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Gear Up for an Adventure – The Essential Car Camping Accessories List for the Great Outdoors

If you are planning a car camping trip, it is crucial to have the right gear to make your outdoor adventures comfortable, relaxing and hassle-free. Having the ultimate car camping accessories list will make the difference between a memorable camping trip and one you would try to avoid next time. Car camping provides the opportunity to bring along a wide range of car camping accessories such as tents, sleeping bags, clothing and footwear, gas stoves, portable furniture, camping utensils and basic tools/equipment.

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The Essential Car Camping Accessories List

Car camping can be a fun and adventurous way to explore the great outdoors. It is important to have the right car camping accessories so that you can make the most of your trips. Here is a detailed look at car camping accessories, gear and equipment you should not miss out on.

Car Covers

Camping outside with your car means that it is exposed to weather elements for the duration of your camping trip. It is likely that your vehicle will get covered with dust and dirt, with harsh sunlight shining upon the car's body. You need a good car cover to protect your vehicle from rain, UV rays and debris. Plus, your belongings will remain safe from the prying eyes of vandals or thieves.

If you need a quick car wash, carry some empty spray bottles to fill with soapy water.

Emergency and Warning Lights

You may not always have light at your camping site and must rely on rechargeable torches at night. Carrying an extra car battery that hooks up to a light bar can illuminate your tent area so you can enjoy your dinner under the stars. Ensure that you don’t drain the main car battery because you won’t have any way to start your car the next day. Roadside reflectors can signal your presence so that other motorists can see you.

Car Foot Pumps, Tyre Inflators, Tyre Repair Kit

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is essential and particularly important when you are far from a service station. Getting a flat tyre while camping could lead to a lot of inconveniences, so it is advisable to have a car foot pump or portable tyre inflator in case of emergencies. Carry a spare tyre with you as well.

Car Floor Mats

After a long day of hiking, your boots are going to be covered in mud and sand. Use a car floor mat to protect your vehicle from dust and debris which may lead to corrosion in the long run. Car floor mats can even be taken out of the car and laid near the campsite to place your gear and equipment. Choose floor mats made from PVC or rubber which are easy to clean with a bit of soap and water.

Seat Cushions, Travel Pillows

Once you pitch a tent and get your sleeping bag ready, you will need a soft pillow to rest your head for a good night’s sleep. A car seat cushion or travel pillow is the ideal car camping accessory to use. They are compact, versatile and easy to carry around. Plus, they can offer a comfortable ride on your way back home.

Car Tissue Box and Cup Holders

Without access to clean running water, you may have to rely on tissues and napkins to wipe spills, clean utensils, etc. Car camping accessories include cup holders to keep your coffee hot, organisers to store all your essentials like insect repellent, first aid kit, etc and a car dustbin to avoid littering your campsite.

Charging Ports, Phone Accessories

Using GPS on our smartphones is the best way to find a new route or location to camp. But you need to keep your devices charged in order to use them. Invest in charging ports and phone accessories such as portable power banks, USB cables and mounting accessories. Car accessories for camping also include infotainment systems that can keep you occupied on your way to the camping site.

Vacuum Cleaners

Be sure to include a portable vacuum cleaner on your car camping accessories list. Dust, dirt, sand and mud can accumulate when your car is parked outside, so a vacuum cleaner is ideal for keeping the interior clean and hygienic.

Luggage, Backpacks

An adventurous life means you need to carry your gear with you. Consider buying a backpack or duffle bag to store all your car camping essentials such as extra clothes, a water bottle, food, electronic devices, a portable stove and a first aid kit.


You need shelter to sleep in and protect yourself from weather elements. A portable tent is a car camping essential that can be folded and carried in the trunk of your car, while quickly being installed when you reach your destination. Tents are waterproof and provide a comfortable outdoor experience.

Gas Stove and Cookware

Pans and vessels, spoons and cutlery are essential for having meals while camping. A butane or kerosene gas stove is portable and can provide a hot meal from canned food at the end of the day. Some dishwashing liquid can come in handy to clean used cookware. The cleaning solution doubles up as a car wash shampoo as well.

Navigation Tools

Carry a map, compass, GPS device and smartphone to help you find your location and make trekking easy. Stay on track during your camping trip but also make use of public signboards and your natural instinct to find a safe place to camp.


It's time to stop staring at screens and TVs and enjoy nature at its best. Use your camping trip to read a good book or play the game of star gazing with friends and family. Marvel at the moon at night or just take in your natural surroundings with some yoga or invigorating exercises to promote good health.

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The Essential Car Camping Accessories List

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the most popular camping accessory?

Ans. A camping tent may tend to be the most useful camping accessory as it provides campers with a sleeping space outdoors. After a long road trip, it may not be the best idea to sleep in the car as it is a confined space and can get a bit stuffy. A camping tent can be stored in the trunk and unfolded when required. It provides shelter from weather elements such as rain and sunshine and keeps you cool inside. With battery-operated lights and a chair, you can even settle down to eat some snacks or read a book after a day of trekking. Other car camping essentials include a gas stove or barbeque grill to cook your food. Otherwise, you can opt for pre-cooked canned foods for a nutritious meal.

Q 2. What are some camping items?

Ans. A car camping accessories list you may want to consider for a comfortable outdoor experience includes tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, coolers, camp chairs, extra lighting and other camping accessories such as tables, hammocks and electrical generators. Pack essentials like first aid kits, insect repellents, sunscreen, and kitchen utensils for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. Plan well in advance and check the regulations of the camping site before you set off so that you can pack accordingly. Some camping sites may prohibit gas stoves or barbeque grills as this may be a fire hazard to the forest. Use online navigation apps, GPS on your smart devices to find your way through unfamiliar territory, or use a traditional map to guide you.

Q 3. Why is it called car camping?

Ans. It is a form of camping where people use their cars, SUVs or vans as a base camp or shelter during their outdoor trips. The vehicle is brought to the campsite as a means of transportation, storage, and even a place to sleep if there is no access to a tent. Car camping is different from trekking, where campers will carry all their supplies on their backs and set up a campsite at their destination. Car camping is ideal for families or large groups of friends who travel from place to place in search of new adventures and some outdoor fun. Car accessories for camping include cushions, pillows, portable tyre inflators (they can be used for air mattresses as well), extra lighting, light bars, mobile chargers, USB charging cables, car tissue boxes, car dustbins, car organisers, backpacks, duffle bags, tyre repair tools, etc.

Q 4. What is camping equipment?

Ans. Camping equipment refers to car camping gears and supplies used for camping which can vary depending on the type of trip, duration, weather, and personal preferences. Some essential camping equipment carried on most excursions include tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, portable gas stoves or grills, cooking utensils, chairs, portable tables and seating, lighting, ice box coolers, backpacks, first aid kits, camping clothing and footwear, navigation tools, etc. You would carry everything you need to make your camping experience as comfortable as possible. Ensure to carry plenty of fresh, bottled water to keep yourself hydrated. It may be difficult to source drinking water at some camping sites and this turns out to be quite inconvenient. Canned food and tinned snacks are also easy to carry, store and eat straight out of the can without cooking, saving you time and effort.

Q 5. What are 5 safety equipments for camping?

Ans. Ensuring safety is crucial for any camping trip, as outdoor environments can pose several risks and dangers. Have a first aid kit in your car for treating minor injuries, scrapes and burns. The camping accessory first aid kit should have bandages, antiseptic, gauze, tweezers, adhesive tape, insect repellent, sunscreen and personal medications such as aspirin or painkillers. Carry a fire starter kit consisting of matches, a lighter and lighter fluid to start a campfire or fire up the grill. Use a torch or flashlight during nighttime or in low-light conditions. Ensure you carry extra batteries or have charging sockets to recharge your devices such as smartphones, tablets and GPS devices. Always carry a paper map in case your smartphones run out of battery. A whistle can prove essential to alert other campers in case of an emergency. Lastly, let some of your friends and family know that you are going on a camping trip so that they can send for help in case anything happens.

Q6. What are the 3 most common types of camping?

Ans. Camping is usually classified as:

Tent camping: A traditional form of camping where tents are the primary shelter at a campsite. The area might include basic facilities like fire pits, picnic tables, showering facilities, etc. Both solo adventurers and families use tent camping sites for outdoor excursions, trekking and picnics. The close proximity to nature is a welcome change from crowded polluted cities and a great way to spend vacations.

Car camping: A recreational vehicle, car, SUV, or van involves a motor vehicle as a self-contained camping shelter. Or you can always use sleeping bags and tents to camp near your car for the night. This is convenient and comfortable as you can travel wherever you want and set up camp for the night. All you need to carry are some essential items from your camping accessories list such as food, water and basic amenities. It is a popular option for campers who prefer to be on the move with a mobile camping site. A truly self-sufficient camping experience for adventure lovers.

Backpacking or hiking: Campers carry all they need in backpacks and travel around to find the perfect camping site. All they need is some camping gear, food, supplies and sleeping bags when they reach a remote location to set up camp. This type of camping is more challenging and requires greater endurance and planning as well as some wilderness skills. Most backpackers visit national parks or backcountry locations that offer scenic views and a true outdoor experience.