Car Accessories Manufacturers in India

If you have ever wondered how to make an old car feel more luxurious or add some convenience to your daily driver, then you are at the right place! Upgrading your car with the right accessories is not an easy task, because there are several brands and manufacturers out there to choose from. To help you make sense of the numerous brands and accessory options out there, we have expertly curated a list of the best 10 car accessories manufacturers in India, so that you can find the perfect product in terms of functionality, durability, quality and price. The aim of this blog is to make your purchase decision a little simpler when it’s time to upgrade your car. Forget reading through endless online reviews & product descriptions on countless websites, looking for the best deals and the perfect fit. It’s all here, so read on. 

What Are the Advantages of Selecting Premium Brands and Car Accessories Manufacturers in India?

Big brands in the automotive business take the quality and functionality of their products quite seriously & make no compromises on that. Brands such as Michelin, Bosch, Liqui Moly, Wurth & Rain-X use the most advanced technology in the manufacture of their products. These accessories have been designed for maximum durability, high quality and the best performance in varied conditions. Each of these manufacturer’s commitment to quality and performance goes the extra mile in caring and protecting for your vehicle. Over the decades, they have built the trust and confidence in customers that they can rely on. Here are some more reasons why customers choose these top brands.

Extended Durability:

The car accessories you choose need to withstand the harsh Indian weather & driving conditions without compromising on durability and maintaining absolute safety. Take for example brake pads & engine oil. A substandard product can endanger the driver’s life or cause permanent damage to the vehicle leading to expensive repairs. Choosing the best brands in aftermarket accessories & parts prioritises the safety of passengers & provides reliable journeys.

Better Performance:

Top automotive accessories brands in India are designed to provide high performance for your vehicle with precision engineering. These top accessories can improve fuel efficiency, protect components and provide better handling & power characteristics. Overall, your driving experience becomes more enjoyable when your vehicle performs better.


It’s rare to find a suitability issue with top-branded car accessories. These brands provide a customised fit for your vehicle being compatible with a wide range of car makes / models. 

Manufacturer Warranty:

Have you ever installed a car accessory and then found out it just doesn’t work properly? Most of the time car owners will find that it is a simple manufacturing defect that can be resolved with the manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty. Big brands provide customers with confidence and trust in their products with a warranty. It’s easy to get a replacement/ refund with these safeguards on any purchase.

Personalisation /Customisation:

Every driver wants to stand out from the crowd right? The top car accessories manufacturers in India give them just what they need. How? There is a huge choice when it comes to models, variations in specifications, stylish designs, colours and personal adjustments for a unique driving experience. Plus accessories are constantly updated every year or so with new models to suit changing trends & specific driver needs. It’s easy to personalise & customise your car’s interior / exterior with the top brands in car accessories in India.

Resale Value:

When it comes time to sell your old vehicle, its resale value will be considerably higher when you have installed top-quality car accessories and the best brands in automotive products. Potential buyers will notice that the car has been well taken care of and will offer a higher price because of these extras. 

Environmentally Friendly:

The best car accessory manufacturers in India tend to use eco-friendly materials that are environmentally sustainable and non-toxic. A big advantage when it comes to the preservation of our planet. And it’s safer if children or pets travel in the car.

High Technology:

With the use of advanced technology, research and development into product usage, the best car accessory brands allow you to get maximum performance and functionality out of their products. The high quality and convenience are plain to see in their user-friendliness, simple installation procedure and elegant designs. In short, high-technology car accessories give you the best driving experience.

The best car accessories give you absolute freedom to enjoy the open road. Every commute becomes less tiring, daily drives are no longer a hassle and long road trips turn into great memories when your car is well cared for, completely protected and maintained in the best condition possible.

These premium brands for car accessories are designed to meet challenging Indian road conditions so you feel safe, get high-performance drives and enjoy maximum convenience on your travels. 

Check Out These Top 10 Car Accessories Brands in India

If you are on the lookout for the best brands in car accessories, then this comprehensive list of car accessories companies in India should point you in the right direction for superior car care and performance.

1. Michelin

The most well-known brand for car tyres is also famous for a range of car care products and accessories to improve your driving experience. Michelin is a manufacturer of high-quality tyre Inflators, premium tyre foot pumps and accurate tyre inflator Gauges, accessories that keep you safe on the road without any hassles. You will also find amazing car care products such as car wash shampoo, wheel cleaners, interior dash and trim cleaners, air conditioning system cleaners, shine & wax products, air fresheners, steering covers and glass cleaners. All these products have been designed by Michelin to provide the best care and comfort on your daily drives.

2. Wavex

When it comes to complete car care solutions, look no further than Wavex. A trusted name in car accessories company names list for high-quality products such as car wash solutions, waxes, polish, interior car care products, carpet cleaners, microfibre cloths and sponges, glass cleaners and superior ceramic coatings. Choose Wavex for the best protection, improved styling and to keep your car looking in showroom condition.

3. Bosch

Bosch provides automotive solutions that make sure your car is always running in its best condition. A company that offers innovative automotive products and is the first choice as an OEM supplier for engine parts, lubricants, electrical and electronic systems, brake systems, spark plugs, wipers, headlights, etc. Bosch has the clear advantage of being in the automotive industry for several decades, offering exceptional car accessories for a wide range of car manufacturers.

4. Elegant

Elegant range of auto accessories includes ergonomic and comfortable car seat cushions, back seat organisers and car floor mats that you can use to customise, protect and improve your interiors. A unique selling point of the Elegant brand is its affordable price tag and high-quality products to make your travels much more enjoyable.

Car Seat Cushion

5. Pharaoh

When you need custom-fitting, durable and comfortable car floor mats, Pharaoh brand should be a name you consider. They also make premium headrests, the ultimate solution for a long road trip. Pharaoh car floor mats are known for their all-weather resistance and superior protection, keeping your interiors fresh and clean no matter the outdoor conditions.

6. Wurth

Wurth car accessories are synonymous with high quality and excellent repair and maintenance products. You can find high-performance engine oils, additives, lubricants, cleaners, car protection products such as anti-rust and heat-resistant sprays, car care items, windshield wipers, etc. You can rely on Wurth for excellent vehicle performance and long service life.

7. Involve

Clean, tidy and fresh interiors are not complete with Involve brand of products. A leading brand in car air fresheners, and interior organisers such as dust bins and tissue box covers, you can trust in Involve for a fresh and livelier driving experience.

8. LiquiMoly

The leader in automotive accessories brands list for engine oils, additives and superior car care products, Liqui Moly makes your vehicle drive better. Liqui Moly products offer the best protection and performance for your vehicle, using the experience they have gained in the racing world. These products are made in Germany and have been powering vehicles to success for several decades with their high-performance synthetic engine oils, transmission fluids, engine cleaning products and advanced fuel additives.

Liqui Moly

9. Rain-X

Rain-X wiper blades and water-repellent products are the best in the world when it comes to clear driving vision and enhanced safety in wet weather. Rain-X offers extreme protection for your car’s glass surfaces and provides premium solutions to outsmart the elements. They also offer a range of headlight restoration kits, anti-fog treatments for glass and ceramic detailers for painted surfaces.

10. Polco

Trusted car body covers brand to protect your vehicle from all-weather elements. Polco car covers are waterproof, dust resistant, scratch proof, breathable and have mirror and antennae pockets for a custom fit that won’t come off even in the strongest winds. If you want reliable all-season protection for your car, then you have to choose the Polco brand.

Polco Car cover


The top 10 automotive accessories brands listed in this blog offer the perfect combination of high quality, durability, performance and affordability so that you can take your driving to the next level. Choosing these brands is an investment in complete driver satisfaction, which is the holy grail when it comes to your car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are These Top 10 Car Accessories Brands Suitable for Indian Cars?

Ans. Yes, most of these brands have designed their products with universal compatibility in mind so that you will get a user-friendly experience without the hassles of complicated installation procedures or modifications that may require professional assistance.

Q2. How Do I Know if a Car Accessory is Eco-friendly or Good for the Environment?

Ans. Take a look at the product packaging for signs that indicate the product can be recycled after use. You should also find disclaimers that no toxic chemicals or substances were used in the products or during the manufacturing process. For example, car air fresheners or car floor mats should be made from natural materials that are biodegradable & safe for use, especially if you travel with children/pets.

Q3. How Do I Choose the Right Car Accessories for My Car?

Ans. You can read user reviews & refer to blogs that compare car accessories to find the products that are perfect for your needs in terms of functionality & affordability. Have a look at the product descriptions, images, usage instructions and prices that are listed on car accessory websites to make an informed purchase decision. Most online stores are happy to offer advice and further information on products before you buy them.  

Q4. What Are Some Must-have Car Accessories for Every Vehicle?

Ans. You should invest in a waterproof / weather-resistant car cover to preserve the exterior paint and trim of your vehicle. Also, install all-weather car floor mats & a refreshing car perfume to keep the interior clean & smelling nice. Some emergency tools such as a tyre inflator, tyre repair kits & windshield repair kits are handy items to have while travelling. Car seat cushions & phone accessories like USB ports, charging cables & dashcams are also a good idea to increase comfort, convenience & safety while driving. Lastly, you should get a good car wash shampoo, wax & polish to take care of the exterior paint & keep your car looking brand new. There is also a range of interior care products available online which include dashboards, plastics & vinyl cleaners, leather seat upholstery conditioners & various microfibre cleaning cloths & car care kits.

Q5. How Do I Properly Install My Car Accessories?

Ans. Follow product instructions carefully to avoid any issues with product installation & use. For more complex accessories, get professional help as they will have the knowledge & access to the necessary tools & equipment for proper installation.

Q6. Which Car Accessories Can Lead to Better Engine Performance?

Ans. Fuel additives, engine oil, transmission oil additives & radiator cleaning products can help improve engine performance while providing higher fuel economy. In addition, your engine will be well maintained so that you spend less money on repairs & less time at the service station. Using high-performance engine oil & additives will protect your engine & give it a long life as well as improve acceleration, top speed & refinement.

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