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Of course, you're going to need a good radiator grill for bikes.

A radiator grill is a protective grille that stops rocks and other road debris from damaging your bike's cooling fins or radiators. These are a must unless you have some serious offroad expertise, as your engine may overheat.

How effective are radiator grills for bikes?

If you're taking your bike off-road, then riding without a radiator - it's not going to end well (unless you want to make some friends). Also, having metal fins exposed increases the risk of tears and cuts if rocks get caught.
With a high-quality radiator grill from Carorbis, you'll never have to worry about your fins while taking your bike off-road and it means more protection for your engine and its cooling system.

Radiator Grills are used to enhancing bike engine performance and improve bike fuel economy by increasing the airflow through the bike’s engine. The term "lift" accurately describes how this product works; it increases airflow which causes the radiator grill to lift up and away from blocking airflow. This allows more air to travel through your motorcycle radiators and other major components, specifically the cylinder heads and oil cooler, both of which need a steady flow of fresh cool air in order to function properly. Plus, the Radiator Grill will lower engine temperature by up to 50 degrees!

How effective are radiator grills for bikes?

The most effective method of increasing horsepower is to make sure your motorcycle's engine is running at an optimal temperature. A hotter, faster running engine means more horsepower. By installing performance extreme-style grills on your bike you can increase airflow through the radiator.

This increased airflow decreases motor temperatures which in turn provides cooler operating temperatures that allow you to extract maximum performance from your power plant. You can expect a 20-25 degree drop in average motor temperatures just by using this product!

What are the benefits of a radiator grill?

  1. Increased airflow through the radiator/cooling system: More airflow means lower engine temperatures, which provides cooler operating temperatures and maximizes performance.
  2. Increases horsepower by freeing up trapped hot exhaust gases that are normally "stacked" behind the stock grille (that restrict airflow)
  3. Protects your bike's cooling fins: Itt's like bumper guards for your bike, without the extra weight
  4. Enhances the look of your motorcycle- Which makes you want to take it out and ride more often!
  5. Lasts forever...they are made using an injection molding process so they won't warp or become brittle over time. They will stand up to the elements and last for years.

Where can I buy the best radiator grills?

You don't have to spend a lot of money to improve the performance of your motorcycle. A high-quality radiator grill will not only increase airflow around your motorcycle but will also enhance its looks at the same time! Need proof? Here are some of the most common questions that relate to radiator grills.

  1. Does a bike grill enhance performance?

    Yes, not only does it improve airflow but also increases horsepower. .
  2. What is the best type of motorcycle grill?

    Performance Grills are injection molded using the highest grade materials that is best of class!
  3. Can I install an aftermarket grill myself?

    Yes, installation is simple, it takes less than 10 minutes. No special tools are required!
  4. How to install radiator grills on sportbikes?

    INSTALLATION: The installation process is very easy. You simply attach the radiator grill with automotive-grade high strength adhesive backing. If you have a factory or aftermarket grille, this will require removal beforehand so you can clean and prep your radiator for application of the new improved airflow design.

    Step 1. Determine where to place the radiator grills on your bike

    If you own a sportbike, you'll need at least two (2) radiator grills. The first one goes on the lower front section of your bike, just above the nose. The second grill should be placed directly below it. Hold your hand up to the lower front section of your bike to see if you can easily fit an upper and lower radiator grill there.

    Step 2. Decide which type of radiator grills you want

    Choosing is easy! You can either choose our OEM style or our performance extreme-style grills. The OEM style is what most people are familiar's what's originally installed on the bike from the manufacturer. The performance extreme-style grills are more flashy and sporty, but just as functional. And they're not just for sportbikes! They fit perfectly on cruisers and street bikes alike because they reduce heat up to 50 degrees which makes your riding experience cooler and longer lasting... giving your bike a custom look too!

    Step 3. Order your radiator grills today

    The best word to describe Grills is "extreme"... and we know you want extreme protection for your motorcycle, so why not get an extreme style radiator grill? Order yours at our online store Carorbis. Get the lowest price and the highest quality on all of our products!

    Step 4. Installation is quick, easy, and fun!

    Radiator Grill's are a quick and simple way to give your motorcycle engine a boost in performance- both aesthetically and physically. You can make sure your bike is running at optimal horsepower without having to install an aftermarket supercharger or even taking your vehicle into a shop for expensive modifications!

    Don't forget to order your radiator grills today only from Carorbis. They're really easy to install and will provide years of protection from overheating as well as adding a custom look that's second to none!
    To conclude, there are significant benefits of using radiator grills for bikes which include increase airflow, high speeds, and high temperatures without flaking, chipping or fuelling off.
    This product is not only easy to install, but it's also extremely affordable. You can purchase a Radiator Grill for your bike directly from our website and we offer worldwide shipping!

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