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Carry Out Easy Bike Repairs With a Paddock Stand Replacement From Carorbis

At Carorbis, we like to make riding easier, safer and more comfortable for you. This passion translates into the products we choose to help you explore the open road with complete confidence. Motorcycle maintenance is an essential activity for every biker, which is why Carorbis has curated amazing paddock stand replacement products so that you can spin your parked bike’s wheel effortlessly for chain cleaning, lubrication and routine tyre cleaning and maintenance. It’s the perfect alternative for a heavy paddock stand that costs a lot more and takes up so much more space.

Have a look at these affordable and high-quality universal paddocks stand replacement products that are compatible with a range of bike and scooter models. What’s more, you can trust Carorbis online shopping to deliver only 100% original products sourced from certified sellers and official importers of top brands. With products delivered right to your doorstep in 3-5 business days, you can forget about travelling to crowded marketplaces and negotiating prices with salesmen standing behind counters. Carorbis makes your online shopping experience seamless and cost effective, which is why we have such a large fan base of happy automotive enthusiasts.

Why Do Bikers Need a Paddock Stand Replacement?

A paddock stand replacement is designed to perform like a traditional paddock stand, however, it has added convenience of being compact, portable and easier to use. A paddock stand lifts the rear wheel of a parked bike for regular maintenance activities such as chain lubrication and tyre changing. But paddock stands are heavy and cumbersome, making them less piratical for use in confined spaces and while transporting. Carorbis offers innovative and best paddock stand replacement for motorcycles and scooters that feature rollers and wheel lifts for easy wheel and chain maintenance. Here are some more reasons to invest in a handy paddock stand replacement for your two-wheeler:

  • Compact Design:

    It’s a lightweight and portable product that is easy to store and carry around. You can even carry a paddock stand replacement in your backpack or saddle bag. This is not possible with a traditional paddock stand that is quite bulky and has to be carried in the trunk of a vehicle.
  • Easy to Use:

    Even riders with limited experience can use a paddock stand replacement for their maintenance activities. No complicated installation procedure or techniques.
  • Versatile Compatibility:

    They can be adjusted to fit almost any bike or scooter having a wide range of wheel sizes.
  • Multiple Functions:

    Use a paddock stand replacement for chain inspection, adjustment, cleaning, lubrication as well as tyre inspection, tyre dressing, inflation and removal.
  • Stable and Secure:

    Paddock stand replacements provide stable support for the motorcycle or scooter during maintenance activities and while parking.
  • Durable Construction:

    Made from strong materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, they can withstand the rigours of daily use and provide long lasting durability.
  • Cost Effective:

    Available for only a fraction of a cost of a traditional paddock stand, these paddock stand replacement rollers are an affordable alternative and offer extreme value for money while still getting the job done.
  • Enhanced Rider Experience:

    With a well-maintained chain and wheels, riders can get the best performance from their two wheelers on the road or on the track.

How to Use Universal Paddock Stand Replacement for Motorcycle?

Refer to this step-by-step guide on how to use your paddock stand replacement roller effectively:

  • Position the Stand:

    Place the paddock stand replacement on flat ground and ensure that it is stable and will not slip or tip over during use.
  • Adjust the Stand:

    The roller bearings should fit perfectly with the rear wheel. Look for the adjustable arms or brackets to align with your motorcycle wheel snuggly.
  • Locate the Mounting Points:

    Usually it is the swingarm so that the wheel can rotate freely, but check your bike and specific instructions for designated areas to mount.

Position the rear of your two-wheeler so that the mounting points line up perfectly. Use the handle provided to lift the rear wheel off the ground and over the stand. Makes sure the bike is secure and stable before moving on.

  • Perform Maintenance:

    Now the rear wheel is free to rotate. You can dismantle the chain or clean and lubricate it. Wheel removal is also possible as well as repairs to the rim, spokes and refilling tyre pressure.
  • Lower the Vehicle:

    After performing the maintenance tasks, gently lower the two wheeler by using the paddock stand replacement lever or handle.

Remove the paddock stand replacement and store it in a safe place for future use. Some paddock stand replacements can be used for the front wheel as well. Perform a safety check before doing any maintenance activity on your vehicle.

These easy steps will help you get the most out of your paddock stand replacement purchase from Carorbis. Once the maintenance work is done, you can use a brush or clean cloth and wipe away any accumulated dirt on the product. This will prevent chances of corrosion or damage and extend its life for reliable performance.

Paddock stand replacement for motorcycle price starts from around Rs.800 online, which makes it an affordable investment for the maintenance of your motorcycle or scooter. Shop now and discover a whole new riding experience, where Carorbis takes the hassle out of keeping your bike in good condition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Bikes Are Compatible With Paddock Stand Replacement?

Ans. Paddock stand replacements are universal products as they come with adjustable brackets to suit a wide range of two wheelers.

Q2. How Much Weight Can a Paddock Stand Replacement Support?

Ans. The paddock stand replacement can handle weights of motorcycles up to 200 kg or more making them useful for almost all two-wheelers sold in India.

Q3: Do I Need Any Extra Tools to Assemble the Paddock Stand Replacement Wheels?

Ans. There are no additional tools required for set up. The process can be completed without any mechanical knowledge or special procedures.