Top Car Air Freshener Brands In India

Unpleasant odours in your car can make a journey uncomfortable and take away the joy of driving. So, what’s the best way to freshen up your cabin and uplift your mood on the road? A car air freshener is the perfect accessory to eliminate bad odours in your car and add a luxurious ambience to your interiors. There are many car air freshener choices available, but we have narrowed down the best ones for you. Read on to find out the top car air freshener brands in India to make every road trip more enjoyable.

How Do You Choose the Top Car Air Freshener Brands in India

The best car air fresheners contain fragrances that are long-lasting, eco-friendly and most of all, they smell really good. These car perfumes reach every corner of your cabin to fight bad odours and maintain a pleasant atmosphere while you drive. Have a look at the advantages of using car air fresheners.

Car Air Freshener

1. Improve Your Driving Experience

The primary benefit is the most obvious – it masks bad smells in your car. So, if you travel with pets, snack while you drive, or have a habit of smoking, top air freshener brands can quickly neutralise unwanted scents. Driving becomes more comfortable when you can breathe better. A fresh-smelling interior can immediately uplift your mood and have a positive impact on your emotions. It helps reduce stress, anxiety and the occasional road rage incident.

2. Good First Impressions

It’s a welcoming sign for passengers and anyone you invite into your car. This can be great for a date, business client, friends and family. A good-smelling interior reflects your attention to detail and cleanliness.

3. Masking Unavoidable Smells

Wet weather, moisture, fungus, mud and dampness can be hard to avoid in certain climates and conditions. An air freshener can mask these smells with a wide range of fragrances ranging from floral to fruity. There are even some car air fresheners that are marketed with ‘new car fragrance’ to relive those memories when you first bought your car.

4. Versatile Accessories

Car air fresheners are designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance, which makes it an affordable option since you don’t have to replace them frequently. They are also compact, portable and easy to install on your AC vents, centre console or dashboard. Cost-effective prices make car air fresheners a popular add-on accessory to any vehicle. Some of them come with unique designs, and colourful containers that add a personal touch to your interior. You can even use these air fresheners in your home or office to maintain a pleasant aroma.

Choose a fragrance that you find appealing and also consider the preferences of your passengers. Kids may enjoy fruity smells such as candy, while women tend to like girly car accessories such as air fresheners with flowery fragrances. Guys on the other hand prefer musk, leather or wood fragrances on their car accessories designed for men. Find an air freshener that best suits your personality.

Check Out the Best Car Air Freshener Brands in India

Let’s unveil the top air freshener for car brands in India that are sure to transform your interiors and elevate your sensory experiences. These car air freshener manufacturers in India have truly mastered the art of infusing freshness into your daily drives.

1. Jelly Belly

Jelly belly

Jelly Belly brand of car air fresheners is synonymous with sweet and delectable fragrances. They are available in hanging 3D or Gel cans in various scents such as bubble gum, tutti fruity, blueberry, Island Punch, etc. These fruity and fresh aromas are long-lasting and ideal for use in cars, homes and offices. The juicy-fruity smells will make you feel that you are driving through a tropical forest filled with natural exotic fragrances.

2. Michelin


If you have ever faced a situation where you wanted to offer a ride to a friend but held back because of unpleasant smells in your car, then you need to install Michelin car air fresheners. With a name renowned for superior-quality car accessories, Michelin has brought this commitment to excellence with delightful car air fresheners. The fragrances offered are soothing and create a relaxing ambience. The packaging of the Michelin man in 3D form and car tyre are also aesthetically pleasing and a welcome addition to spruce up your dull interiors. Priced at Rs.375, they are also affordable for the budget-conscious shopper.

3. Involve

This is a game changer when delivering a burst of freshness to your vehicle. Involve has some robust and exquisite fragrances that last for as long as 60 days. Perfect for large SUVs, minivans and other vehicles with spacious cabins, these strong aromas are able to permeate through all corners of the interior. An added advantage of these car perfumes is the spill-proof packaging that delivers a natural fragrance without any hassles. Installation is a breeze as they come in handy gel cans that you can place on your dashboard. Choose from perfumes such as musk, citrus, splash, wood, snowfall, lemon, etc. Involve car perfumes are also available in spray form, making them a convenient addition to any car.

4. Blang

Blang air fresheners are focused on bringing a sporty and luxurious feel to your car with captivating fragrances. They also are a visual delight for your interior with stylish bottles that make a luxury statement. Designed to last for up to 45 days, Blang car air fresheners bring a clean and fresh ambience that keeps you confident on the road. These versatile accessories can also be used in the office or at home. Add a touch of style and comfort to your daily drives with Blang perfumes.

5. Everfresh

Ever Fresh logo

Made from natural scents, Everfresh is a safe and organic approach to air freshening. Inside the can, you will find pure essential oils that have a powerful fragrance to keep you fresh for up to 60 days. No need for frequent replacements with Everfresh car perfumes as they endure robust aromas that adapt to your preference. The strawberry variant is popular because of its fruity and welcoming scent that has been designed for maximum diffusion. Simply place the can wherever you like, and adjust the lid to your preferred setting. Then let the natural fragrance take over and captivate you while you enjoy your drive. Everfresh car perfumes are a testament to blending natural freshness and innovation.

6. 3M


3M air fresheners are an effective and versatile solution to breathe new life into your car interior. Its unique features and benefits include a fresh and pleasant fragrance that can combat any odour in your car. These light, clean and safe scents can effectively neutralize musty, damp odours with anti-bacterial properties so you can be assured of a clean interior. It’s like an extra layer of protection to keep your car’s interior fresh and clean. 3M car fresheners are not a temporary fix, rather they address odour issues at their source so that they are gone for good. A comprehensive approach to maintaining air freshness and hygiene in your car.

7. myTVS


Boasting a non-leaking gel formula, myTVS air fresheners remain clean and mess-free while delivering a long-lasting aroma with choices of lemon zest, icy black, tropical orange, etc. Consisting of natural essential oils, these accessories infuse your cabin with organic fragrances without the use of harmful chemicals. This is great if you travel with kids who develop allergies often. myTVS car fragrances are also known to have an energizing effect on passengers, which can be useful in rush hour traffic and long commutes.

8. Ambi Pur

Navigating Indian roads can be a bother, but Ambi Pur promises to be a trusted companion to make every drive soothing and relaxing, in what they like to call ‘mood therapy’. These car perfumes have powerful scents that are said to mask even the most unpleasant smells that can linger in a cabin. In addition, they have a calming effect and uplift the atmosphere on every drive. Place these convenient accessories on the dashboard or centre console for a hassle-free solution to refresh your interior. The cans are also spill-proof to ensure you are not left with a mess in your car.

9. Godrej

Your go-to solution for keeping your interior fresh and inviting is Godrej Aer Twist range of car air fresheners with a unique twist mechanism with easy installation on the dashboard. Ingenious gel technology ensures your car remains fragrant for up to 60 days with a delightful ambience. Plus, the stylish design blends seamlessly with your interior while adding a touch of style. With complete control of the scent intensity, you can adjust Godrej Aer Twist perfume to suit your preference. Let’s just say it makes your journeys a little more enjoyable.

10. My Shaldan

More than just a sweet fragrance for your car, My Shaldan brand of car air fresheners promotes safety by making the driver more alert for a safe drive. Its aroma therapy keeps your senses ready for anything on the road, with a natural freshness. These air fragrances do not use any synthetic chemicals and offer great value for money with cans lasting for up to 8 weeks. The exact ingredients used in My Shaldan car perfumes remain a secret, and many brands have tried to replicate their features in vain. Their motto remains to drive fresh and safe.


So, there you have it, we’ve explored the world of car fresheners and found the best brands of car perfumes in India to make your selection easier. Choosing the right one depends on the fragrance and features that appeal to you and your passengers. From the fruity aromas of Jelly Belly to the soothing and relaxing Everfresh scents, these brands are the best when it comes to adding a touch of freshness to your daily drives. Consider one of these car air freshener brands on your next road trip or commute for a memorable experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Price of Car Air Fresheners Online?

Ans. Prices for air fresheners that can be used in cars start from as low as Rs.120 online on Carorbis. These are affordable interior accessories that bring a fresh fragrance to your interior while being affordable and long-lasting.

Q2. How Do I Get Rid of Bad Odours From My Car?

Ans. Start by cleaning the interior. Use a portable vacuum cleaner and soft brush to remove all traces of dirt, dust and moisture. Then use an interior detailing product to clean upholstery, dashboards, carpets, etc. Finally, let the car air out naturally with all the windows open. Install a car air freshener to maintain the hygienic atmosphere in the cabin.

Q3. When Should I Replace the Car Air Freshener?

Ans. Car air fresheners usually last for about a month before you need to replace them. If you notice that the fragrance is not strong enough or that unpleasant odours are lingering in the cabin, then you should replace the car perfume.

Q4. Why Do I Need a Car Air Freshener?

Ans. Unpleasant odours in a car a usually caused by dampness, and moisture which can lead to airborne bacteria and cause breathing difficulties. In addition, pollution and smoke can ruin interiors, seat upholstery and create an uncomfortable experience while driving. These nasty smells circulate through the air-conditioning system and will lead to poor air quality within the cabin. A top-quality air freshener will eliminate all these problems and leave you refreshed on every drive.

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