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Protect Your Ride with Royal Enfield Bike Covers From Carorbis

Owning a Royal Enfield does not just bring the excitement of a ride but carries forward the legacy of style and performance. It truly is a bike of unmatched quality which needs a Royal Enfield bike cover for protection from adversities like dust, the sun, water, scratches, and much more, thereby looking as good as new. Carorbis is the top e-store to purchase the bike covers of Royal Enfield online at the most affordable prices. What makes us different is our wide variety of top-branded bike accessories offering high quality, and ease of buying online, secure payments and fast & free delivery.

Our commitment goes beyond selling products; we are passionate about keeping your bike in ideal condition. So, whether you ride a Classic or Bullet, Interceptor, or, for that matter, any other Royal Enfield model, our range of bike covers is designed to give the best protection without compromising on style. We like to keep bikes beautiful and alive. That's why we stock a wide range of top-quality material covers with the latest features like UV resistance, water repellency, and custom fits.

What do you need a Royal Enfield Bike Cover?

When you buy at Carorbis, you're buying peace of mind—the surety that nothing can go wrong with your Royal Enfield, rain, hail, storm, or storage. We are proud to be the online, single destination for every Royal Enfield bike lover in India—providing unrivalled variety, quality, and convenience in locating just the perfect cover that answers all your exacting needs. 

A Carorbis Royal Enfield bike cover is designed to meet the highest meticulous attention specifications. It brings the strength of robust materials with the most practical features for superior protection such as:

• Premium Materials: Our Bike Covers are made of high-density Polyester or Nylon fabric, chosen for their durability and weather resistance. Selected materials are chosen for being able to handle outdoor elements and provide durability against harsh conditions. 

• Tailor-Made: All Royal Enfield covers come in a custom or tailor-made fit, ensuring they fit snugly onto the bike and remain secure to offer protection from dust, dirt, and moisture. The customization also increases protection against elements and avoids flapping in the wind. 

• UV Protection: The materials in these covers come with UV-resistant coatings, offering your bike protection from harmful sun rays. These will protect your Royal Enfield from wear-off paint and decals, making it look good for much longer. 

• Water-resistant: Seam stitching reinforcement and water-proof coatings ensure that our bike covers give all-weather protection from rain, mist, moisture and water splashes. This shall help prevent rusting and corrosion in the mostly exposed metallic parts of the motorcycle, thus increasing its lifespan. 

• Easy Use: Adjustable straps, elastic hems, and buckles provide ample grip to fit the cover onto your motorcycle with some wind resistance. This feature, hence, prevents the happening of the possibility of your motorbike's cover from blowing away at one time to interrupt continued protection. 

• Ventilation: Some included ventilation systems may arise as integrated mesh panels or vents. They offer free space under the cover for air circulation to avoid moistness and moisture build-up; if this happens, it could encourage mildew or molds to grow on the bike's surface.

How To Use Royal Enfield Bike Cover Correctly?

To get the most protection and convenience, use your Royal Enfield bike cover properly:

 Preparation: Ensure that your bike is dry and clean before installing your cover. 

 Fit: Lay the cover over your Royal Enfield from the bike's top. 

 Cover: Your bike should be completely covered, including mirrors and accessories. 

• Securing: Use available straps, buckles, or elastic hems to cinch the cover off around your bike. This will ensure no displacement on top caused by wind or unnecessary movement. 

• Storage: On completion of use, neatly fold or roll the cover and store in a dry, ventilated place so that integrity and effectiveness are maintained for future use.

Royal Enfield Bike Covers With Price List

Bike Model




Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Interceptor



Royal Enfield Bullet Standard

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Bullet Standard



Royal Enfield Classic 350

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Classic 350



Royal Enfield Himalayan

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Himalayan



New Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Meteor 350



Royal Enfield Electra

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Electra



Royal Enfield Thunderbird X 350

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Thunderbird X 350



Royal Enfield Continental GT

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Continental GT



Royal Enfield Meteor

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Meteor



Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350



Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Elegant Water Resistant Bike Body Cover For Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650


How To Store And Maintain Your Royal Enfield Bike Cover

Make sure your Royal Enfield bike cover serves you well for a long time by following these simple care instructions:

 Cleaning: Periodically rinse cover with water and mild detergent. Follow this with a rinsing of clear water. Dry before folding or storing. This should guarantee that the cover is completely dry and will not provide conditions conducive to fungus or mildew growth. 

 Storage: The cover should be folded neatly and placed into the provided storage bag or a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not store the cover in a damp or humid environment because this would adversely affect the performance of the cover. 

• Periodic Checks: Look over the cover for wear and tear on periodic levels. This includes the frayed seams and the coatings that may have been weathered. Carry out the repairs on any defects well on time to not compromise its guarding features.

Shop Online at Carorbis For Premium Royal Enfield Bike Covers

Why buy your Royal Enfield bike cover from Carorbis? Here are some compelling reasons to shop online with us:

• Great Choice: Take a glance at the most comprehensive designs, colours, and sizes to purchase the cover that best matches your Royal Enfield in terms of style and specifications. 

• Quality Guarantee: We have made it our business to take our bike covers from those manufacturers known for quality bike covers—those known for craft and own excellent quality. All products undergo strict tests to be sure they serve and deliver when it comes to longevity and performance. 

• Convenient: Carorbis website is user-friendly, payment options are secure, and delivery is made at your doorstep—no time is wasted. 

• Customer Service: Dedicated staff of customer service professionals to respond to product inquiries, support with order processes, and after-sales inquiries. 

• Timely Delivery: Avail yourself of the facility of our shipping service to receive your bike cover at the earliest so that you may start protecting your Royal Enfield immediately.

Our bike covers provide the first line of defence for saving the finish and components from the damaging effects of environmental elements on the bike, whether parked outside, inside a garage, or while being transported. Get your Royal Enfield protection from Carorbis. This, of course, comes with a dedication to customer satisfaction and love for all things Royal Enfield—a guarantee of the most excellent protection you will ever get. When you buy a Carorbis Royal Enfield bike cover, you're purchasing the best security and style ever conceived, with quality and satisfaction guaranteed. We have a range of premium bike covers for Royal Enfield enthusiasts, get yours today!


Q1. Is the Royal Enfield bike cover waterproof? 

Ans. Our Royal Enfield bike covers are made up of waterproof materials, therefore safeguarding the bikes from rain and moisture. 

Q2. How much does a Royal Enfield bike cover cost? 

Ans. Our royal Enfield bike covers are priced between ₹790 and ₹940, thus making sure that each pocket can afford quality.