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Michelin 12264 Digital Micro Tyre Inflator (Black) | Only for topup

By Michelin
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About this item

Keep your tyres in optimum working condition with regular tyre pressure maintenance with this portable Michelin Digital Micro Tyre Inflator.

  • Compatible with all cars, 2 wheelers, cycles and balls
  • Compact design fits in glove box
  • Designed for topping up tyre pressures
  • Digital power source technology – USB socket ideal for charging mobile phones
  • Deal for tyre pressure Top-up
  • Digital Gauge Accurate To +/- 1 PSI up to 50 PSI
  • Designed For Topping Up Tyre Pressures
  • Switchable Between PSI, BAR & kPa
  • Compact Design Stores In Glove Box
  • Digital Power Source Technology- USB Socket Ideal For Charging Mobile Phones
  • White L.C.D Digital Display
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Michelin 12264 Digital Micro Tyre Inflator

The most compact tyre inflator by Michelin. This Michelin Tyre Inflator is best suited for those who have portability as their primary concern. This inflator is made for topping-up pressure, not inflating from flat. Do not inflate over 50 PSI. This inflator comes with a digital power supply USB port. There is also a dedicated button through which you can choose the desired unit of pressure between PSI, BAR and kPa. Please note that there is no programmable pressure gauge in this particular model. This inflator can inflate car tyres up to 40 PSI and bicycle tyres up to 120 PSI. This inflator can be easily kept in the car glove box and also in the two-wheeler trunk.

Compact Design Of Michelin Micro Tyre Inflator 12264

The compact design of the Michelin Micro Tyre Inflator 12264 makes it an important gadget for your trips. You can conveniently store it and carry it wherever you go.

Michelin 12264 Digital Micro Tyre Inflator

Michelin 12264 Digital Micro Tyre Inflator Features

Digital Power Source Technology Of Michelin Digital Micro Tyre Inflator

This Michelin Digital Micro Tyre Inflator is equipped with a power source which helps you to charge your phone and other electronic devices on the go.

Switchable Between Psi, Bar & Kpa

The meter of the Michelin micro tyre inflator 12264 is switchable between PSI, BAR & kPa, which means you can adjust it according to the way you like it.

From The House Of Michelin

Michelin, one of the leading tyre companies, is dedicated to enhancing its clients’ mobility, sustainably; designing and distributing the most suitable tires, services and solutions for its clients’ needs; providing digital services, maps and guides to help enrich trips and travels and make them unique experiences; and developing high-technology materials that serve the mobility industry.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Can I inflate my vehicle tyres from flat using this device?

A.This inflator is designed primarily for topping up and maintaining tyre pressures.It is not intended for inflating tyres from flat.

Q2.What types of vehicles can this inflator be used for?

A.It is compatible with all cars, sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs & two-wheelers.It can also be used on bicycles, footballs, etc.Making it versatile for various inflation needs.

Q3.What are the pressure limits?

A.It can inflate vehicle tyres up to 40 PSI and bicycle tyres up to 100 PSI.The digital gauge is accurate to within +/- 1 PSI up to 50 PSI.

Q4.Is this Inflator portable?

A.It features a compact design of dimensions 5.8 x 14.2 x 11.2 cm and weighs 400 g.That allows it to be stored easily in a car's glove box or a two-wheeler's trunk, ensuring convenience during travel.

Q5.Can this inflator charge my electronic devices?

A.It can be used as a portable charging device featuring a USB power port (5V) for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Q6.What safety precautions should I follow when using the tyre Inflator?

A.Always ensure the vehicle is parked safely off the road with the handbrake on.Do not allow children to use the inflator, and never overinflate tyres beyond 50 PSI

Q7.How do I switch between different pressure units?

A.Use the dedicated button to switch between PSI, BAR, and kPa units according to your preference.

Q8.What should if the inflator fails to run or shows an error?

A.Check the fuse, and ensure the 12V socket is clean and fully inserted.Turn your car ignition key to the accessory position.Check that the tyre valve connector is correctly fitted to the tyre valve.

Q9.Can I leave the inflator running unattended?

A.No, it is recommended to monitor the inflator while in use.Do not run it continuously for more than 8 minutes without allowing it to cool down.

Q10.What do I do if power is interrupted during the inflation cycle?

A.Disconnect the valve connector from the tyre, remove the plug from the power source and wait for 5 seconds.Reconnect the power, then hold the yellow reset button until the display shows 0.0.Then connect the tyre valve.

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