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Protect and Lubricate Car Parts With Quality Silicone Grease From Carorbis

Car enthusiasts like their vehicles running in top condition at all times, never letting wear & tear take its toll on car vital parts. Silicone grease spray is a great solution to protect exterior and interior trim parts made of plastic & rubber including rubber hoses & wires by providing a water-tight shield. They have excellent lubricating properties on any vehicle component that needs to move with less friction. Silicone grease spray also has high electrical resistance, which forms an insulating barrier around electrical wires.

If you need your vehicle to run smoothly and look amazing, trust Carorbis for high-quality repair & maintenance products like silicone grease. There’s no other online store for car and bike accessories with such a wide choice of affordable premium products, that too with fast delivery options and easy returns.

Why Use Silicone Grease Spray on Your Car?

Silicone grease is the best lubricant & protectant suitable for a wide range of car surfaces including plastic, rubber, seals and hoses as well as bumpers, radiator grills, rubber insulation & beading. Here are some important benefits of using this versatile maintenance product.

  1. Great Lubrication:

    Moving parts of a vehicle require lubrication for smooth operation. You can use silicone grease spray on a range of surfaces that can benefit from reduced friction. Prevent squeaks & sticking of moving parts with silicone grease.
  2. Surface Protection:

    The product forms a protective layer against corrosion and keeps moisture away. Environmental factors and weathering have no chance of damaging your car parts when treated with silicone grease.
  3. Extend Component Life:

    Rubber and plastic dry out over time, having a tendency to crack. Silicone grease keeps the surface soft and supple and extends its life.
  4. Water Displacement:

    It's an excellent product to remove moisture from seals, bearings and other vehicle components. It keeps parts dry and well-maintained.
  5. Electrical insulation:

    Silicone grease has high electrical resistance making it suitable to protect electric wires.
  6. Ease of Application:

    It comes in a handy spray form for maximum coverage and minimum mess.
  7. Non-Acidic/ Resin Free:

    Silicone grease is designed not to harm the surface it is applied.
  8. Long-Lasting:

    The product does not need to be frequently reapplied and leaves a transparent protective layer after drying in a few seconds.
  9. Cost Effective:

    You save on repair costs by reducing the need for replacements. It’s an affordable maintenance solution.

How to Use Silicone Grease Spray

For optimum protection and lubrication, prepare the area by removing all dirt and debris. Clean the surface of any old lubricant applications.

Shake the can well to mix the content and spray at a distance of about 10 cm away from the surface. Spray a thin, even over the surface you need to treat, but don’t oversaturate the application as it may drip off.

Allow the silicone grease to dry for a few minutes. Wipe off any excess silicone grease with a clean, dry cloth. Reapply when necessary, depending on exposure to the elements or usage.

Test the component for smooth operation. If it is a rubber or plastic part, look for signs of drying or cracking and reapply as needed.

Store the silicone grease automotive product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Why Choose Carorbis When Searching for the Best Silicone Grease Lubricant?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is silicone lubricant grease used for?

Ans. Silicone grease spray is commonly used in automotive applications, for electrical connections and to protect plastic and rubber surfaces in your car.

Q2. Can you use silicone grease as lube?

Ans. Silicone grease is an effective lubricant for various automotive components.

Q3: Is silicone grease good for metal?

Ans. Yes, you can use this product on metals to lubricate and displace water as well to protect from corrosion. It does not damage metal surfaces.

Q4. When should you not use silicone grease?

Ans. Avoid using silicone grease in components that are exposed to high load-bearing conditions.

Q5: What are the side effects of silicone grease?

Ans. Silicone grease is safe and non-toxic. However, it is recommended to use gloves while applying the product to prevent skin irritation.

Q6. Where do you apply silicone grease?

Ans. Silicone grease spray products can be applied on plastics, rubber and metal surfaces in order to lubricate and maintain them in good condition. Common areas of application include exterior and interior plastic trim, rubber hoses, rubber seals, door beading, etc.

Q7. Is silicone grease better than oil?

Ans. Silicone grease is thicker and produces a long-lasting seal, while oil is used only for lubrication.

Q8. Is silicone grease waterproof?

Ans. Silicone grease displaces water and provides a moisture-resistant seal to protect surfaces.

Q9. How long does silicone grease take to dry?

Ans. The spray will not dry off completely but provides a semi-solid greasy layer of protection in a few seconds after application.

Q10. Does silicone damage rubber?

Ans. No, silicone grease spray is used to lubricate, protect and extend the life of rubber surfaces, preventing them from getting damaged.

Q11. Is silicone grease good for bearings?

Ans. Yes, you can use silicone grease to lubricate bearings and keep water away.

Q12. Does silicone grease stick to steel?

Ans. Yes, it adheres to steel surfaces to offer good lubrication and protection.

Q13. Is silicone grease spray cheap?

Ans. Wurth silicone grease price is around Rs.2,100 for a 500 ml can. This makes it an affordable repair and maintenance product that can save you money at the service station.

Q14. What are the advantages of silicone grease?

Ans. It has excellent lubrication properties, displaces water, resists moisture and prevents corrosion, and it can also insulate electrical components.

Q15. Does silicone grease withstand heat?

Ans. You can use silicone grease spray in applications where surfaces are exposed to high heat.

Q16. What is silicone made from?

Ans. Silicone is a synthetic material made from silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. It is known for its waterproof and lubricating properties.

Q17. Is silicone a petroleum product?

Ans. Silicone grease sprays are not derived from petroleum products.

Q18. How long does silicone grease last?

Ans. After application, you should get at least 4 weeks of protection depending on exposure to the elements. Reapplication may be necessary in high-stress or surfaces exposed to the environment.