travel with confidence knowing your knees are safe & protected in a fall.
  3. Stretchable Mesh in Calf Area:

    The best motorcycle adventure pants are designed for versatility with a stretchy mesh material (made from spandex or similar fabric) in the leg / calf area. This unique feature will stretch to various knee guard types giving you a secure & comfortable fit. Mounting / dismounting the bike is a breeze when you have comfortable materials that are tailored to individual preferences.
  4. Double Waist Adjustments:

    Adventure touring motorcycle pants offer a totally customizable fit with the use of double waist adjustments (Velcro, straps or buttons) for different body types. These innovative design features allow all riders to fine-tune riding gear for every occasion. Casual riding may call for a loose fit, while a more ergonomic fit can be used for racing / offroading. It’s easy for riders to get optimal comfort and support on every ride with adjustable off-road pants.
  5. Button Fly Micro Adjustment:

    You can buy off road trousers with a secure closure system, featuring button & fly cam micro-adjustments. Regular zippers are not always water tight & may break under pressure while on the move. But buttons stay securely attached even with a strong tug. Now you can ride with a snug & comfortable fit, eliminating these little distractions. Maximise your focus on the trail ahead with reliable off road pants that stay on.
  6. Excellent Ventilation:

    Pants for off road riding are engineered for breathability, giving you a really cool sensation even in the hottest summer weather or a humid climate. These off-road pants have strategically placed vents and mesh panels in the side seams, calf area, thighs and near the knee area for maximum air circulation and comfort. This intelligent ventilation system promotes airflow around the lower torso & legs, effectively cooling the rider during intense off-road riding conditions. You can perform your best only when you stay cool.
  7. Durable Construction:

    The best-off road motorcycle pants are crafted from premium, high-quality materials such as strong polyester, wear resistant nylon, armoured Kevlar, durable synthetic leather & PU. These high-grade fabrics offer an extremely durable construction built to withstand off-road riding & extreme weather conditions. You get long-lasting performance & protection, even in the most demanding environments, such as crossing rivers and riding in mud and sand.
  8. Inner Reinforcement:

    Pants designed for offroading prioritise rider safety. They include inner reinforcement features in their fabric such as Kevlar & suede and other strong materials that add an extra degree of reinforcement inside the pants. The result is improved durability & protection against wear for overall longevity & performance.
  9. Lightweight:

    Despite the rugged construction of off-road pants from Carorbis, they use a feather weight design for maximum convenience. Weighing approximately 700 grams per pair, it's really effortless to ride with them. Off Road riding pants from Carorbis allow riders to enjoy agile & nimble movements on the trail without feeling weighed down by cumbersome apparel.
  10. Custom Fit:

    Off road dirt bike pants are tailor made to individual requirements & measurements as well as a range body types. You can expect a custom fit from these products, delivering a personalised riding experience like no other. At Carorbis, you get the bespoke approach for optimal comfort & performance, allowing riders to focus on the thrill of off-road adventures and not on constantly adjusting their offroad riding pants.
  11. Cordura Shell:

    Best adventure pants motorcycle from Carorbis are made from Cordura shell construction which is well known for its exceptional tear resistance & longevity. This special fabric provides reliable protection against abrasions, impacts, falls and skids in the mud. When you buy off road riding pants from Carorbis, you can tackle any terrain with ease.
  12. Level 2 Armour:

    Best pants for off roading have advanced protectors that provide maximum coverage & protection. This armour contains viscoelastic foam which is designed to harden upon impact.
  13. Pre-Curved Knee Design:

    Off roading pants boast a pre-curved knee, ergonomic feature that prevents bulging when the knee is bent. Riders get more mobility on the trail. Together with accordion panels at the knees for additional stretch & comfort, riders can travel unrestricted even in the most challenging terrain.
  14. Optimal Armour Positioning:

    Carorbis offers off road pants for riding that have been extensively researched & developed to eliminate the need for frequent adjustments. Riders get a secure & comfortable ride every time.
  15. Pant Connector:

    Its an innovative connector system that provides best-in-class coverage. The pant connector prevents separation between the jacket & the riding pants during crashes.
  16. Design Options:

    At Carorbis, you can choose from colour choices to branding details, to reflect a personal touch to your off-road gear.
  17. Easy Zip with Flexible Over/In the Boot:

    Riding boots feature rugged construction that may be difficult to pair with riding pants. Carorbis solves this with offroad pants with an easy zip / flexible over/in the boot design. It’s a knee-length zipper allows for easy on/off, while the adjustable lower enables you to wear the pants inside or outside boots.
  18. Adjustable Belt/Secure Buckle Closure:

    Off-road pants from Carorbis offer adjustable belt & secure buckle closures. It is like a quick snap buckle for a snug and lasting fit.
  19. Reflectors:

    Safety is paramount, which is why Carorbis off-road pants feature reflective material for enhanced visibility during night time riding. Riders remain visible to other motorists, for overall safety on the trail.

Which is the Best Type of Off-road Riding Pants to Buy?

Choose the right riding pants for off road tracks to ensure a smooth and hassle-free ride.

  1. Off-road Pants with Pockets:

    Essential riding pants for storing your keys, phone, or trail maps and other personal items. The pockets are strategically placed for easy access without compromising comfort / mobility to prepare you for any adventure without added bulk.
  2. Women Off-Road Pants:

    Ladies will prefer to wear women's pants for off road designed for the female body type with appropriate sizes and styles.
  3. Off-Road Pants Men's:

    Riding Pants for off road men’s style are more rugged and will feature bold patterns and colours. They also are designed with the male body type in mind in terms of height and waist width requirements.
  4. Over the Boot Off-Road Pants:

    Extended boot coverage allows these riding pants to wrap around the riding boots without snagging or restricting movement during intense rides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Price of Off-road Riding Pants?

Ans. Premium quality off road riding pants start from around Rs.11,000 at Carorbis. They are available in a range of styles and colours to suit different rider preferences.

Q2. How Do I Clean Off-Road Riding Pants?

Ans. You can use a gentle machine wash with cold water to clean soiled offroad pants. Light dust and dirt can be washed with a damp cloth and mild soap. Allow the pants to line dry in the shade. Avoid using a dryer as heat may damage the fabric.