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Bikes have always been exhilarating machines to ride; some seriously quick. But when we talk about electric bikes, speed is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. When we think electric, the inclination is more towards sustainability, ease of use, zero pollution and silent rides. However, some of the fastest electric bikes can hit speeds of 350 km/h. This is nearly superbike territory and it is hard to believe this kind of speed can be achieved with an electric motor.

Fastest electric bikes in the world

Undoubtedly, electric bikes will rule our roads in the near future, but until then let’s look at the fastest electric bikes in the world. These are some of the most advanced and high-performance electric motorcycles available today.

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Voxan Wattman

The Voxan Wattman has been specifically designed to be the fastest electric bike in the world. It has an aerodynamic body that seems to cut through the air to produce the least possible drag.

The motorcycle is made in Monaco and is powered by a Mercedes 435 bhp (320 kW) electric motor borrowed from the Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E World Championship Team, that can spin to a mind-boggling rpm of 10,500 rpm. The battery pack is an 829-volt, 5 kWh lithium-ion unit that receives liquid cooling using a water/dry ice heat exchanger.

Being an electric motor, it produces its maximum torque of 200 Nm from a standstill allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. This is no ordinary electric motorcycle. It can easily keep up with, and even perhaps outrun a comparable superbike running on a conventional petrol engine.

The aluminium exoskeleton was built around the battery pack rather than the other way around, and it doesn’t have a conventional chassis. The frame contains all the powertrain components so that an aerodynamic panel can fit around the motorbike.

This machine uses state-of-the-art technology that takes the motorcycle to the number 1 position as the fastest electric bike in the world. The maximum speed attained on the Voxan Wattman is a mind-bending 455 km/h, piloted by MotoGP champion Max Biaggi, breaking 21 world speed records in its class of electric motorcycles weighing less than 300 kg.

Specifications of the bike include a length of 2700mm, seat height of 685 mm, wheelbase of 1957 mm and weight of 296 kg. The front and rear suspension is a dual swingarm with a central shock absorber, but the front has an offset handlebar with link rods. The Wattman uses Michelin Power RS+ tyres (Front -120/70 R17 & Rear -190/55 R17). The rear brake is a 305 mm 4-piston calliper disc.

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Lightning LS-218

Another speed demon, the Lightning LS-218 was built to race and is the fastest production electric motorcycle in the world. The top speed on the lightning is a phenomenal 346 km/h and the bike is road legal. 0 km/h to 100 km/h is achieved in just 2.2 seconds. Before the Voxan Wattman came along, it held the title of the fastest electric bike in the world. Its mission is to turn the superbike world upside down with electric power.

There are three battery packs available, all are 380 volts and have a maximum range of 289 km on a single charge. The superbike electric motor is a liquid-cooled, 150 kWh, 10,500 rpm unit that produces 200 bhp and 168 ft-lbs of torque. Charging time is 30 mins on a fast charger and 120 minutes on a standard plug. It weighs just 224 kg with programmable regenerative braking and RaceTech suspension that is fully adjustable.

The Lightning Superbike is home on the race track as well as your city roads. It holds several world land speed records as the fastest production electric motorcycle. The Lightning is a fantastic superbike and comes at an unbelievable price of Rs.28.38 – 32.22 lakh.

Riders say that full throttle cannot be applied from a standstill because it will just spin and smoke the tyres. The electric motor is completely liquid-cooled and has been designed to stay cool even in the most extreme performance and riding situations. The Lightning hyperbike can outrun even the fastest petrol-powered motorcycles thanks to its powerful electric motor that offers instantaneous torque.

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Damon Hypersport Pro

The Damon Hypersport Pro is another high speed fastest electric bike that can take on the likes of gasoline or electric superbikes with a top speed of 321 km/h. It has a range of around 350 km (highway and urban), combining high-speed riding without any range anxiety. The battery powering the Damon Hypersport Pro is a 20-kWh unit that can be charged in 3 hours (it can also be used to power a house using vehicle-to-home connectivity). 

Performance is staggering with a 0-90 km/h time of under 3 seconds from its permanent magnet alternating current electric motor with a peak power output of 160 kW.

The electric motor produces a maximum power output of 200 bhp and comes with advanced safety features such as CoPilot (a 360-degree awareness safety system). It is available in two variants known as Hypersport and Limited-Edition Premiere, and there are 25 Founder’s Edition bikes that are the first to step off the production line.

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High-performance components are used on the Damon Hypersport including Brembo brakes and special Ohlins suspension making it seem this bike has been lifted straight off the race track. The Superbike has been equipped with the latest electric technology and has won awards for its innovation.

The CoPilot 360-degree awareness safety feature is a predictive analysis of the environment around the rider that keeps obstacles in focus. It consists of a series of sensors that can keep the rider informed about moving objects that are not in direct line of sight. The information is fed to the rider with LED warning lights on the windscreen and via haptic feedback through the handlebars. The system also makes use of high-definition cameras and radar using Artificial Intelligence to scan the road. This bike could well be the forerunner of advanced safety technology used on motorcycles making the roads safer to ride on.

Some other innovative features of the Damon Hypersport are fully adjustable handlebars and foot pegs which allow the rider to shift between sports riding positions and city riding ergonomics. The body frame is a monocoque construction with the all-electric powertrain acting as a structural member and load-bearing component. The result is balanced weight distribution and advanced handling that will allow the hyperbike to perform to its maximum capabilities on road and through a racetrack.

The Damon Hypersport can be considered to be the most technology-packed and smart-connected electric motorcycle on sale today. It has extensive 4G internet connectivity, 2 high-definition cameras and sensors that relay information to the company headquarters for analysis and fine-tuning their software in terms of collision detection, awareness and driver information. All this comes at a price and although the bike is not sold in India, it retails between 1.5 Crore to 3 Crore in the United States.

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Zero SR/F

The Zero brand of motorbikes is one of the most innovative and powerful connected electric bikes to hit the roads. Although it is not sold in India, prices for this superbike translate to Rs.16.80 lakh. The bike aims to take on some of its petrol counterparts and could easily outshine them in terms of technology, performance, handling and advanced features.

Zero SR/F is one of the finer electric bikes today due to its long range and high top speed. It is capable of a top speed of 200 km/h with an acceleration time from 0 -90 km/h in 3.5 seconds. It gets a ZForce 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery that gives the SR/F a maximum range of 365 km and the battery has a specially designed aluminium heat sink and heat exchange interface that keeps the cells cool even during intense performance.

The electric motor of the SR/F is a 110 bhp / 140 ft-lbs unit that is constructed using a permanent magnet brushless architecture which is air-cooled to provide maximum performance and efficiency. The smart electric bike is equipped with an advanced operating system with cloud compatibility that can download data for performance upgrades. It uses patented technology from Bosch for the electronic stability control that allows the motorcycle to adapt to different riding conditions, road terrain and driver inputs. Power is effortlessly dispensed while providing superior control and navigation.

The suspension is fully adjustable with an upside-down fork at the front and a mono-shock at the rear. Tyres are Pirelli Diablo Rosso III provide the Zero SR/F with excellent handling characteristics for the road and track. The instrument cluster features a next-generation application that relays a host of rider information to keep the pilot well aware of powertrain status, navigation, performance statistics and other critical information.

The steel trellis frame is incredibly light and features a custom swingarm to deliver unmatched riding dynamics, making the bike athletic and the riding experience intuitive and sporty. The electric motor and powertrain are perfectly distributed lend a balanced and optimised weight distribution enhancing the exhilarating riding characteristics.

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Fastest electric bike in India

There have been huge innovations in electric powertrains for e-bikes and e-scooters, to provide zero noise/pollution and smooth riding. There is also another category of electric bikes that have so far been on the sidelines in India, and that is high-performance, fast electric bikes.

This is all set to change with the Ultraviolette F77 – the fastest electric bike in India. Ultraviolette is a Bangalore-based company that has unveiled the F77 in three variants, the F77 Lightning, F77 Shadow and F77 Laser.

The top speed for the F77 is 147 km/h and it comes with a futuristic, sporty design, unlike anything we have seen in this country. The electric motor is rated at 27 kW with a peak torque figure of 90 Nm, which is easily the most powerful electric motorcycle to be released in India. The range is rated at 150 km while there are bigger battery packs on offer for extended riding range. Batteries are removable and can be charged in 5 hours using a standard power outlet. There is also a fast charger feature that can charge the battery to 80% in just under 1 hour. Currently, there are no comparable electric bikes to the Ultraviolette F77 in the Indian market.

The Ultraviolette F77 is most comparable to 300-cc petrol-powered motorcycles with acceleration times from 0 – 60 km/h in 3 seconds. The electric bike gets disc brakes on the front and rear to bring it to an assured stop from high speed. It gets a fully digital, Bluetooth-enabled instrument cluster that provides basic information to the rider, controlled by switches on the handlebar.

Prices for the Ultraviolette F77 are expected to start from Rs.3 lakh (average ex-showroom price) which puts in the reach of buyers looking for an affordable and sustainable mode of transport, with that extra bit of speed.


Electric bikes are gaining popularity around the world and in India due to their sustainable power sources, silent riding conditions and advanced technology. Electric bike manufacturers in India include TVS, Ather, Ola and Okinawa. Although most of these are commuter scooters that focus on slow-speed city driving, it is a step in the right direction, and we can expect to see these manufacturers produce higher-end, performance-oriented motorcycles.

We have seen from this list of the fastest electric bikes that there is serious potential for high-performance from an electric motor. Modern electric superbikes are extremely fast and are capable of competing with their petrol-powered hypersport siblings, and in many cases could leave them in the dust. The only limiting factor for electric bikes is their range which can be improved with advances in battery and charging technology. It is just a matter of time before the fastest electric bikes become mainstream modes of transport.

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