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Treat Your Engine to Next Gen Racing Engine Oil From Carorbis

It’s time to rev up your regular engine performance with advanced racing oil from Carorbis. Give your car superior performance and protection with our carefully curated range of racing oils from top brands such as Mobil 1, Wurth, Rowe, Liqui Moly and Bosch. With names like these, you can trust Carorbis to give your car the care and performance advantage it needs to step up your daily drives. Start shopping online at Carorbis now for the best prices on the best racing engine oil with free and fast delivery. It's as easy as just clicking and adding to your shopping cart. Carorbis delivers in 3-5 business days with easy cash-on-delivery options along with easy EMI for online payments.

If you want to turn your regular car into a race machine, then you need to buy high-performance, advanced and next-generation racing oil from Carorbis today!

What is Racing Engine Oil?

Racing engine oil is an advanced engine lubricant that has been formulated to meet the demands of high-performance driving. These oils are developed and then tested on the track for characteristics like high lubrication, heat dissipation, low oxidation and prevention of wear and tear. So, why do I need racing engine oil for my car? Racing engine oil is adapted for road cars so that everyday drivers can experience the benefits of these special engine oils. Here are some of the key features that make racing engine oil different from regular engine oil:

  1. Higher Viscosity Grades:

    These oils have a high viscosity rating and are able to operate at a wide range of temperatures. Examples include Mobil 1 racing oil 5W30 which offers optimal lubrication under high temperatures and stress conditions.
  2. Fully Synthetic:

    For enhanced stability and performance, racing engine oil brands incorporate fully synthetic formulas that can meet the high temperature operating temperature of racing engines. Mineral oils would not be able to offer consistent lubrication and reduced friction in the way synthetic engine oils do.
  3. Advanced Additives:

    You will get the benefit of special formulas and additives that reduce wear and tear on moving components, maintain the stability and viscosity of the engine oil, and ensure protection for an extended time. Such properties allow the engine to be run continuously without any drop in performance or damage to the engine parts.
  4. Versatility:

    These engine oils are suitable for small engines, larger V6 and V8s, high revving engines, turbocharged and supercharged car engines and also for various racing applications for the track and off-road.
  5. Reliability:

    The factor that divides a winning race car and its competitors is reliability. Racing engine oil is formulated to remove deposits and works at a wide temperature range, keeping the engine running at its optimum. In turn, this enables stable oil pressure and extraction of heat from the combustion chamber. These oils also provide outstanding protection from sustained high-performance use without a drop in power.
  6. Racing Engine Oil Price:

    You can expect these products to cost a little more than regular oil, but the benefits offered make it a good compromise. Racing engine oil price in India starts from around Rs.1,900 for 1 Litre. Its power-packed performance and protection make every drop worth it.

Shop for the best racing engine oils on Carorbis today and keep your vehicle running like a race machine for years without any worries. When you buy on Carorbis, you are guaranteed 100% original and authentic products from top brands, along with prompt delivery options right to your doorstep. Just browse the Carorbis user-friendly website and find the perfect racing oil for your vehicle in just a few clicks. With discounts and special offers combined with free delivery for orders above Rs.499, you save even more with your online purchase. It's an offer too good to resist. Carorbis stands for an enjoyable online shopping experience and great driving fun.

What is Racing Engine Oil Viscosity?

The viscosity grade of racing oil has a big influence on its performance, protection and effectiveness under a diverse range of operating conditions. Viscosity is a measure of the ability of the liquid to flow. You will notice that these oils have a high viscosity rating which is useful to minimise friction at high temperatures. When oil is subject to high temperatures, it tends to become thin and can no longer offer adequate lubrication for fast-moving pistons, valves and gears. A high viscosity remains thick and can provide stable lubrication without viscosity breakdown under extreme heat and pressure. A high viscosity index such as racing oil 20W50 can manage a great deal of mechanical stress such as those experienced when race engines rev to high RPMs and are subject to high loads. If you were to use low-viscosity engine oil in a race application, the lubricating film would break down quite easily and cause moving parts to overheat and wear out, first diminishing acceleration and top speed and later damaging the engine.

Drag racing engine oil is used in vehicles that have to cover a distance of around 1 km in the shortest time. Engines used in such vehicles have to accelerate rapidly and reach their top speed in a few seconds. Regular engine oil would just not be able to handle such high horsepower and fast-moving engine components. You need a brand such as Rowe Hightec Racing Motor Oil 10W-60 fully synthetic which has been developed and tested with motorsport vehicles on the race track for maximum engine power. It also contains special additives for wear resistance, stable oil pressure, engine cleanliness and operation in a wide temperature range.

Why Choose Carorbis for the Best Racing Oil Brands and Products?

Carorbis means convenient online shopping for car and bike accessories that are known for high quality, performance and reliability. In addition, Carorbis focuses on customer satisfaction, listing top brands in the automotive industry and offering a platform that gives you exactly what you need for your vehicle.

Shopping for Racing Oil on Carorbis is no different. You have a user-friendly website to search for racing oils via brand, name, category, grade, price, popularity and average rating. It's easy to narrow down the right product with just a few clicks.

  1. At Carorbis, the Price is Right:

    Affordability is the name of the game when it comes to buying car and bike products on Carorbis. You can find special discounts, offers, price reductions and extra savings on all products. What’s more, you get free and fast shipping for orders above Rs.499. Also, customers can avail of easy EMI options and cash-on-delivery for eligible products. This way you can get the best performance and protection for your vehicle on a budget.
  2. Safe & Secure Online Shopping:

    For customers who are not confident about online shopping, Carorbis offers easy returns, exchanges and refunds for products that are not up to the customer’s satisfaction. Together with secure online payments via credit card, debit card, NetBanking, Google Pay and several other UPI options, shoppers can trust in Carorbis to keep their private information safe and secure. With the use of encrypted servers and SSL connections, all payment and customer details cannot be shared with third-party entities.

Reasons like this make Carorbis the most loved car and bike online accessory store in India. With a fan following of over 25,000+ happy customers and a catalogue of over 10,000+ products from 50+ top brands, it's no wonder that Carorbis is well on its way to becoming the most loved automotive accessory store in the country.

It's not just daily drivers and casual car owners that visit Carorbis for their favourite products. Car enthusiasts around India know that they can buy the best automotive accessories on Carorbis without any hassles.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping online on Carorbis today, and step up your car game a few notches. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Oil Do Race Engines Use?

Ans. Race engines use oil that is designed to meet the high demands of performance in racing conditions. They have high viscosity for proper lubrication and extreme protection under high stress and temperature. They consist of fully synthetic oils with special additives to enhance performance and prevent wear as well as resist oxidation.

Q2. What Oil Is Best For Car Racing?

Ans. Brands such as Rowe Hightec Racing Oil, Mobil 1 Advanced Synthetic Oil, Wurth Synthetic Oil and Liqui Moly Top Tec are often used in high-performance cars that have powerful engines derived from racing. These brands test and develop their engine oils on racing cars on the track and adapt these formulas for road cars for best performance and protection.

Q3. Does Racing Oil Make A Difference?

Ans. Racing oil has very high lubricating properties and does not easily break down at high temperatures, pressure or load. These oils are also resistant to oxidation and provide superior levels of protection even when engines are driven at high rpms and speeds.

Q4. Is Racing Oil Good?

Ans. Consider using racing oil if your vehicle is driven a lot or subject to heavy loads and tough driving conditions. Racing oil will keep your engine well protected from the stress of daily use and you will spend less on overall maintenance.

Q5. Is 5W30 Good For Racing?

Ans. 5W30 is a viscosity grade that is most often used in road cars that are not subject to very high temperatures during normal operating conditions. A higher viscosity grade such as 10W60 is preferred for racing as it provides better lubrication and protection under extreme heat.

Q6. What Oil Do F1 Cars Use?

Ans. F1 cars use sophisticated fully synthetic high viscosity racing engine oil that can deal with high temperatures while ensuring stable performance even under high RPMs.

Q7. What Oil Does McLaren F1 Use?

Ans. Gulf Oil is a lubricant brand that works closely with McLaren road cars and its Formula 1 racing team to develop special engine oils for their high-performance engines.

Q8. Do Race Cars Use Synthetic Oil?

Ans. Yes, synthetic oils are developed in a lab specifically for racing purposes. They are well suited for the high-performance demands of race cars that require maximum lubrication & protection on the race track. Synthetic engine oils are highly resistant to extreme temperatures & pressures, providing the engine with the ability to develop high horsepower.

Q9. Which Fuel Is Used In F1?

Ans. Formula 1 cars use designated F1 fuel or racing fuel as specified by the FIA. They have a high-octane rating & contain advanced formulas required to power high-compression engines with more focus on horsepower and less on fuel economy. An F1 car engine would not work well with regular fuel station petrol that you would fill up your daily drive with. The fuel used in F1 cars has no significant impact on the type of engine oil used.