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Windscreen for bike: Stop the wind blasts

Bikes normally have a small windscreen which defies the use of a windscreen. So, many riders, especially riders who go on long rides, generally install an additional taller windscreen for their bike. This stops the wind blasts while riding and on chilly nights can serve a great deal of not letting you shiver from those chilly winds.

Windscreen vs No Windscreen: Who should install one

A bike windscreen protects the rider from many things like wind, debris, bugs and cold temperatures. Any biker who goes on long tours and aspires to go to places like Ladakh and Leh for riding and having an adventure can install a windscreen. The windscreen will stop chilly winds from getting to your chest. A windscreen will make you less fatigued during long rides.

Let us discuss each and every pros and cons of a bike windscreen or windshield in detail:

  1. Wind protection

    This is the main reason for getting a windscreen installed on your bike. I’m sure you knew this point was coming but as we are discussing pros we shouldn’t miss a point just because it is too obvious. The wind protection will make your ride more comfortable at high speeds as at high speeds we have a high amount of wind blasts which makes us fatigued. No doubt, still you will have winds coming to you but nowhere near as compared to having no windscreen.
  2. Road debris protection

    I’m sure you’ve encountered this many times that from nowhere some thing comes flying and may even get into your eyes. These are road debris and bugs. Things like small rocks and pebbles are also scattered from other tires which lay on the roads. Asphalt pieces and sand particles are also common to collide with you and even a bird.

    So, having protection in these cases is surely awesome.
  3. Rain protection

    The windscreen can also offer some amount of protection from the rain. If you come to a complete halt in traffic then the rain will pour from the top and you cannot help it. But the application starts when you start moving. A lot of rain will be stopped from the forward direction and this will eventually leave you drier than having no windshield. Also, riding at high speeds during rain becomes quite difficult as we experience force from it. That can also be helped a bit with the bike windscreen.

    Additionally, a bike windscreen will also offer some amount of protection to the bike’s dashboard from rain when you are moving including any other attached devices like GPS and a mobile.
  4. Keeps you cooler/ warmer

    In the winter, if you are riding a bike at high speeds and the wind is also chilly then the wind can be very unrelenting. Your body temperature will drop and you may start shivering too. But with a windscreen installed, it will keep you warmer as you won’t have to face so much wind now.

    Similarly, in the summer, the hot wind can make you hotter. So, a windscreen can keep you a bit cooler by stopping the hot air.
  5. Better aerodynamics

    If you're a big person then this point can become quite valid as you create a drag when you ride in a motorcycle.

    A windscreen has a better aerodynamic profile than a human. This will create less drag.
  6. Less fatigue

    If you consider all of the above points then facing those will leave you fatigued. But if you have a windscreen it will give you comfort against those and make your ride more joyful and hence, less fatigued.

Now, we will talk about some cons of a bike windscreen and then you can finally decide if you want one.

  1. Aesthetics

    Installing a windscreen will change the appearance of your bike and if you have a naked bike then even more. This is the reason why many people are against installing a windscreen on their bike.
  2. Buffeting

    A windscreen will divert winds towards the top of your hemet. This is called buffeting. Some people do not like that and if you have a loose helmet then it will be very inconvenient as the helmet will try to dislodge from your head. A common way to counter it can be getting a helmet which fits you. Also, these days
  3. Steering issues

    If you have never used a windscreen then you may notice a difference in handling your bike after installing a windscreen especially at high speeds. Windscreens act like a sail in a ship that is, it will catch the wind and create a force. But you usually get used to it after a few days.
  4. Slower acceleration

    If you accelerate at higher speeds then the acceleration may become slow after installing a windscreen as the windscreen gives more surface to the wind.
  5. Limited visibility

    Finally, in tourer bikes, you can get a very tall windscreen which affects the visibility a bit. This is not a big problem if you keep it clean.

How to install a windscreen on a bike?

Installing a windscreen is not as difficult as you may think. Most bikes have a small windscreen and an aftermarket windscreen will fit on this spot so you don’t have to work much.

In the beginning, it is important to note that you should buy a windscreen which is suitable for your bike. You cannot use a different windscreen. SO, after buying the appropriate windscreen, get ready with the tools. Mostly, you will need phillip-head screwdrivers to perform this task. But a flat head windscreen can also do the job.

Then, unscrew your company fitted windscreen from your bike. You will find these screws above the headlights.

After removing the pre-installed windscreen, fit the aftermarket windscreen that you have bought into the windscreen area and screw it. Make sure to screw back all the screws as missing one or two will make the windscreen unstable and the windscreen may get pressure from only one side and can break.

That was all. The job is done. But if you have a naked bike and there is no pre-installed windscreen on your bike then you will need professional help to install it.

So, if you are a rider who often goes on long trips then you should weigh the pros more. There are few minor cons which is not a big deal if you consider the pros in front of them.