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Get Rid of Dust, Dirt and Grime With the Best Engine Degreaser From Carorbis

Engine overheating and component damage can generally be avoided with the use of a car engine degreaser. These engine degreasers can also be used on motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and heavy-duty diesel engines. Car engine degreasers and cleaners contain solvents and chemicals that can cut through grease and dirt that result in a shiny new engine.

Shopping online for car accessories and car engine degreaser products is now easy with Carorbis. Buy the best quality engine degreasers and cleaning products at the lowest prices. Popular brands of engine degreaser car wash include Wavex which is guaranteed to give you a shiny, new engine look. This product is suitable as an engine degreaser for motorcycles as well.

What is an Engine Degreaser?

Car and bike engines are highly likely to get dirty with grease and oil, so an engine degreaser foam is an ideal product for effective cleansing. It can also be used on tyres, suspension, interiors and plastic trim when diluted with water sufficiently.

The best degreaser for car engines contains organic solvents such as esters, ketones and alcohol to dissolve grease and dirt. Along with degreasing properties, engine degreaser uses include corrosion prevention and resistance to damage through wear and tear. They are typically available in a spray or aerosol can to facilitate easy application.

The main advantage of using a car wash with engine degreaser is the aesthetic appeal. A used car with lots of kilometres on the clock can be given a new lease of life with a high-quality engine degreaser. A greasy engine will reduce the vehicle’s resale value, making it difficult to convince buyers that the car is in good condition.

A clean engine helps determine the source of leaky gaskets, oil spills and damaged components. When the engine surface is covered with dirt, we may overlook a potential problem. Oil and grease on rubber and plastic components increase the likelihood of deterioration. There is also less chance of engine belts getting damaged.

Using a water hose on the engine is not recommended as sensitive electrical components can get short-circuited. An engine degreaser is safe to use among electrical wires.

You can use an engine degreaser for bike chain to remove all the dirt and grime, wash and dry it, and then re-add chain lubricant to get it working like new.

Finally, a clean engine allows heat to escape efficiently, preventing the engine from running hot on a long journey. Working on a clean engine without dirtying your hands or clothes is much easier. Simple tasks like refilling the coolant or checking windshield wiper fluid can be done without any hassle.

Why Shop Online for Engine Degreases on Carorbis?

The best engine degreasers and cleaners are available on Carorbis online shopping platform. These heavy-duty engine cleaning products can be used on greasy components, tyres, wheels, carpets, upholstery, plastics, rubber parts, vinyl and leather fabric. Engine cleaners are easy to use and work effectively to remove grease and grime from surfaces. Buy engine degreasers at affordable prices and avail discounts on your favourite car and bike engine care products.

Carorbis offers the convenience of express doorstep delivery in 3-5 business days, with free shipping for orders above Rs.500. Thanks to encrypted servers and payment gateways, all payment transactions are safe and secure. There is also a cash-on-delivery option if the customer prefers an alternative payment method. All of our engine degreasers and car cleaning products are 100% genuine automotive accessories certified by official brands. If you are unhappy with the delivered product, you can apply for a hassle-free refundable return within 10 days of product delivery. Rest assured, the products sold on Carorbis are guaranteed to suit your vehicle, so you can shop online without any worries.

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So, head on over to Carorbis today and end your search for ‘the best engine degreasers near me’. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Happy shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is engine degreaser safe?

Ans. An engine degreaser is safe to use on all engine surfaces to remove dirt, grease, oil and grime. The product will not damage rubber seals or plastic parts. A greasy engine can cause problems in the long run.

Q 2. Which engine degreaser is best?

Ans. Wavex All Purpose Engine Cleaner and Degreaser is a concentrated product that is suitable for heavily soiled areas like engine compartments, wheels and suspension. It can be used on plastic, rubber and even interior applications (should be diluted with 50% water).

Q 3. Is engine degreaser safe on rubber?

Ans. Engine degreaser foam contains industrial-strength solvents that break down grease, yet it can be safely used on rubber parts, tyres and plastic components without damaging them. Test a small area before applying the product, just in case.

Q 4. How to use engine degreaser?

Ans. Spray the engine degreaser liquid all over the engine surface and allow it to penetrate for around 20 minutes (or recommended time). For heavily soiled areas, spray twice. Then, wipe away the engine degreaser foam with a microfibre cloth until dry. Use a damp cloth if needed.

Q 5. Is engine degreaser safe on paint?

Ans. It is not advisable to use a car engine degreaser on paint as it strips away the exterior layer, and clear coat and may cause the paint to fade away in those areas. Engine degreaser should be applied only on metal engine components, plastic and rubber to be on the safe side.

Q 6. Can engine degreaser remove oil from driveway?

Ans. Engine degreaser spray can be used to remove oil from driveways, garage floors and sidewalks, however, these chemicals can be toxic to the environment if they seep into the ground. Hence, they should be used only on car engines.

Q 7. What is the best way to degrease a car engine?

Ans. Car engine degreaser products should be sprayed on the surface of the engine and left to work for at least 10 minutes. Then gently scrub with a sponge or brush to remove all the grease. Use a soft, microfibre cloth to wipe away all the excess engine degreaser liquid.