How To Protect Car From Dogs

A dog is a man’s best friend, but they can be your car’s worst enemy. Although they are a beloved companion, dogs can inadvertently scratch, soil and damage interior and exterior car surfaces. It becomes crucial to learn how to protect car from dogs if you value the appearance and value of your vehicle. This blog will help you find effective ways to safeguard your car from the unintended consequences of your furry friends. So that you can enjoy the company of your canine companion and maintain your car in top condition simultaneously.

Why Is It Important To Know How To Protect Car From Dogs?

The playful nature of dogs can pose some challenges to protecting our vehicles. As they easily get excited, you can expect unintentional scuffs, scratches and paw marks on your car. During the summer, dogs can shed a lot of fur that can end up on seats, carpets, dashboards and centre consoles. In addition, marks from their claws can range from minor scratches to deeper ones that can be hard to buff out. Over time, the value of your car will diminish and you will lose some of that new car appeal.

If you park your car out at night, stray dogs can wreak havoc on your car exterior. Nothing is spared, from bumpers, doors, headlights and even the roof. Addressing the issues of how to protect car from dogs becomes vital to maintain your investment.  

In the following sections, we will explore strategies on how to protect car from dogs, so that you can enjoy the company of your furry friends without compromising on your car.

5 Strategies On How To Save Car From Dogs   

Here are some useful tips on maintaining the pristine condition of your car against your best allies.                                              

1. Introducing Protective Barriers

These are accessories that can minimise the risk of scratches caused by dog paws, as well as keep dirt and debris away from the car.

Pet seat covers: These are basically seat covers that are designed with dogs in mind. They come with a durable material that is easy to clean and keeps fur, dirt and other damage away from seat fabric.

Some car owners place blankets over car seats and floors that add further protection from dogs. If you have a larger vehicle like an SUV, the cargo area is the perfect place for your dog. Line the trunk with a cargo liner or dicky mat to provide adequate protection. Car floor mats are also essential to keep the carpets clean.

The benefits of protective barriers are twofold. First, they safeguard your interior, seats, flooring and upholstery from scratches and dirt accumulation. Secondly, it is much easier to clean up after your dog, especially after a long journey. You can simply remove and clean the seat covers or liners and replace them.

2. Travel Crates and Carriers

A practical solution that keeps your dog safe and secure on a drive. They also protect your interior from potential damage and scratches. Dogs naturally move around during car rides, but travel crates and carriers serve as dedicated spaces within the car. Once they develop a sense of comfort in their personal space, they are less likely to jump around leading to pawing on seats, doors and windows.

In the event of a sudden stop or accident, a securely confined dog is less likely to be injured. The carrier acts as a protective cocoon that is focused on their comfort. Dogs feel more secure, and it leads to a less stressful journey for them.

If your dog sheds a lot of fur or drools, the contained space of a crate or carrier makes it easy to clean up the mess, keeping the rest of the car clean. Here are some cool ways to keep your cabin smelling fresh and clean . The driver is also less distracted, contributing to safer rides.

Car Air Freshener

Choose an appropriate size of travel carrier for your dog that provides enough space for them to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably. Opt for well-ventilated carriers with secure latches to prevent accidental opening during travel. Minimise stress and maximise comfort to keep your interior protected from dogs.

3. Create a Welcoming Space With Positive Reinforcement

Dogs thrive on positive reinforcement. An enjoyable environment keeps them happy and calm. You can minimise stress and possible scratches by rewarding your dog for desired behaviours. Just by giving them a small treat, a pat on the back or a gentle rub when they act accordingly, they get less nervous and are not likely to get anxious and scratch around.

Take short car trips that end at a fun location, like a park or walking spot. This tells your dog that a car is a nice place to be in, and they will feel a sense of comfort and relaxation. Allow your dog to bring their favourite toy so that they are less anxious.

Teach commands like ‘stay’, ‘sit’ and ‘off’ to help your dog understand that they should listen to instructions and respect boundaries. Practice a little patience and in no time, your dog will obey your every command. After a while, handling your dog in the car will be no different than travelling with a kid. You can even put soft gloves on their paws until they learn that they shouldn’t scratch at interior surfaces.

4. Protect Car Door From Dog

By now you should have learned some important tips on how to protect car from dog scratches. But car doors are a whole new ball game that is vulnerable to scratches and damage caused by dogs entering and exiting. Over time, this repeated contact of their paws with the door can affect the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Invest in door guards and protectors that have an adhesive or magnetic strip. These provide a protective barrier, absorbing the impact of your dog’s paws and preventing damage. Teach them to enter and exit the car gently, and to use their paws without scratching the doors.

Place a fabric cover over the door trim and panels to reduce the impact. Also, keep your dog’s nails trimmed to prevent scratches.                                  

5. How to Keep Dogs away from Car

When it comes to stray dogs lingering around your parked car, steps on how to protect car from dogs become essential. To prevent a mess and damage utilise effective deterrents.     

Use a dog-repellent spray that is designed to be offensive to a dog’s sense of smell. Apply them on tires and around the parked car so that dogs don’t come near your vehicle. It’s a good solution if you are wondering how to stop dog from scratching car when parked out at night.

You can even install a motion detection alarm that sounds an ultrasonic frequency when activated. Sudden lights and sounds can scare stray dogs away.

If possible, park your car in a fenced area with adequate lighting. Also, move the car around frequently to prevent dogs from being territorial.

Rats can also become a menace if you park your car in an area that is infested with rodents. Learn effective ways to protect your car from rats naturally.


By following the strategies outlined in this blog to protect your car from dogs, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of potential damage to your vehicle. The key takeaways, tips and tricks from this blog include, using protective barriers, installing travel carriers, positive association and training your dog, protecting car doors and preventing stray dogs from damaging your car.

Don’t hesitate to put these strategies to protect your car from dogs into action. Remember a little care can go a long way in keeping your pet dog happy and maintaining the beauty of your car at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Keep Dogs Away From Car Roof?

Ans. Use a combination of strategies to discourage dogs from using your parked car roof as a spot to rest and relax.

Dog repellent: They come in the form of sprays that emit scents that dogs find repulsive. Apply these repellents along the car, parking area and roof. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and will stay away.

Motion Activated Alarm: Much like an anti-theft device, these alarms are activated when they sense movement around your car. They emit high-frequency sounds to scare dogs away.

Secure Parking: Look for a parking spot that has a fence to make it difficult for dogs to access the vehicle.

Regular Cleaning: Remove any food debris, snack wrappers or drinks bottles that stray dog may be attracted to.

Lighting: Place adequate lighting around your parked car to deter dogs from hanging around on the roof.

Q2. How To Protect Car Interior From Dog?

Ans. If you have a pet dog that often travels in the car with you, you need to take some preventive measures to keep your cabin protected.

Use a seat cover: Invest in a durable seat cover that is designed for pets. These seat covers are easy to clean and keep pet hair, dirt and scratches away.

Create a comfortable space: Use a cosy cushion where your dog will be satisfied. Keep a toy in the car or provide a favourite treat to help your dog stay calm while driving.

Use a dog restraint: Install a seat harness or dog seat belt to prevent your pet from moving around. They stay safe during a car ride and will not damage the interior.

Groom your dog: Brushing their coat and keeping their nails trimmed can significantly reduce the amount of fur and scratches they leave behind.

Training: Gradually introduce your pet dog to car rides and reward them for good behaviour. This will reduce their anxiety and prevent them from destructive acts.

Ventilation: Dogs are sensitive to heat. Ensure that the interior is cool. Roll a window down or turn on the Air conditioner. You can even use a window shade which can keep your dog cool and also prevent distractions from outside.

Frequent Cleaning: A portable vacuum cleaner, brush and microfibre cloth are great for cleaning interiors and preventing damage from dogs. 

Q3. How To Keep Your Dog From Peeing On Car Tires?

Ans. To prevent your dog from peeing on car tires is a matter of training and using positive reinforcement by rewarding them with treats if they behave. Keep your dog on a leash near the car to give better control over their movements and prevent them from reaching your tires. For stray dogs that hang out near your parked car at night, it is best to spray a repellent on your tires. These repellents contain strong odours that discourage dogs from relieving themselves on car tires. If left unchecked, the rims of car tires will start to corrode due to the acidic content of dog pee. Tires that have already been marked with dog pee will have to be cleaned immediately, as they will return to the same familiar place. Whenever you see a dog near your car, try to chase it away immediately. Otherwise, they become territorial and will leave their scent as a reminder to other dogs to stay away.

Q4. How To Protect Your Car From Dogs At Night?

Ans. The easiest way is to use a durable car cover if you park your car out in the open at night. Also, drive your car often. When a car is left parked for a long time, dogs are more likely to approach it at night when no one is around. If you move it around regularly, they get the impression that someone owns that property and they’ll stay away. Collaborate with neighbours and pet control agencies who can relocate stray dogs from your vicinity.

Q5. How To Stop Dog From Scratching Car?

Ans. Dogs scratch at car doors because they are inquisitive creatures and like to explore their surroundings. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed to prevent them from causing scratches on car doors. Or you can apply a protective film on the doors to protect delicate paint and exterior trim on areas prone to scratch marks from your dog.

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