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Buy Yezdi FuelX from Carorbis: Get More Power, Torque & Throttle Response

Are you tired of your stock Yezdi motorcycle not performing? If you are struggling with slow acceleration & poor fuel efficiency, you are probably not enjoying your daily rides. And spending too much at the fuel station. The good news is that Carorbis offers a performance and fuel efficiency upgrade with the Yezdi FuelX Pro and Yezdi FuelX Lite range.

FuelX has been custom-designed specifically for the entire Yezdi motorcycle model lineup to improve throttle response, boost power & improve fuel efficiency. Carorbis's online shopping platform is dedicated to transforming your riding experience. No more performance issues on your Yezdi. Upgrade with Yezdi FuelX products today, available now on Carorbis at affordable prices along with free and fast delivery, so that you can get the best from your beast at a cost-effective price tag.

Benefits of installing FuelX for Yezdi Motorcycles

FuelX takes your Yezdi motorcycle to a new level of performance. The riding experience is nothing short of thrilling due to smoother acceleration, cool engine temps and fast throttle response in varying conditions. FuelX for Yezdi can also adapt to varying altitude conditions for ideal engine operation.

Check out these awesome features that make FuelX the perfect companion for your Yezdi bike, as you get ready to unleash the full potential of your machine:

Plug-N-Play Installation: 

Installing the FuelX module is a hassle-free procedure taking less than 15 mins to set up, without any fancy tools. Simply plug it in & you're ready to go!

Cooler Engine: 

High revving can heat the engine and lead to lower performance with higher wear and tear. FuelX keeps your engine running cooler – it reduces engine & exhaust temps by up to 10%. This allows your engine to perform well and prolongs its life, making your rides more comfortable and sporty.

Improved Rideability: 

You get a smooth ride with instant throttle response and fewer jerks as you shift gears. FuelX minimizes the need for frequent downshifts by maintaining the power delivery even at mid-range revs. The result is a more fluid and enjoyable ride.

10 Autotune Maps: 

FuelX Pro allows you to customize your Yezdi with 10 different auto-tune maps. (from economy to sport modes). It also compensates for different engine and exhaust mods, weather conditions, altitudes, and individual riding styles. Select the perfect map to optimize your bike’s performance.

Handle Bar Map Switch: 

Stay in control with the handlebar map switch (comes with the FuelX Pro version). Easily switch between maps on the fly at any speed, and instantly adapt to changing conditions and preferences.

Auto Adaptation: 

The FuelX module intelligently adapts to variations in your riding style, changing engine characteristics, and add-ons such as aftermarket exhausts and air filters. It ensures that your engine always performs at its best, regardless of changes.

Water & Heat Resistant: 

Ride with confidence in all weather conditions. The FuelX module, along with its harness and map switch, is fully resistant to water and heat, ensuring reliable performance no matter where you ride.

Safe for Engines: 

FuelX operates within engine limits and parameters and will not damage components. Using FuelX helps your engine run cooler and smother, increasing it lifespan as it is ridden with less stress.

These features make the FuelX module an essential upgrade for all Yezdi motorcycle models, improving performance, enhancing fuel efficiency, and giving you a superb overall riding experience.

List of Yezdi FuelX products with price available at Carorbis

Product Name


Fuelx Yezdi Lite


Fuelx Lite Yezdi Scrambler (2022)


FuelX Lite Yezdi Roadster (2022)


FuelX Lite Yezdi Adventure (2022)


Fuelx Yezdi Pro


FuelX Pro Yezdi Scrambler (2022)


Fuelx Pro Yezdi Roadster (2022)


Fuelx Pro Yezdi Adventure (2022)


Differences Between Yezdi FuelX Pro and Yezdi FuelX Lite

FuelX offers two variants for Yezdi motorcyles: FuelX Pro & FuelX Lite. Each FuelX plugin module is designed to improve your bike’s power and fuel efficiency. While both versions share the same core functionalities, they differ in some features and have added customization options.

Yezdi FuelX Pro is perfect for seasoned riders who desire advanced control over their bike’s engine performance. FuelX Pro gives the rider 10 customizable modes (from economy to sport) and allows to switch between modes while riding using a handlebar-mounted switch. It offers a lot of flexibility to fine-tune the air-fuel ratio for different riding conditions, optimizing either for power, fuel economy, or a combination of both. The various modes can adapt to different conditions, terrains, altitudes & riding styles, providing the best upgrade solution for those who like to push the limits of their Yezdi.

FuelX Lite, on the other hand, provides a simple & more budget-friendly solution, especially for novice riders. It comes with a single, fixed riding mode that can automatically adjust to the ideal air-fuel ratio for optimum engine performance under all conditions. Riders will appreciate the straightforward, plug-and-play solution without the need for adjustments. FuelX Lite may be the simpler version of the FuelX Pro module, yet it still significantly improves fuel efficiency and engine performance without the need for multiple user-adjustable modes.

Summary of Differences between FuelX Pro & FuelX Lite

FuelX Pro offers extensive customization for advanced riders seeking high performance and good fuel efficiency across varying conditions, while FuelX Lite provides an economical, easy-to-use option that still delivers improved performance & fuel efficiency. Here is a table summary outlining their major differences.


FuelX Pro

FuelX Lite

Riding Modes

10 User Adjustable Modes

1 Fixed Auto Adjust Mode

Mode Switching

Handlebar-mounted switch

Not Applicable


Riders select modes from 1-10

Auto Adjust only

Target Users

Performance-focused riders seeking high customization

Budget Oriented riders looking for a simple upgrade


High- Adaptable to varying riding styles, altitudes and terrains

Moderate – Suitable for all-round balanced performance


Plug and Play with Handlebar switch installation plus wiring

Plug and play with wiring


Optimized for both high power and moderate performance

Balanced performance

Fuel Efficiency

Optimized for high fuel economy

Balanced fuel efficiency


Higher than FuelX Lite due to advanced features

Lower than FuelX Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does Yezdi FuelX cost?

Ans. The price of Yezdi FuelX can vary depending on your specific bike model. For accurate pricing, refer to the table list of Yezdi FuelX products with prices available at Carorbis.

Q2. Does FuelX void my bike warranty?

Ans. Installing Yezdi FuelX will not void your bike's warranty if done correctly. FuelX works within the motorcycle limits and is designed under manufacturer guidelines. However, consult with your dealership if in doubt.

Q3. Can I install FuelX myself?

Ans. Yes, Yezdi FuelX can typically be installed at home with a few simple tools. There are detailed installation guides provided for easy installation. You can even have FuelX professionally installed by a mechanic in around 1 hour.

Q4. Is it okay to uninstall FuelX if I don’t need it?

Ans. Yes, Yezdi FuelX can be uninstalled whenever you like. Uninstalling is as easy as installing and will not impact your bike's performance. Seek guidance from a qualified mechanic if you are having issues with the bike.