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Roots is an Indian brand that produces world-class quality car and bike horns at affordable prices. Established by an Indian entrepreneur in 1970, Roots Industries is a household name when it comes to car horns and bike horns. Being the first largest manufacturer for horns in the world, Roots is a renowned and established car horn brand around the world. Roots horn is made of best quality materials sourced in India. Roots horn models are most suitable for Indian vehicles and climatic conditions. They offer an amazing variety and diversity in horn designs, prices and intensities. Here are just a few reasons to love Roots horn:

  1. Pocket-Friendly Price Range - Good quality car accessories can truly cut a hole in your pocket. But if you don’t want to compromise on the quality while also not spending too much, a Roots is a smart buy. Though it's not dirt cheap, it surely is affordable and amazing when it comes to the quality and design it offers in the price range. Roots horn price can range from INR 250 to INR 1000, depending on the sound, volume, and model..
  2. Durable Quality - Roots is a revolutionary brand when it comes to the quality of automobile accessories manufactured in India. K Ramasamy, the chairman of Roots industries was only eight years old when he realised that he wanted to make horns in India that would compete with international quality standards. 32 years later, he was able to succeed and the result was what we all enjoy today - the best quality bike and car horns originated in India..
  3. Loud Sound - We could ignore everything else but one thing that we just can’t look upon is the sound quality. After all, that is what we need them for. You want a horn that not only helps you make a presence on the road and pass through dense traffic, but you must also make sure that it is not too loud to bother your fellow drivers. Roots produces all its horns considering the decibel limit approved by the government. The sound is just loud enough to let everyone know you’re there..
  4. Attractive Designs - A lot of us are very peculiar about the look and appearance of car exterior and interior accessories that we install on our beloved automobile. Roots especially considers the appeal and aesthetic quality of its horns and hence, most of its horns are beautifully designed. So much so, that they can be visibly mounted to adorn your vehicle..
  5. Easily Available Spare Parts - It can be very tiresome and frustrating to rummage through different automotive stores in search of one part that you need for your vehicle. It’s not only time-consuming but sometimes can also cost your pocket. A major plus-plus is the easy availability of Roots spare parts that you can find just anywhere, including
  6. ISI Approved - You know you can trust a product when it’s approved by the Indian Standards Institution. ISI is by far the most trusted certification mark in the country. Having ISI mark alone speaks about the trustworthy quality of a product. Being made of the best of materials, Roots horns have passed the standards set by ISI..
  7. Made in India - What’s the best part about getting a Roots horn? It’s completely manufactured on the Indian grounds. So, if you are looking for purely Indian brands to support the Made in India movement, you’re just at the right place. We feel proud to say that the eleventh largest horn manufacturer in the world is an Indian brand and we never feel the need to purchase products from any other foreign brand when we use a Roots horn..


Rightly said by one of our buyers, Roots horn is ‘beast in dirt cheap price’. Roots horn for car is loud but not annoying. The Roots horn model sounds better than most horns in the similar price range. Roots horn for bike is smaller as compared to car horn as it pulls less current than the latter. The most popular Roots horns fit for Bullet, Royal Enfield, Yamaha Fazer, Splendor and many more bike models. Here are the best Roots horn for car and bike models:

  1. Roots Vibromini Horn Set

    This vibromini sounds much similar to vibrosonic, therefore, making it sound much closer to a car horn. However, it is more suitable for bikes. A set of two Roots Vibromini Horn for bike is available at INR 849..
  2. Roots Windtone Classic Horn Pair

    This one is also a low tone, sturdy and chunky horn set that works a 12 V battery. While they are more suitable for a car, you can install one horn on your two-wheeler and it does the job aptly. Roots Windtone Classic Horn are most popular for their aesthetic appeal. The pair is available at INR 610.
  3. Roots Vibrosonic High and Low Tone Horn

    This is slightly on the chunkier side, as it weighs 2 kilos and 80 grams. The pure steel front adds to the dashing appeal. One Roots Vibrosonic High and Low Tone Horn is available at a price of INR 1599 only.
  4. Roots Red Front WindTone 90 Car Horn for All Vehicles

    This is another very aesthetically pleasing Roots horn available at a price of INR 920. The product is 950 grams heavy and is most suitable for cars and heavier vehicles. As the horn sounds very loud, it’s recommended to not mount it on a two-wheeler.
  5. Roots Spider Eco Horn Pair

    If you are looking for a loud horn that also adds a chunky aesthetic to your vehicle, then these red coloured, Roots Spider Eco Horn Pair can be easy on your pocket. This one is available at a price of INR 838. Note: The prices mentioned can vary occasionally.


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Q 1. What is a low tone or high tone horn?

Ans. A high tone horn produces a high-frequency, piercing sound that reaches further. Low tone horn, on the other hand, is heard more clearly in shorter range. These horns are used in combination to maximise the signal area coverage.

Q 2. What is the average tone of a car horn?

Ans. Car or bike horns can range between 109 to 112 decibels. This is for regular horns that draw 2 to 2.5 Amperes of electric current. Also, the typical frequency for a regular electromagnetic horn is between 340 to 440 Hertz.

Q 3. Can I make my car horn louder?

Ans. Yes! You can make your horn louder by either adjusting the horn or connecting a horn relay.

Q 4: How can I get Roots Horn at lowest price?

Ans. Carorbis provides car parts and accessories at the lowest prices. This is possible as we source our products right from the manufacturer, hence cutting the middleman costs. Couple this with the perennial discounts, and you can Roots horn at the lowest price possible.

Q 5: Can I mount a car horn on my bike?

Ans. It is not recommended to install a pair of loud car horns on your motorbike as it will make it appear as if a large vehicle is approaching. However, you can mount a single car horn on your two-wheeler.