Pharaoh 3D Toyota Vellfire Car Floor Mats

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About this item

  • Smart Laser technology gives a Precision Fit Custom design for your car interiors offering complete coverage
  • Durable Construction: Premium materials can withstand wear & tear in all weather conditions and with daily use.
  • 100% Waterproof: Repels water & protects your car’s original carpet from moisture damage.
  • Raised Edge Design: 3D Tray Moulding Effectively contains water Spills & prevents Them From seeping under the original carpet
  • Weather-Resistant: Can handle all types of weather conditions without damage.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainable materials, non-toxic, & recyclable.

Three-Layer Construct:

  1. Anti-skid backing and hex Lock Technology hold the mats securely in place.
  2. Middle Layer (XPE Foam): Reduces road noise, minimizes foot fatigue, adds comfort and ensures the mats are odourless & non-toxic.
  3. Top Layer Stellar Surface (Carbon Fiber Texture): Luxurious design, water-resistant, & easy to clean
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Pharaoh 3D Hexlock Mat Features
Pharaoh 3D Hexlock Mat Features Pharaoh 3D Hexlock Mat Features

Pharaoh HEX-Lock Custom Fit 3D Toyota Vellfire Car Floor Mats

Have you ever noticed that your Car interiors are dirty because of the cheap and poor quality car floor mats you use? The stock or traditional car floor mats from the dealership are mainly made from a commercial rubber material and don’t give you the luxury you deserve. These car floor mats are made using toxic and cheap rubber material, which usually gives off a robust and pungent order and are very toxic in nature. This industrial rubber material is also known to be harmful to the environment as they are not made using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. In addition, these car floor mats come with a single layer structure that lacks extra cushioning for your feet. The absence of a superior tray design and additional layers in the traditional car floor mats makes it hard to control leaks and spills inside the car. These car floor mats also lack an anti-skid backing that holds the mat in place. All these problems make the traditional car floor mats less durable and hard to maintain.

Pharaoh’s innovative Hex-Lock Technology used in our custom-fit

Pharaoh HEX-Lock Custom Fit car floor mats are the perfect interior upgrade your car needs. The Pharaoh HEX-Lock Custom Fit car floor mats by Pharaoh are engineered to fit your car like a glove using our smart laser technology. In addition to this, our superior tray design of the car floor mats helps control spillage. Pharaoh Hex-Lock car mats come with a three-layer construct, each having its own technological advantage. The back layer for the floor mats consists of the Hex-Lock technology, which acts as an anti-skid surface and holds the floor mats in place through a Velcro action. The middle Muffle Liner consists of an XPE foam layer. Which helps minimize foot fatigue and maximize leg comfort for a quieter and smoother ride. The middle layer also helps make Pharaoh Hex-Lock car floor mats odorless and non-toxic. Finally, the top Stellar Surface consists of a carbon fiber texture which adds an element of class and luxury to the mats, and this layer is also water-resistant and easy to clean.

All Pharaoh Hex-Lock car floor mats are eco-friendly in nature and can be recycled. We at Pharaoh go through an intensive process to carefully select the materials used in our products. As a result, all the materials used in the Pharaoh Hex-Lock car floor mats are 100% recyclable in their own separate ways, thus causing no harm to our planet. We as a brand are a firm believer that we have to co-exist on this beautiful planet together with nature and not just derive resources for our own benefits.

Key Features of Pharaoh HEX-Lock Custom Fit Car Floor Mats:

Precision Fit:

All Pharaoh Hex-Lock car mats are made to measure the contours of your car using Smart Laser technology, which gives a superior tray design to prevent dust from collecting below the car mats, which harm and damage your original carpet.

Multi-layer construct:

The top stellar surface is water-resistant and offers a carbon fiber texture. An XPE foam middle layer acts as a muffler and reduces road noise. The bottom Hex-Lock backing helps keep the mat in place and is anti-skid.

Easy to clean:

Simply remove them from your car, wipe with a wet towel or hose off and make your car floor mats new again.

All Weather-Protection:

Hex-Lock car floor mats are designed to protect your car interiors from all sorts of dirt, rain and snow. Which helps keep your car interiors clean.


All our Hex-Lock custom car floor liners are made using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, making them completely non-toxic and odorless so you won’t experience any unpleasant order. In addition, Pharaoh Hex-Lock car floor mats are completely recyclable.

Vehicle Compatibility:
Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Vellfire


Vehicle Compatibility

Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Vellfire




Durable, Waterproof, Weather-resistant, Anti Skid, Digitized Fit, and Easy to Clean

Car brands


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Are 3D floor mats worth it?

Ans.3D floor mats are designed to fit the contours of a vehicle floor and are custom-made for specific car models.They provide superior protection from harsh weather conditions, messy items and dirt.3D mats have raised edges which prevent dust and debris from slipping below the mats and damaging the vehicle floor.

Q2.Which are better 3D mats or 7D mats?

Ans.The main difference between 3D and 7D mats is the material used in their construction.3D mats are made from durable, waterproof materials such as rubber and designed to fit the contours of a vehicle’s floor more precisely than traditional mats.3D mats are less expensive than 7D mats.7D mats are made from high-quality PVC, leather or vinyl materials.They have more layers for better durability, sound insulation, shock absorption and are generally more comfortable to use than 3D mats.7D mats are generally more expensive than 3D mats.

Q3.What is the difference between a 3D mat and a normal mat in a car?

Ans.Normal mats are usually generic in shape, flat and do not conform to the contours of a car floor.As a result, they may shift around while driving and do not provide the best protection, safety or comfort.A 3D mat has a sculpted design with raised edges to prevent dirt and spills from spreading to the carpet underneath.3D mats have the advantage of a secure and precise fit which provides better protection, durability and comfort than normal mats.

Q4.What kind of floor mats are best?Which type of floor mat is best?

Ans.Pharoh Car Mats Hex-Lock Custom Fit is considered the best.They are laser cut and have a precision fit for your vehicle.In addition, these mats are durable, water resistant, weatherproof, easy to maintain and anti-skid.A special XPE foam material reduces road noise and provides superior comfort for passengers.The best part is that these mats are eco-friendly, non-toxic and completely odourless.

Q5.Do any car mats fit any car?

Ans.There are universal car mats that are designed to fit any car model or make, and can usually be trimmed for a custom fit in the interior.Other mats are designed for a specific car model, by using the exact dimensions of the floor and footwells.These car mats are then laser cut for a precision fit.Ensure that the car mats you purchase online are designed for your car model.

Q6.Which color mat is best?

Ans.Dark colours such as black, grey and brown are preferred as they are less likely to show stains and dirt marks when compared to lighter-coloured mats.Darker-coloured mats also match well with most cabins and interior trim.

Q7.What is the best material for a mat?

Ans.Each material has its own advantages.While rubber mats are easy maintenance and last longer, carpet mats are softer and more comfortable.Other materials such as PVC and vinyl offer a balance between durability, comfort and aesthetics.

Q8.Are carpets and mats the same?

Ans.Carpet mats are made of soft, flexible woven fabric and provide a plush feeling to passengers.Mats are generally made of rubber, PVC or vinyl material and are easy to clean and maintain.Carpet mats may not be completely waterproof and will get stained more easily than regular mats.

Q9.Is it worth buying car mats?

Ans.They are several advantages provided by car mats including protecting the floor of your vehicle from damage, dirt, wear and tear.Car mats keep your car clean and enhance the overall look of the interior.Many car mats have ant-skid materials that keep your feet in place and provide noise insulation from the road.Car mats are an inexpensive accessory that can extend the life of your vehicle and improve appearance and safety.

Q10.What to look for when buying car floor mats?

Ans.Look for compatibility with your car for a perfect fit.Consider the material, such as rubber, carpet, PVC or vinyl.Choose mats that are easy to clean and maintain.Ensure that the mats have an anti-skid surface so that they won’t interfere with the pedals and won’t cause safety hazards while driving.

Q11.Does it matter what car mats are used in a car?

Ans.Car mats not only protect the interior from damage, dust, moisture and debris, they also ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.Car mats that slip may interfere with the operation of pedals and cause an accident.Another advantage of car mats is that they reduce road noise by insulating vibrations and rumble in the cabin.

Q12.Should I get all-weather floor mats for my car?

Ans.All-weather floor mats can withstand varying weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sunshine and will protect your car floor from moisture, dust, dirt and debris.All-weather floor mats are suitable for cars that drive through harsh environments and will ensure your vehicle remains clean and protected.

Q13.How long do car floor mats last?

Ans.The lifespan of car floor mats depends on the frequency of use, weather conditions and how well they are maintained.Durable materials such as rubber can last for several years and are easy to clean with soap and water.Carpet floor mats may wear out more quickly, especially if they are not cleaned on a regular basis or are exposed to rain and moisture.

Q14.What is the difference between a car floor liner and mat?

Ans.Floor liners generally provide extensive coverage and protection, covering the entire floor and extending up to the footwells.Mats cover a smaller area, usually only the floor where passengers rest their legs.Liners are made from heavy-duty materials while mats are made from rubber, carpet or vinyl.Mats are more universal and can fit a wider range of vehicles.

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