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Store all your cash, cards and loyalty cards in one wallet. Handcrafted wallets can accommodate cash, bills, cards and even a passport if you want to travel the world on your bike. Wallets can keep both credit and debit cards as well as business cards.

You never have to worry about not having space in your pockets when you have a biker’s wallet.

The leather bike wallet is a product you can rely on. Crafted with care, wallets can hold your money safe and give you many years of use. It comes with a coin pocket to keep loose change safe.

The biker’s wallet is designed for those who like to travel the world. Its main purpose is to store your belongings safely and securely. Large wallets also have space to store a passport or notebook.

Slim wallets are designed for your personal needs. The main compartments in the leather wallet are used to hold money and bills. There are also card slots for holding all your cards in place.


Leather biker wallets for men are designed to hold all your essentials in one place, offering quick access to your money and cards. Leather wallets are light, compact and durable which makes it easy to carry all your essentials. The wallets are made from premium quality leather and it also has space to carry a notebook or passport in case you are travelling light.

Handmade leather wallets for bikers are made for those who cannot stand still. The explorer wallet is an everyday essential that is a great travel partner when on the road.

Slim, lightweight and with just the right number of pockets to hold your belongings. The leather wallets are sleek and stylish enough for everyday use and rugged enough to take on an adventure.

Full grain leather wallets are made to last a lifetime. They are available in a variety of colours and finishes like vintage tan, black, tobacco brown, cherry red, army green along with contrast stitching to give it that classic look. Since the wallet is the right size, it can be used by both men and women.

Wallets made of soft leather have a simple enough design that is suitable for dressy and casual occasions. Card slots and coin pockets are placed in such a way that they are easily accessible. They have enough room to hold all your credit cards and an additional pocket to hold small things like a guitar pick or other small flat things you would like to carry with you.


Wallet chains are one of the most recognisable items of a biker’s essentials. While the biker chain does serve a purpose, it also makes a fashion statement. Wallet chains give a bit of personality to an outfit and they also secure the wallet while riding a bike.

The main purpose of a wallet chain is to make sure you don’t lose your wallet when riding your motorcycle. Bikers wouldn’t want their wallet to slip out when riding at high speeds so they used the wallet chain to secure it.

Wallet chains also prevent stealing. As long as the wallet chain is fastened to a belt or loop, the wallet cannot be stolen.

Wallet chains also give the ultimate biker look. A wallet chain does not have to be only for a wallet, as you can link anything of use to the chain, like a pair of keys or access cards. Small items may get lost quite easily, but with a chain they will be safe and you won’t have to worry about losing them.


Biker wallets are commonly defined by their size, shape, number of compartments and usually the inclusion of a wallet chain. Biker wallets are much longer and wider than regular wallets and may have a bi fold or even a tri fold. The large size of a biker wallet usually means that it can accommodate a large amount of cash, cards and any other essential items that can fit in a wallet.

The type of leather used in a biker’s wallet is also something to consider. Most biker wallets come with full grain leather to make them durable and comfortable to carry around.

Biker wallets also come with intricate and exotic designs that are usually hand made. There is no doubt that a lot of man hours goes into making a wallet for bikers.

Biker wallets should be considered by those who love the unique designs they have to offer, and who need a large enough wallet to carry money, bills and credit / debit cards along with bike keys.

Biker wallets are really a class apart and have a long history of being carried around by motorcyclists. What makes a good biker wallet is not just the looks but also the purpose they serve.


One of the best ways to wear a bike wallet is to keep it in your front or back pocket of your pants, and attach the chain to your belt loop. Even if you are out on the road, and your wallet decides to slip out of your pocket, it won’t be going anywhere. In case you are going on a long ride and keeping the wallet in your back pocket turns out to be a bit uncomfortable, you can always keep the wallet in a side bag or saddle bag.

Carrying your wallet in a backpack or rucksack is also an option if you do not have any type of luggage carriers on your motorcycle. The backpack will also come in handy to store other essential items like your mobile phone, water bottles, and snacks which you may need on a long trip.

Finally, you can carry your wallet in a jacket pocket. Keeping your wallet in the jacket pocket should not be too uncomfortable because it wouldn’t be obstructing anything and you have easy access to it when you need something from your wallet.