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Get High-performance and Protection With 10W 40 Engine Oil

Engine oil is the most vital component of every engine that contributes to smooth operation, friction reduction, low noise & long life of components. At Carorbis, we offer premium quality 10W 40 engine oil from top brands such as Wurth & Rowe, names that are well-known in the automotive industry for high-quality products. These engine oils are compatible with a wide range of petrol and diesel cars, motorcycles, SUVs & commercial vehicles. In addition, Carorbis presents a user-friendly website with multiple search options & easy navigation to help you find the perfect 10W 40 engine oil. So, start shopping on Carorbis today, and give your car the care it deserves.

What is 10W 40 Engine Oil for Car?

Engine oil comes in many different types, grades & several specifications designed for a particular engine. 10W 40 engine oil refers to the viscosity grade specifications of the oil at various operating temperatures. 10W indicates its low-temperature viscosity (w is for winter) and 40 represents its high-temperature viscosity.

Here are some benefits of using 10w40 engine oil for petrol car and diesel vehicles:

  1. Good Cold Temperature Characteristics:

    10W 40 engine oil is suitable for cold starts with good low-temperature flow properties. Since the oil can flow easily during start-up, it provides quick and adequate lubrication.
  2. Fuel Efficiency:

    With proper viscosity at operating temperature, 10W 40 engine oil leads to better fuel economy and higher overall engine performance.
  3. Compatibility:

    You can use 10w40 engine oil for diesel car and petrol vehicles. It is also suitable for older engines. 10W 40 motorcycle engine oil is also used in all types of bikes and scooters.
  4. Consistent Performance:

    10W-40 oil has a good balance between flow and viscosity characteristics for reliable driving in all conditions.
  5. Reduced Friction:

    The oil properties contribute to better lubrication with minimum friction between moving engine parts thereby reducing wear and tear.
  6. RSludge Prevention:

    The engine oil is well suited to cleaning deposits due to burnt oil and combustion carbon byproducts.

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Step-by-Step Guide for Changing Your Engine Oil

Changing your engine oil as per the manufacturer’s recommendation is essential for proper vehicle maintenance, high performance and long engine life. This easy guide to changing your engine oil will walk you through the process to keep your engine running smoothly.


New 10W 40 engine oil for petrol engine or diesel engine

  1. Oil Filter
  2. Oil Filter Gasket
  3. Oil Drain Pan
  4. Socket Wrench
  5. Funnel
  • Park your vehicle on level ground and pull the handbrake / secure the wheels with jack stands
  • Run the engine for a few minutes till it gets warm. This makes the engine oil easy to drain.
  • Use a jack to lift the front of your car so that you can access the undercarriage.
  • Locate the engine oil drain plug & oil filter.
  • Place the oil drain pan beneath the vehicle and unscrew the drain plug using an appropriate-size wrench.
  • Let the old oil drain into the pan. Uninstall the old oil filter after all the oil has been drained.
  • Apply a thin layer of oil onto the new oil gasket for the new oil filter. Install a new oil filter.
  • Replace the oil drain plug and tighten it till it is well seated.
  • Pour the new engine oil with the help of a funnel from above the engine. Check that you use the right quantity of oil as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Replace the oil filler cap of the engine.
  • Start the engine and let it idle for 2 minutes. Turn the engine off and check the oil level using the dipstick. Top up engine oil as necessary.
  • Make a note of the kilometre reading to schedule the next oil change as recommended in your service manual.
  • Lower the engine off the jack and take a small test drive to ensure the engine is operating normally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. what does 10W 40 mean in engine oil?

Ans. 10W 40 represents the viscosity of the engine oil, or how thick it is at different temperatures. 10W stands for its low-temperature viscosity (W = Winter) and 40 represents its viscosity at high temperatures or under normal engine operating conditions.

Q2. What is 10W40 oil used for?

Ans. 10W40 engine oil is used in moderate climates or cold weather. It has good low-temperature characteristics.

Q3. How many kilometers can you run 10W-40 engine oil?

Ans. Engine oil should be changed at least every 10,000 km for optimum performance and superior protection.

Q4. Is 10W-40 good for petrol car?

Ans. Yes, 10W-40 can be used in petrol engines. However, check manufacturer recommendations and specifications of engine oil type before using it in your car.

Q5. Is 10W-40 oil only for diesel engines?

Ans. 10W-40 designates the viscosity grade of engine oil and does not indicate if it can be used only for diesel engines. However, many modern engine oils are compatible with both petrol and diesel engines.

Q6. Is 10W40 good for high mileage?

Ans. 10W40 engine oil is good for high mileage and fuel economy because it has good lubrication at low and high temperatures.

Q7. What temperature is 10W40 good for?

Ans. The exact temperature range can vary, but generally, 10W40 engine oil is good for cold starts and for operation in moderate weather.

Q8. Is 10W40 good for summer?

Ans. 10W40 engine oil is suitable for use during the summer as it performs well in warm conditions.

Q9. How long does 10W40 oil last?

Ans. Engine oil should generally be replaced after an interval of 7,500 – 10,000 km for optimum engine performance and protection.

Q10. What vehicles use 10W40?

Ans. 10W40 engine oil is suitable for a wide range of cars, bikes, light trucks that use petrol or diesel engines.

Q11. Is 10W40 fully synthetic?

Ans. 10W40 refers to the viscosity grade or thickness of the engine oil. Check the product to determine if it is fully synthetic or mineral oil-based.

Q12. Is 10w40 oil for petrol or diesel?

Ans. It can be used in both petrol and diesel engines. However, check the product description for compatibility.

Q13. Can you use 10w40 diesel oil in a gas engine?

Ans. 10W40 engine oil is compatible with both diesel and gasoline engines.

Q14. Can you use 10w 40 engine oil for bike?

Ans. Yes, 10W 40 engine oil is compatible with all two-wheelers, bikes and scooters