Carmate Maruti Suzuki Jimny Rear View Mirror NZ820

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About this item

  • Jimney (JB64) Rearview Mirror designed specifically for the Jimney Sierra (JB74)
  • This large mirror does not interfere with the sun visor, and has been improved in size vertically
  • 3000SR, a gentle curved surface mirror that expands to approximately 2.5 times the field of view The mirror has a curvature that balances wide vision and natural distance. *ICHIKOH8244 is approximately 2.3 times
  • High reflector that reflects rear view brighter than original mirrors. Recommended for privacy glass cars and vehicles with smoke film installed
  • Easy to install, no tools required. Just clip the image that will cover your factory mirror
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Carmate NZ820 Rear View Mirror & Cover for JIMNY (JB64) and JIMNY Sierra (JB74)

This is a genuine product. This product is a specially designed product that can be attached to a genuine Jimny (JB64) and Jimny Sierra (JB74) Rearview Mirror. Inspired by the interior parts of the Jimny series, this set includes a cover that incorporates the image of the front grille. The mirror frame features a hairline and bolt design with the meter bezel and the image. The cover side also features a design reminiscent of the signature Jimny’s front grille to enhance the look of your gym from outside the car.

Do not hit the sun visor. Large-size mirror with improved size vertical and horizontal dimensions. This product has been improved in vertical and horizontal sizes so that you can always have a rear view even when you sway on bad roads or when you are reseated. The mirror size is large as possible so that the original mirror is not visible by car swaying, so you can reduce anxiety and stress that you cannot see behind the sun visor, even when using the sun visor. In addition, the rear side window can be shown, so it can be used to safely drive when changing lanes.

No tools are required, easy to install. If you want to change your car mirror, you may imagine removing the original rearview mirror or tightening it with screws using tools. This mirror is very easy to install because it is an image that will cover the original rearview mirror and simply clip the top and bottom of the original rearview mirror. The lock is secured by metal plates and torsion springs and is designed to last for a long time.

In addition, the 3 parts that touch the genuine rearview mirror are attached with a grip cushion tape that improves the adherence of the original rearview mirror, and there is no need to worry about damaging the original rearview mirror. If the mirror breaks while driving or idling, it may be improved by tightening the screws on the back of the original mirror.

This product can be installed simply by slipping the cover on it, so it takes less than 3 minutes. Adopts a curvature radius (3000SR) to ensure a wide field of vision and natural distance.

This is a loose-curved mirror cut from a 3,000 mm radius sphere. (3000SR refers to the curvature of a globe of a 3,000 mm radius). As with a typical curved mirror, if the mirror’s curvature is larger (such as 1400SR), it can be used to create a wide range of images, but on the other hand, the image will be smaller than the actual image. Therefore, it will feel more distant.

Therefore, this product is set to 3000SR, a curvature that balances a wide field of vision and natural distance. It can reflect (shine) a wider range of light than a flat mirror on a genuine rearview mirror, so the field of view is approximately 2.5 times wider than a genuine rearview mirror. (*TOKAIDENSO 001 is approximately 2.5 times, ICHIKOH8244 is approximately 2.3 times.). The mirror is cut from a uniform spherical surface, so you can create clear images without distortion.

Field of view that spreads vertically. The 3000SR Slow Curved Mirror offers a large vertical view with the same size and a horizontal view. Therefore, it is easy to see the back seat that you couldn’t see with a genuine rearview mirror.

Looks bright. High-performance mirror with enhanced reflectivity. Although people feel the brightness of each person, this product uses a high reflector that is ideal for those who feel dark in their field of vision when driving at night. It is recommended for cars with privacy glass or smoke film as it provides a brighter rear view than typical genuine rearview mirrors.

  • Fits: (November 2021 (R3.11) current (not investigated for later vehicles)).
  • Fits: Suzuki Jimny/Gymnie Sierra (JB64W/JB74W) July 2018 (H30) Mirrors.

Safety warning

  • Fits: (November 2021 (R3.11) current (not investigated for later vehicles)).
  • Fits: Suzuki Jimny/Gymnie Sierra (JB64W/JB74W) July 2018 (H30) Mirrors


Weight 0.336 kg
Dimensions 5.2 × 27.9 × 9.7 cm

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