Interceptor 650 Vs Dominar 400

Welcome to the heavyweight cruiser battle of 2023, Interceptor 650 Vs Dominar 400 where classic charm meets modern muscle. In the left corner, we have the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, the undisputed king of retro elegance. It has proved that India can indeed produce a high-performance twin-cylinder motorcycle on par with any international cruiser. And in the right corner, making waves with a perfect blend of street smarts and touring prowess, the Bajaj Dominar 400 borrows heavily from the tried and trusted KTM Duke 390 DNA. Buckle up, gearheads, as we take a closer look at these two brilliant bikes, the Interceptor 650 vs Dominar 400, the ultimate power cruiser showdown.

Interceptor 650 Vs Dominar 400 – Raw Engine Power Unleashed

Let’s look at Dominar 400 vs Interceptor 650 in terms of their engine, transmission, ride and handling.

Roaring to life with a 648cc air/oil cooled parallel twin engine, the Interceptor 650 pumps out 47 bhp @7,150 rpm and torque of 52 Nm @ 5,250 rpm. Classic meets contemporary with a parallel-twin engine that’s as smooth as it is powerful. It has a lot of low-end power that can keep you going even at low rpms. There’s also an assist and slipper clutch that makes gearshifts hassle-free and seamless. Gear shifts are almost intuitive and a far cry from the clunky gearboxes of the Bullet’s yesteryear. This engine has been a big game changer for Royal Enfield and has thrust the RE name into the international market as a brand to contend with. The ride and handling are superb and when the bike gets going, you hardly feel the weight. The rear suspension could have been on the firmer side for quicker response while shifting weight, but it’s fully adjustable and you can change it to suit individual preferences. Rest assured, it can handle extra weight if you need to install panniers or saddlebags for touring. 

For those who need to improve their Interceptor 650 performance and mileage, there’s an excellent upgrade in the form of a plug-and-play device called FuelX Pro and FuelX Lite. It provides better rideability and auto-adapts to varying weather and road conditions.

Get familiar with your bike engine parts for a better understanding of all this technical talk.

The Dominar 400 flexes its muscles with a 375 cc DOHC heart, cranking out 39.42 bhp and 35 Nm of torque. A liquid-cooled powerhouse with a single-cylinder setup that’s built for the open road, with updated engine vibration cancellation for improved touring comfort. Dominar 400 engine oil capacity is around 1500 ml to provide enough lubrication and cooling to this powerplant. It can unleash raw power when needed or cruise at a steady 60 all day long without any complaints. There’s plenty of mid-range and power in reserve for when you want to unleash the throttle, perfect to pull out of corners with confidence. This power keeps steady even till 120 kmp/h and urges you on with a redline at 9,500 rpm. Dominar 400 mileage is approximately around 20 -23 kmpl under ideal riding conditions, but these numbers can vary greatly depending on riding style and conditions. Riders can install an amazing product called FuelX Pro on their Dominar for better mileage as well as improved performance with 10 custom riding modes. FuelX Lite is also available for the Dominar 400 as a more affordable performance upgrade and comes with a single, fixed riding mode (with all the other same features as FuelX Pro). The free-revving engine is ready to go at any time and will never leave you wanting more punch. Front suspension is a USD fork setup which provides excellent comfort and handling through the twisties. The rear monoshock is soft, yet it can absorb bumps without losing any composure. Dominar 400 fuel tank capacity stands at 14 litre which is more than ample for a 350 km run on full tank. Although the engine isn’t the most frugal on the market, there are many ways to increase your bike fuel economy.


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Dominar vs Interceptor: Designs that Turn Heads

The 2023 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 still carries over the retro chrome and classic lines that made it a timeless beauty when it was released a decade ago. It has the much-loved circular LED headlights with a new RE logo, sporty alloy wheels ( now equipped with tubeless tyres), and an unmistakable design that makes it a head-turner wherever it cruises. It embodies the rich design heritage of classic Royal Enfield with a modern twist, while still retaining the teardrop fuel tank and classic instrument cluster. Ergonomic placed foot pegs, low seat height and comfortable handlebars make riding the Interceptor 650 a real pleasure. Switchgear has been upgraded to be more durable and offer a more tactile feel. The upright riding position of the Interceptor 650 has been designed to appeal to a wide range of bikers, making long-distance riding less tiring and relatively easy compared to a hunched-over sports bike riding position. Biking enthusiasts can now upgrade their Interceptors with comfortable aftermarket seats, sporty front fairing, drag handlebars and handlebar risers, skid plate for added protection and auxiliary lights for nighttime driving.

These accessories serve to enhance the already capable package of the Royal Enfield and give the rider a chance to explore the open road with a little more comfort and convenience. Explore more genuine Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 accessories to take the bike to a whole new level.

Since the Dominar is not in the same motorcycle style as the Interceptor, a comparison of design between Dominar vs Interceptor would not be appropriate. In reality, the Dominar 400 is more inclined toward the sporty domain with a touch of aggression rocking a street bike aesthetic with a super bike pedigree. Premium side mirrors, a double-barrel exhaust, and two striking colour options give it an edge with a more youthful vibe that will appeal to new-generation riders. It has an aggressive riding position that almost invites the rider to push the bike to its limit. Dominar 400 seat height is approximately 800 mm with around 157 mm of ground clearance, so it is quite easy to straddle the machine and take off. The upside-down forks give the Dominar a look that says, ready to race, and it has the power to prove its point too. A special touch is the rear seat which has an embossed D logo which tells us that Bajaj is paying attention to the finer details of their products.

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Interceptor vs Dominar: Tech Talk

Retro charm meets modern tech with a twin-pod instrument cluster on the Interceptor 650. However, it misses out on some important features such as gear indicator, expected range and fuel consumption statistics which are quite common on bikes at this price point. The analogue cluster is a joy to look at and the large tachometer gives the rider a good idea of exactly how hard the engine is working (if that sweet thump was no indicator enough). Dual Channel ABS ensures safety on this big bike, which can be a handful in case it lacks electronic braking control. The Interceptor 650 gets a handy USB charger to charge your smart devices which is a thoughtful touch. Riders who need to get higher power, torque and better mileage from their Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 can install PowerTronic plug-n-play ECU on their bikes. It installs in 30 minutes and gives big improvements in performance and fuel economy.


Dominating the tech game, the Dominar features inverted front forks, a radial calliper, and a data-packed instrument console with a secondary display on the fuel tank. The side view mirrors have been redesigned and give the Dominar a sporty look reserved for higher-capacity bikes. Dual-channel ABS brakes are standard and do a great job of bringing the Dominar to a controlled stop. Next, the straps under the pillion seat for luggage make it a touring maestro, with engine, suspension and brakes capable enough to dominate any terrain. The highlight is the advanced engine which has borrowed heavily from the KTM Duke 390, so you can expect excellent performance and reliability from this powerplant. PowerTronic aftermarket upgrade is also available for the Dominar 400, providing improved throttle response, and smooth power delivery with enhanced fuel and ignition control.

Dominar 400 vs Interceptor 650 – Pocket-Friendly Power Package

Starting at ₹3,02,418, (average ex-showroom price) the Interceptor 650 is a classic cruiser that is considered great value for money with a stamp of success. It is the most affordable twin-cylinder motorcycle in India, and also a giant leap forward for the folks at Royal Enfield who have been offering the workhouse Bullet single-cylinder for all these years.

At ₹2,24,930 for the Dominar 400, (average ex-showroom price) Bajaj brings modern high-speed touring capabilities at a competitive price point. It also gives the average rider a taste of what more powerful machines can offer without the extra cylinders and higher price tag.

CategoryRoyal Enfield Interceptor 650 SpecificationsBajaj Dominar 400 Specifications 
Engine Displacement648 cc373.3 cc
Maximum Power47 bhp @ 7150 rpm39.42 bhp @ 8650 rpm
Maximum Torque52 Nm @ 5250 rpm35 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Cooling SystemAir/Oil CooledLiquid Cooled
Fuel SystemFuel InjectionFuel Injection
Transmission Type6 Speed Manual6 Speed Manual
Gear Shifting Pattern1 Down, 5 Up1 Down, 5 Up
Front Brake TypeDiscDisc
Rear Brake TypeDiscDisc
ABSDual ChannelDual Channel
Front Suspension TypeConventional ForksInverted Forks
Rear Suspension TypeTwin, Coil-over ShocksMono shock
Kerb Weight213 kg187 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity13.7 Liters13 Liters
Top Speed169 KmphN/A
0-60 kmphN/AN/A
Fuel Efficiency23 kmpl
Headlight TypeHalogen BulbFull LED
Instrument ClusterSemi-DigitalFull Digital
Turn SignalHalogen BulbLED
PriceInterceptor 650 price in India ₹ 3,02,418 (average ex-showroom price)
Interceptor 650 price on road approx. Rs. 3,49,123 for the standard variant (varies between cities) 
Dominar 400 price in India₹ 2,24,930 (average ex-showroom) Dominar 400 price on road approximately ₹ 2,77,945 for the Touring model (varies depending on city)

Interceptor 650 Pros and Cons

Let’s look at some of the likes and dislikes of this big cruiser from Royal Enfield


  • Torquey twin cylinder 650 cc refined engine really can keep pace with any other big bike in this category. The sound from those twin mufflers is also intoxicating and could bring back some nostalgia for those who loved the twin cylinder Yamaha RD 350 (although the RD 350 was a two-stroke and had its own cult following).
  • Riding position is spot on and can keep you cruising for miles without breaking a sweat. Closest you can get to a Harley Davidson without the premium price tag.


  • Instrument cluster could be improved with more digital info and features.
  • It’s a heavy bike and takes some time getting used to. Not a beginner’s bike for sure. More of an upgrade.
  • Ride quality could be better with better suspension and a more supple seat. But there are lots of aftermarket accessories to solve this.

Bajaj Dominar 400 Pros and Cons

Here are some of the likes and dislikes of the Dominar 400 sports cruiser


  • Complete with a host of modern features such as USD front forks, advanced and powerful liquid-cooled engine, double barrel sporty exhaust, front and rear disc brakes with dual channel ABS
  • Excellent performance, acceleration and top speed from the DOHC powerplant that just loves to rev. It sounds really good too and has a few tricks up its sleeve like high torque output with a slip and assist clutch. It’s not good for wheelies but great for smooth power delivery and easy gear shifts.
  • Costs less than the KTM Duke 390 but gets an almost identical engine. It makes it a good value for money considering Bajaj’s build quality is on par with any other high-performance bike in the market.


  • Riders will feel excessive vibrations at high RPMs, so it is best to cruise without stressing the motor. The bike has not been built to break any speed records, so a relaxed riding pace is well suited for the Dominar 400.


The arena is set, and the choice between the Interceptor 650 vs Dominar 400 is yours! The Interceptor 650 appeals to those who crave the romance of classic cruisers, while the Dominar 400 caters to the rider seeking a modern, versatile companion for the open road.

So, which side are you on? Interceptor vs Dominar – Do you prefer the Royal Enfield timeless cruiser classic or the Bajaj contemporary sports conqueror? Perhaps a test ride could help your decision but until then the cruiser revolution awaits!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Interceptor 650 Have Kick Start?

Ans. The Interceptor 650 does not come with a kick start, it only has an electric push button start powered by the battery. If the bike doesn’t turn on with the self-start, it is not a good idea to push start the bike as the Interceptor weighs more than 200 kg. It is best to keep the battery charged and well-maintained by starting the bike and letting it idle for at least 10 minutes every week.

Q2. Is Interceptor 650 Good for Daily Use?

Ans. The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is designed as a touring bike with solid build quality and a capable engine for long-distance riding. However, its riding ergonomics, performance and easy maintenance make it well-suited for daily use. It is also not a bother to ride in crowded traffic due to its good handling and decent mileage. The weight is only an issue while parking, but when you get up to speed, it feels very manoeuvrable and agile.

Q3. Is Dominar 400 Reliable?

Ans. The Bajaj Dominar 400 is considered a reliable bike and has received many positive reviews from long-term riding tests. The engine in particular is supposed to provide trustworthy performance with low maintenance. One thing is for sure, the Dominar will not let you down, and it has a reputation for being a reliable machine with trustworthy performance.

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