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Wurth Interior Cleaner Foam Spray 500ml

By Wurth
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About this item

  • Intensive Action Reliably Loosens Dirt
  • Application area: Can easily clean Instrument panel, vehicle ceiling, door trims, seat upholstery, seat backrests, sun visors, console
  • Special Cleaning Foam With Anti-Static Additive For The Entire Vehicle Interior
  • Cleans Nicotine, Dirt And Dust From All Painted And Plastic Parts, Glass Surfaces And Upholstery
  • Does Not Run Off Vertical Surfaces, I.E. The Agent Stays Where It Needs To Act
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Wurth 500ML Interior Cleaner Foam Spray

Wurth interior cleaner 500 ml-thoroughly and gently cleans all surfaces in the car interior,such as dashboard, seats, headlining etc. its anti-static addictive offers an effective, medium-term surface protection against dust. Removes stains such as nicotine and dust and leaves behind a pleasantly-fresh fragrance. Application area :- instrument panel, vehicle ceiling, door trims, seat upholstery, seat backrests, sun visors, console.


Dimensions 45 × 45 × 130 cm



Wurth India Pvt Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How do I use Wurth interior cleaner spray?

Ans.Shake the can well and spray at a distance of 20 cm on car interior surfaces such as dashboards, headliners, door trims, seat upholstery, glass, plastic and painted parts.Allow the product to act on the surface for a short while, then wipe the dust clean with a dry microfiber cloth.Do not spray directly on electronic screens, instead, spray the cleaner onto a cloth and wipe the surface.

Q2.Is Wurth interior cleaner safe for glass surfaces?

Ans.Yes, it effectively cleans dust, dirt and stains from windshields, windows and other interior glass without damaging the surface.

Q3.Does it leave any residue or streaks?

Ans.Wurth interior cleaner does not leave any residue stains or spots on the surface.Wipe the surface thoroughly after application to avoid any marks.

Q4.Will it remove car odours?

Ans.Wurth interior car cleaner leaves a fresh and pleasant aroma in the car interior and keeps the surface free from dust, dirt and odours caused by nicotine and smoke from pollution.

Q5.How often should I use the cleaner?

Ans.This product can be used for periodic cleaning every month or whenever you service the vehicle.It can be used more often if the car is driven in a dusty environment or through harsh weather.

Q6.Do I need to wear gloves while using this cleaner?

Ans.Wurth interior cleaner spray contains no toxic chemicals and is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.However, it is recommended to wear rubber disposable gloves and eye protection while using this product as a safety precaution.Open the windows or doors to ensure proper ventilation to avoid accidental inhalation.

Q7.Can I use the cleaner on hot surfaces?

Ans.It is advised not to use the cleaner when the interior is hot.Park the car in a shaded area and wait for it to cool down before using this product.

Q8.What is the cost of Wurth interior cleaner spray?

Ans.It costs Rs.600 and is eligible for free delivery.This product is non-returnable.

Q9.What is the anti-static additive in the cleaner used for?

Ans.The anti-static additive forms a thin protective layer on applied surfaces to repel dust particles within the vehicle interior.It prevents the accumulation of dirt on the dashboard, seats, upholstery, interior trim and infotainment screens.

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