Top 10 Car Perfumes In India For Men

A cool-smelling car perfume can change the whole driving experience and personalise the interior. For men, it’s more important that their cars have a masculine fragrance, of course, because their cars are like their own private space and for some even a second home. Not to mention passengers should be impressed by the car ambience. But it’s not always easy to find the perfect fragrance or car air freshener that suits a guy. That’s why we have compiled this list of the top 10 car perfumes in India for men with price, so you can discover calming and relaxing air fresheners for your car. Read on and turn your daily commute into an exciting experience

Check Out These Top 10 Car Perfumes in India for Men With Price

If you are in the market for a masculine car fragrance, then you are at the right place. This list will give you the best manly car perfumes along with their prices so that you can keep your car smelling great and refreshed on the road.

1. Everfresh – Royal Musk Fragrance Hanging Car Air Freshener

Everfresh Little Bottle - Royal Musk Hanging Air Fresheners - EVL-RM

This car air freshener is perfect for those who like the strong scent of Royal Musk, which provides a touch of sophistication to the interior. Everfresh is a brand that crafts its products with precision and attention to detail and is tailored for the modern man who needs a lasting refreshing aroma surrounding the cabin.

Price: ₹339.00


  • Made from natural essential oils which are completely safe. No toxic chemicals so you can be sure it’s gentle on you and the environment. The perfume is made from sustainable materials that are biodegradable.
  • The perfume is long lasting – up to 30 days thanks to the wooden lid and cord which wicks a small amount of fragrance into the air for an extended time.
  • Versatile use in cars, homes and offices. It comes with a handy hanging cord to attach on the rear-view mirror, which adds a stylish aesthetic to your interior.


  • As the air freshener is designed to be non-irritating, the scent could be a little subdued for those who prefer stronger perfumes in their car.

2. Michelin Ac Vent Air Freshener With Lemon Fragrance


This has a refreshing lemon fragrance from an Ac vent perfume. Men will feel like they just stepped out of the shower and into the car. It’s really an uplifting experience. The burst of invigorating citrus notes is a great way to uplift the driving mood, especially in heavy traffic or on a long road trip. Michelin is known to make high-quality automotive accessories and this air freshener is no different.

Price: ₹375.00


  • The lively lemon fragrance creates a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin for the modern man. It easily revitalises your mood and can be a stress buster as citrus fragrances have a therapeutic effect on the mind.
  • Fits perfectly in the AC vent on all vehicles. Comes with a durable plastic clip that will secure the air freshener even on a bumpy ride.
  • The air freshener comes in the iconic Michelin Man figure that inspires guys who have seen this mascot in racing venues and motorsports events.
  • Easy installation – just needs a click on the air vent and you’re ready to go.


  • Unfortunately, this air freshener can only be placed on the AC vent. It is not compatible with the dashboard or centre console.

3. Involve Can Air Freshener With Masculine Fragrance

Strong Masculine Car Fragrance - IONE01

This is your ticket to an invigorating and strong masculine fragrance for your car. It has the perfect balance between refreshing and striking, but at the same time, it is not overpowering. Fits conveniently on the dashboard and can be placed in the centre console with double-sided tape to secure it. The best part is the hints of musk, woody notes and spicy aromas that have been designed to bring harmony to the surroundings. Involve creates premium car fragrances that remind you of more expensive French perfumes from designer brands. Priced at Rs.335, it’s the affordable alternative to much costlier options.

Price: ₹335.00


  • Long-lasting Musk fragrance can refresh your interiors for up to 60 days with a pleasant experience.
  • Deep aromas stir the soul and offer a captivating ambience. You won’t want to leave the car.
  • Spill Proof Design: It’s a mess-free accessory that’s convenient to use while driving. No fear of leaks and spills on your interior.
  • Made in India product showcases high-quality and excellence in materials used.


  • Dashboard mounting: The can is best placed on the dashboard and may not be suitable for other areas of the car cabin.
  • Marketed as a masculine fragrance, girl drivers may not be impressed by it. Having said that, you may receive a few compliments from women who are attracted to these perfumes.

4. Wurth Fresh Scent


Attention gentlemen! If you care about hygiene and are not too particular about a premium fragrance, then Wurth Quick Fresh air fresheners are your pick. It’s not so much the scent that guys will like, instead, it’s the anti-bacterial and odour-fighting properties of this product.  It has a clean feeling scent that masks smells like cigarette smoke, pollution and vehicle fumes. A great thing to have in today’s urban jungle of crowded traffic. The product comes in a convenient spray can that you can use in the AC vents or to freshen up the cabin atmosphere. You can even use it in your home or office as it has a neutral fragrance. Suitable for men who prefer subtle scents.

Price: ₹1,100.00


  • Has disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties that can fight germs and viruses while it freshens the air. Eliminates 99.9% of microorganisms.
  • Convenient spray can is easy to use and versatile for several applications. Can also be carried in a backpack or stored in the glove compartment/centre console
  • Effectively neutralises odours without an overpowering fragrance. Good for masking cigarette smoke and food odours in the car.
  • Environmentally friendly with nontoxic chemicals.


  • The 150 ml can may not be sufficient for long use. Also, it is used only when required and does not offer 24/7 protection from odours
  • It has a neutral scent which may go unnoticed at times. Maybe not good if you are aiming at improving the interior ambience with exotic fragrances such as lemon or musk.

5. Everfresh Leather Scent Can Air Freshener

Everfresh Organic Can Leather Air Freshener - EVO-LTHR

Who loves the smell of leather? Ask any guy and they’ll tell you leather has a luxurious fragrance that transforms the car into a haven of sophistication. This classical masculine car perfume from Everfresh is a timeless classic and is sure to provide a refined driving experience. It’s a must-have for any man who needs a natural air-freshening solution with a pleasing aroma.

Price: ₹399.00


  • Premium leather perfume adds a touch of luxury to the cabin. Passengers will think you go with the full leather seat option.
  • Adjustable fragrance strength with the twist lid can personalise the level of scent you need in your car.
  • It’s a natural and organic air freshener with natural ingredients that are not going to harm the environment.
  • Comes in a durable aluminium can and can last up to two months, offering pleasing aromas for an extended period of time.


  • Designed for use in cars, it may not be the best option to use at home or in the office.

6.JellyBelly Bubble Gum Fragrance Hanging Air Freshener

Jelly Belly Bubble Gum Air Freshener

Sweet-smelling bubble-gum car perfume from JellyBelly is sure to appeal to the young at heart, and for guys who love the smell of candy in the morning! It turns your drive into a fruity sensational journey, one that keeps you relaxed and calm even in the most chaotic traffic situations. The long burst of bubble-gum freshness is the perfect companion for kids, but be warned, they may start nagging you to buy them some sweet treats after a while.

Price: ₹250.00


  • Unique bubble-gum mixed fruit fresh scent that makes your drives delightful.
  • Comes in a convenient hanging accessory that you can attach to your rear-view mirror
  • Eliminates unwanted odours in a jiffy and leaves a pleasant smell
  • A nice alternative to strong musky and woody men’s car perfumes that you find at stores
  • Convenient to use, no need to spray, just place on the rear-view mirror and the scent lasts for over a month.


  • Could be challenging to use this car perfume in a home setting as it needs to be hung.
  • The bumble-gum fragrance may not appeal to older men. Aimed more at the young at heart.

7. Blang Sky Breeze Scent Liquid Car Perfume

Blang Liquid RG Sky Breeze

Guys love the great outdoors. So, it’s natural they are gonna enjoy this Sky Breeze liquid car perfume from Blang by Carmate. It’s your passport to the open air while seated in the confines of your car. The crisp, refreshing scent is reminiscent of a marina or beach. Ideal to impress anyone who likes the sun and sand, but enjoys driving as well.

Price: ₹1,754.00


  • Sporty car perfume that comes in a luxury bottle. Looks amazing when placed on your dashboard. You can even use it on your desk at home.
  • The marine floral scent lasts for up to 40 days. Great value for money considering it costs only Rs. 1,754.
  • Relaxing fragrance keeps your mood uplifted throughout the drive


  • Nothing really! It’s a great product that you can add to your car accessory shopping list. A little bit expensive when you compare it to other car perfumes, but it’s premium car perfume that’s worth it.

8. Michelin Jet Black Fragrance Car Perfume

Michelin Organic Can

Michelin is best known for their premium and sporty car tyres. This air freshener comes in a sporty tyre design that fills your interior with a refreshing jet-black fragrance. A nice addition to any car or SUV that needs a refreshing perfume and that tyre design looks quite nice sitting on your dashboard.

Price: ₹375.00


  • Pilot sport tyre design will appeal to car enthusiasts and motorsport fans who are familiar with this brand’s association with high-performance cars
  • Has an adjustable fragrance control so that you get the right level of perfume in your cabin.
  • Completely organic ingredients that have a sustainable and environmental consideration


  • Might not be the best look for a luxury car, but it’s fine for a daily driver with a sporty appeal

9. Involve Rainforest Sandalwood Woody Scent

Involve Rainforest Sandalwood Scent Car Perfume - Woody Fine Fragrance Air Freshener Spray - IRF05

Gives your car a natural woody fragrance, a stand-out choice for the adventurous guy. Involve creates premium fragrances with an affordable price tag. Involve Rainforest Sandalwood car perfume price starts from Rs. 359, and is an essential car add-on to leave it feeling fresh and clean.

Price: ₹359.10


  • Premium woody scent for men who love that rainforest smell.
  • It’s a nice gift idea for guys who just bought a new car and need that extra luxury car perfume accessory to complete the package.
  • Made from high-quality materials and natural ingredients, it is safe and sustainable.
  • Long-lasting fragrance lasts for 90 days with over 200+ sprays
  • Comes in a stylish package and looks good in the car


  • Some would prefer the can or hanging variety of car perfumes over this spray applicator.

10. Michelin Odour Eliminator Fresh Scent

Michelin Pro series Odor Eliminator

Experience a breath of fresh air with Michelin Pro Series car perfume. It gets rid of odours at the source and leaves your car with a refreshing and pleasing aroma. An essential addition to any car that’s in need of an interior overhaul.

Price: ₹1,300.00


  • Breaks down odour molecules effectively and can target smoke, pollution and any other unpleasant odours.
  • Easy to use spray bottle makes refreshing your car interiors a hassle-free task


  • Although the 500 ml bottle is economical for long use, it’s not the most compact product. Could be a handful to store in your bag.


So, now you know which are the best car perfumes in India for men with price, so that your next shopping list is going to get less confusing. From woody scents to musky fragrances and odour-eliminating car perfumes, this list of top car perfumes for guys is sure to help you find the perfect one for your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Kind of Car Perfumes Do Men Like?

Ans. Men prefer woody, musky, earthy and natural fragrances that compliment their personalities. Choose one of these aromas for a sporty driving experience that is sure to refresh and uplift the cabin mood.

Q2. What is the Price of Car Perfumes for Men?

Ans. Prices start from Rs.250 for the Jelly Belly range of car perfumes. These car perfumes have refreshing fragrances that appeal to guys.

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