PowerTronic and FuelX

If you’ve ever felt your bike holding back and unable to keep up with varying road conditions and changing weather/altitude, then your bike needs a power upgrade. Most bikers go for expensive modifications to the engine to get a few horsepower more, but it usually takes its toll on essential components. Other riders add aftermarket parts but constantly struggle with excessive fuel consumption which ends up with more trips to the petrol station. The answer to these challenges is simple plug-and-play devices called PowerTronic ECU and FuelX. PowerTronic is a piggyback ECU that optimises fuel and ignition control for more horsepower, torque and better acceleration as well as higher top speed. FuelX is an electronic performance upgrade that automatically adjusts the air-fuel ratio to varying riding conditions for improved mileage and smooth engine operation that result in better rideability, reduced jerks and fewer downshifts.


What is PowerTronic ECU and How Does It Work?

PowerTronic is an advanced piggyback ECU manufactured by Race Dynamics. It works in conjunction with your bike’s stock ECU to optimise engine performance and provide improvements in power, torque, mileage, and throttle response with customised fuel and ignition mapping (tuned by Windows software on a laptop). PowerTronic is catered towards bike enthusiasts who want race-inspired power from their stock bikes with a plug-in device as an alternative to ECU flashing which can be a complicated procedure.

It automatically adjusts fuel delivery and ignition timing based on various signals it receives from the bike’s engine. PowerTronic can increase engine power and mileage with customised settings that suit the rider’s preference. Adjustments to PowerTronic can be made via laptop using Windows software that is provided with PowerTronic.

Let’s look at some of the key features and benefits of using PowerTronic on your motorcycle.


Your bike will feel powerful with more BHP and torque giving you a thrilling riding experience. PowerTronic automatically adjusts to riding conditions for enhanced throttle response, quick acceleration and instant reaction to rider input. The rev limit is also increased for higher top speed and versatile riding in each gear. Riders will also get a smoother riding experience.

Easy Installation:

PowerTronic has a simple plug-and-play installation that eliminates the need for skilled technicians or complicated procedures. In this way, PowerTronic provides a user-friendly experience for riders of all skill levels, even those not familiar with working on their bike.

Custom mapping:

With the help of downloadable Windows software, riders can fine-tune PowerTronic for optimum fuel delivery and ignition timing that provides more horsepower and torque without compromising fuel efficiency. More power is available from a wider rpm range giving a dynamic experience, high speeds and rapid acceleration.

Weather Resistance:

PowerTronic is heat and waterproof, making it extra durable in tough riding conditions that expose your bike to rain or high temperatures. It also performs consistently at high altitudes and compensates for changes in air-fuel ratios, providing the best performance. This prevents the engine from overheating leading to longer life of essential components.

Smooth Gear Shifting:

Imagine being able to move through the gears effortlessly for maximum acceleration. PowerTronic lets this happen by keeping an eye on throttle position and engine speed for the smoothest gear shifts. 

What is FuelX and How Does It Work?

FuelX is a plug-in electronic device that works as an engine optimiser. It plugs into the lambda/oxygen sensor on your bike’s exhaust system to automatically adjust the air-fuel ratio with varying riding conditions, altitudes, and bike modifications (such as air filters and exhaust) to provide high performance without compromising on fuel efficiency. Engines also run cooler with reduced jerks and stalls with FuelX. It is available in FuelX Pro (10 riding modes) and FuelX Lite (1 fixed riding mode).


In the FuelX Pro version, riders get 10 autotune riding modes for different conditions that will focus on economy, power or a combination of the two. There is also a handlebar switch that allows riders to switch between riding modes on the fly. FuelX Lite is similar, but it only comes with one fixed riding mode that gives the rider optimum performance in all conditions.

FuelX installs in 15 minutes as it is a plug-and-play device. It can also be easily removed in case the rider wishes to return the bike to stock condition without affecting the engine components in any way. Some of the other advantages of FuelX are cooler engine temperatures, reduced jerkiness, and smooth gear transitions with less need for downshifting for an overall nicer riding experience.

If you are wondering if FuelX will work on bikes with engine modifications, aftermarket exhaust systems and free-flow air filters, the answer is yes! FuelX can accommodate these addons for consistent performance that is tailored for each bike. In addition, FuelX is made from automotive-grade components so that it can ensure reliable performance and long life.

FuelX can be used along with PowerTronic ECU for maximum benefits in terms of power, torque, mileage and smooth engine operation. You can also use FuelX on its own as a budget performance and mileage upgrade.

How Do I Install PowerTronic ECU on my Bike?

Refer to this easy guide on installing PowerTronic piggyback ECU on your bike. In the box, you will find the PowerTronic ECU, wiring harness with connectors, stock coupler unit, USB connectors and tags to secure the wires.

Tools will need

  • Hexagonal Socket Wrench
  • Wire Cutter
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

Park the bike on level ground on the centre stand so that you have access all around the bike. Remove the seat for easy access to the bike’s electronics. You can remove the fuel tank, side panels, brackets and any other component that may come in the way such as fairing, etc. Now that the bike’s internals are exposed, you can get to work.

  1. Disconnect the battery terminals.
  2. Lay the wiring harness along the bike frame and secure it in place using the tags. Place the map switch underneath the seat so that it is in a convenient place for changing maps.
  3. Identify the stock connections for the fuel injector, crank position sensors, ignitions coil and throttle position sensor. Replace them with connections to the PowerTronic wiring harness.
  4. Now, PowerTronic wiring is connected to all these components: fuel injector, crank position sensor, ignition coil and throttle position sensor.
  5. Connect the PowerTronic ground terminal to the bike’s negative terminal. Connect the PowerTronic box to the wiring harness and secure it in a suitable place for protection against the elements. Verify all the connections using the stock coupler standby unit.
  6. Reattach all the components such as the fuel tank, side panels, fairing and seat. This completes the PowerTronic installation process.  
  7. Test the bike in a closed area to ensure it is safe for road use.

FuelX Installation Guide

You will find the following components with your FuelX box.

  • FuelX Module
  • Wiring Kit
  • Handlebar Switch (Comes with FuelX Pro Version)
  • Zip Ties
  • Decals and Stickers

The difference between FuelX Pro and FuelX Lite is that FuelX Pro comes with 10 customizable riding modes while FuelX lite offers a single map for air-fuel ratio adjustments.

The wiring harness contains connectors for the FuelX module, lambda connector (oxygen sensor) and the battery ground terminal.

  1. Remove the battery connections and take off the bike seat along with the side panels, fairings, etc.
  2. Locate the lambda sensor of the bike and connect the FuelX wiring connector to it. Route the wiring harness around the frame and secure it with the zip tags.
  3. Identify the ground terminal on the wiring harness and connect it to the negative terminal of the battery.
  4. Fix the handlebar switch on the bike’s handlebars and route the map switch harness to the rest of the wiring harness.
  5. Place the FuelX module in a secure place on the bike frame and connect it to the wiring harness and to the handlebar map switch harness.
  6. Secure the wiring with zip ties and reattach all panels.
  7. Start the bike and take a test ride in a closed circuit. If you have installed FuelX Pro, you can change riding modes on the fly with the handlebar switch. Red LED blinking indicates an active map. Green LED indicates synchronisation with the OEM ECU during engine idling.

This completes the installation procedure for FuelX.

Which Should I Install On My Bike, Powertronic Vs FuelX?

If you are looking for fine-tuned control over fuel delivery, and ignition timing with a focus on increasing rev range for a wider power band and smooth riding, then you should install PowerTronic ECU. For a more budget-friendly option, with a focus on power and mileage, you should consider FuelX which essentially controls the fuel-air ratio for optimum engine operation.

When it comes to Fuel x Pro vs PowerTronic, it depends on what you need. Consider your riding preferences, technical expertise and budget before you choose your power upgrade device. You can even use PowerTronic and FuelX together for maximum benefits. Here is a table outlining the main features of each.

FunctionalityPiggyback ECUElectronic Fuel Injection Optimiser
CompatibilityVarious bike modelsVarious bike models
InstallationMay require professional helpUser-friendly plug-n-play installation
AdjustabilityOptimises fuel delivery and ignition mappingAdapts air-fuel ratios for various riding conditions
CustomisationUsing Windows Software via laptopFuelX Pro: 10 Riding Modes,
FuelX Lite: 1 Fixed Setting
Engine ResponseIncreases throttle responseReduces jerks and stalls
Rev limit extenderYesNo
Ease of UseMay require professional assistance for tuningNo advanced skills required
AdaptabilityCustom for each bike modelAdapts to riding style/environment
Installation Time45 minutes15 minutes
Additional FeaturesCompatible with quick shifter device for fast gear changesHandlebar switch and LED status in FuelX Pro version
PriceHigher than FuelXMore affordable


Unlocking the full potential of your bike is never easy and could be costly if you consider engine modifications. But with PowerTronic and FuelX, you can enhance power, mileage and riding experience with a plug-and-play device that is quite affordable.

PowerTronic is the choice for you if you are looking to remap your bike’s fuel and ignition system for maximum power, high torque and smooth engine operation. With the rev extender and direct connection to your stock ECU, PowerTronic is able to increase BHP by about 10% without affecting mileage.

On the other hand, FuelX Pro and FuelX Lite are simple devices that automatically adjust the air-fuel ratio for changes in riding conditions and altitude. It provides seamless power enhancement with fewer jerks and stalls. An affordable alternative to PowerTronic piggyback ECU.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Use of PowerTRONIC?

Ans. PowerTronic is used to increase bike performance and mileage by optimising fuel delivery and ignition timing. Riders will get better engine response, instant acceleration, and smooth gear shifts along with a wider power band and extended rev limit. 

Q2. Does PowerTronic Increase Power?

Ans. PowerTRONIC ECU increases the power, acceleration and top speed of your bike for a more thrilling riding experience. Overtaking, climbing steep slopes and highway riding are much easier when you have PowerTronic installed on your bike because of the extra power available.

Q3. Does PowerTronic Increase Speed?

Ans. Although top speed may not increase with the use of PowerTronic, acceleration and engine response are dramatically improved with the use of this plug-and-play ECU.

Q4. What is the Work of PowerTronic?

Ans. PowerTronic is a piggyback ECU which means it works in combination with the stock ECU to give the rider a smooth and powerful riding experience. It takes signals from the engine rpm, throttle position, fuel injectors and ignition system to provide optimised power and mileage. 

Q5. Is PowerTronic ECU Good?

Ans. Many riders have given positive reviews about PowerTronic stating that their bike feels more powerful with better mileage figures. PowerTronic is available for a wide range of motorcycle models and can be installed either at home or by a professional in as little as 45 minutes. PowerTronic prices online start from Rs.18,500 and vary depending on the specific model. 

Q6. Does PowerTronic Increase BHP?

Ans. PowerTRONIC increases BHP and torque by approximately 10-15% depending on engine condition and riding conditions. You will also have quick throttle response and fast acceleration through the gears. 

Q7. Does ECU Tuning Increase Mileage?

Ans. PowerTronic optimises fuel delivery and ignition timing to give you better mileage. Riders get the power they need without wasting excess fuel.

Q8. Does ECU affect RPM?

Ans. ECU controls the engine rpm electronically. A piggyback ECU such as PowerTronic is able to extend the rev limit so that you can develop more horsepower and torque at higher RPMs without compromising on fuel efficiency.

Q9. What Are the Advantages of Powertronic ECU?

Ans. The key advantages of PowerTronic ECU for your bike include a high performance with increased BHP and torque, improvements in fuel economy and mileage, smooth engine operation, cooler engine temperature, plug-and-play installation, custom riding modes that can be tuned, weather resistance, easy gear shifting, extended rev limit, longer engine life and better riding experience. 

Q10. What is the Use of FuelX Pro?

Ans. FuelX Pro automatically adjust the air-fuel mixture during riding to give you the best performance and maximum mileage. It provides optimum fuel delivery depending on altitude, engine speed, aftermarket modifications and riding style so that you get smooth engine operation with fewer jerks and stalls. FuelX Pro comes with 10 riding modes that can be shifted on the fly via a handlebar switch.

Q11. Does FuelX Pro Increase Mileage?

Ans. You will get around a 15% improvement in mileage after installing FuelX Pro. It learns your riding style and automatically adjusts the air-fuel mixture for high fuel economy.

Q12. How FuelX Works?

Ans. FuelX is an electronic device that is installed on the lambda/oxygen sensor. It sends signals to the fuel injectors to deliver the right amount of fuel based on riding conditions, weather and altitude. The result is high performance and improvements in mileage.

Q13. Is FuelX worth it?

Ans. FuelX has received a number of positive reviews from biking enthusiasts, mechanics and daily riders for its improvements in mileage and optimised performance in varying riding conditions. You can expect a smooth ride with less downshifting and reduced jerks.

Q14. What is the Difference Between FuelX and Booster Plug?

Ans. A booster plug overrides the engine temperature sensor to provide more fuel for extra power. FuelX takes into account a number of engine parameters, talking directly to the ECU to deliver optimised fuel for high mileage and power.

Q15. Is FuelX lite Worth It?

Ans. FuelX Lite is the more affordable version of FuelX Pro. Both variants provide improvements in mileage and power. The only difference is that FuelX Lite has a single riding mode while FuelX Pro has 10 riding modes that can be changed via a handlebar switch.

Q16. Which bikes Does PowerTronic Work With?

Ans. PowerTronic is compatible with various bike models from manufacturers such as KTM, Husqvarna, Royal Enfield, Yamaha, Hero, Bajaj, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Benelli, Beta and Fantic.

Q17. FuelX is Compatible With Which Bikes?

Ans. You can use FuelX Pro and FuelX Lite with bike models made by Aprilia, Bajaj, BMW, Husqvarna, Jawa, KTM, Mahindra, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, SWM, Yamaha, Yezdi and Hero.

Q18. Does Using PowerTronic or FuelX Void My Warranty?

Ans. Since these are plug-and-play devices, they do not replace any stock components and are therefore safe for engine use. Use of these power upgrades on your bike will not void the manufacturer’s warranty. Some riders simply unplug these devices before a service at the official dealership that offers the warranty to avoid any complications.

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