How To Carry Bag On Bike

If you are planning a road trip in your car, carrying luggage is easy. Just throw everything in the backseat or trunk and drive. But knowing how to carry bag on bike is a whole new ballgame. There’s just not enough space on a motorcycle. However, this blog will give you all the info you need to carry luggage on your bike and have a hassle-free time cruising the highway. From selecting the right bag to securing it in place, read on to discover the art of two-wheeler cargo transportation.

What Are the Challenges of How to Carry Bag on Bike?

Carrying extra luggage on your motorcycle can pose several challenges, even for seasoned riders. Let’s look at some of the most important points to keep in mind.

It’s a balancing act: The sleek and compact design of a motorcycle is best suited to two passengers and that’s it. Adding an extra bag, pannier, saddle bag or side bag will add a bit of weight and cause the rider to lose balance sometimes. You can be the Master Of How To Ride A Motorcycle by checking here.

Stay Safe: How do you tie down luggage on a motorcycle? If a bag is not secured safely to your bike, it can shift during the ride, fall off or obstruct your tyres. This is a hazard to you and other road users. Make sure the bag is secured properly with appropriate straps and buckles.

Protection from weather: Indian weather conditions are unpredictable and you could be heading for heavy rain after a sunny ride. This can expose your bag to moisture and UV damage, dust, and dirt. Use a weatherproof bag or install a cover.

Limited storage space: Compared to a car, a bike has very little storage space. Carrying multiple bags may make riding difficult, so be creative and take along only essential items.

Aerodynamics: A large bag on your bag can act like a parachute and slow you down, causing a lot of wind noise at high speeds. In the long run, this can reduce your fuel economy and make you tired as you struggle to make pace.

Security: It’s a risk to leave your bags unattended if they are not locked or secured firmly. Thieves may take the opportunity to snatch your belongings while the bike is parked and unattended.

Type of Motorcycle: Some bikes have more space than others. For example, a cruiser and touring bike will have provisions for mounting racks for side bags, while a sports bike may not have these features. You will need different strategies for securing your luggage on different bikes.

Comfort: Carrying a backpack on a long ride may lead to aches and pains. On the other hand, tying a bag to the rear seat may limit space on your seat. Find the balance between convenience and comfort.

Bike riding Gear

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Travel in Comfort With the Perfect Motorcycle Luggage Bag

Wondering how to carry things on a motorcycle? Explore the open road with the right luggage bag for your bike. It’s the only way to have a comfortable and organized road trip. Even daily rides become a pleasure when you have some extra storage space to keep your essentials safe, or for your shopping bags after a supermarket run. Check out these cool and versatile luggage options to make your journey more enjoyable.

1. Laptop Backpack

Backpacks are a seamless solution for any biker who needs a convenient way to carry small items, books and a laptop. It’s a versatile solution that blends style and functionality, providing secure storage for essentials on the go. It’s also an ideal choice for trekking, travelling and daily commuting.  Rides can be even more comfortable if you attach backpack to bike rack.

Follow these tips & tricks on how to avoid back pain while riding a bike, if you feel your backpack is getting too heavy.

2. Saddle Bag

When it comes to the question of how do you carry luggage on a bike, saddlebags are the answer. These versatile accessories are attached to the frame of the bike across the rear seat and can be easily detached during maintenance, etc. They are sleek & spacious storage solutions that can carry all your riding essentials such as clothes, food, water, toolkits, etc., for a well-prepared journey.

3. Pannier Bags

Pannier bags are another great solution to carrying heavy cargo on a motorcycle. They are attached to the bike via straps and belts but can be easily removed and carried to a campsite or while shopping. Choose a waterproof and durable pannier bag that will get you through harsh weather while keeping your belongings safe.

4. Travelling Duffle Bag

How do you carry a load on a motorcycle? They say that a duffle bag is your best travel companion on a bike. The advantage of these bags is their large size and carrying capacity. Duffle bags were originally developed as luggage for soldiers and the military, but they have found application in everyday life for bikers today. These bags are also large enough to carry your helmet and other riding accessories.

5. Tactical Bags

If you want to travel light, with just your wallet, keys and smartphone, then you need a tactical bag which straps around your waist. It has multiple pockets and is spacious enough for small items. They can even be strapped around the shoulder with adjustable straps.

6. Thigh Bag

Also called a leg bag, a thigh bag is ideal for motorcycle touring when all you need to carry is some cash and motorcycle documents, riding license and other important items. They are lightweight and durable as well.

7. Tail And Tank Bags

How to strap a bag to a motorcycle? You need a tail and tank bag with built-in straps/buckles. This versatile carrying bag solution for your bike can be installed on the tank, or rear seat or carried along on your shoulder with straps. Their medium size allows you to carry a little more than basic essentials.

8. Tank Pouch

A tank pouch is the best way to carry your smartphone while riding. Some bikers even carry small tools like screwdrivers and pliers for emergencies on a tour. It’s best to get a waterproof and weatherproof tank pouch as it can get exposed to the elements while riding.

9. Bike Messenger Bags

These versatile messenger bags can be attached to the side of the bike or carried on your shoulder with adjustable straps. Their compact dimensions and soft materials make them easy to carry and have low maintenance.

In addition to these amazing storage solutions for motorcyclists, you also will also need biker wallets to store your cash, cards and coins. Don’t forget to invest in a durable sunglasses case to keep your eyewear scratch and dust-free when you are not using it.  Sometimes, a large bag may make it difficult to find small items like keys. So, buy a stylish key fob or bike keychain to organise your motorcycle, house or office keys in a convenient way.

Of course, you need to stay connected on the go, so you will need a phone pouch which can attach to the bike tank to safeguard your smartphone from dust and falls. Lastly, stay prepared for emergencies with a durable tool roll, giving you access to essential tools when you need them.

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How to Carry Luggage on Royal Enfield

There are a lot of genuine motorcycle luggage accessories for the Royal Enfield available online. The Trip Machine Company is a well-known brand that offers excellent bike bags and luggage solutions, tailormade for Royal Enfield motorcycles.

They offer handcrafted leather bike bags, that are durable stylish and weatherproof. An excellent combination for the biker with an adventurous spirit. In addition, you can also find bike accessories such as leather seats go blend well with the saddle bags and pannier bags the brand offers.

If you are deciding between the Royal Enfield Interceptor vs Continental GT, you may find this bike comparison quite informative.

Genuine Royal Enfield Accessories Genuine Royal Enfield Accessories

How to Tie Luggage on Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a great touring bike for long distances when you need to carry heavy loads. The frame or chassis is well suited for strapping a large bag on the rear seat or luggage rack (if you have installed one). If you don’t have a luggage rack, you can use a durable leather or nylon strap. Wrap the strap under the seat or through the suspension mounts, saree guard or any other anchor point on the frame. Make two or three loops around the luggage and secure it with a tight knot or sturdy buckle, ensuring the bag will not shift while riding.

Be careful not to scratch the bike paint or exterior trim while attaching the luggage. If you do need a repaint, this guide on how to paint a motorcycle will help you out.

A long road trip calls for a good wash after you reach your destination. Learn how to restore your bike’s former shine and glory in this article on how to wash your motorcycle at home.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a bike worth taking care of. Here are some important tips on how to maintain your motorcycle.


Learning how to carry bag on bike is essential for a smooth and safe journey. Challenges such as balance, extra weight, weather and protection should be addressed before setting off on a bike road trip. Of course, the stylish looks of a saddle bag or duffle bag will make you stand out from the crowd as well. Explore your options online and find the perfect travel bag and riding gear for all your travels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Carry A Suitcase On A Bike?

Ans. It is best to use bike-specific luggage carriers such as saddle bags and pannier bags to carry your cargo. Trying to attach a regular suitcase to a bike will be challenging and maybe unsafe as it will have to be secured with straps and chords which may come loose. A suitcase tied to the rear of the bike may also cause an imbalanced ride and lead to handling difficulties.

Q2. What Is The Best Way To Carry Luggage On A Motorcycle?

Ans. It is best to purchase a mounting bracket to install side bags and panniers on your motorcycle. This is the safest and most convenient way to carry cargo on a ride.

Q3. Can A Motorcycle Carry Luggage?

Ans. Yes, there are a lot of options ranging from backpacks, luggage carriers, saddle bags, pannier bags and personal waist and thigh bags. You can even add a tank pouch for your mobile phone, wallet and keys.

Q4. Can I Carry Trolley Bag On Bike?

Ans. If the trolley is not too large, it could be strapped to the bike with appropriate belts. However, a larger trolley bag should not be carried on a bike for safety reasons.

Q5. How To Tie Luggage With Rope On Bike?

Ans. Although it is not advisable to use rope to tie luggage on a bag, you can use high-quality bungee cords or durable safety straps to secure luggage on the back seat of the bike. Ensure that the bag is balanced properly and that there is no chance of slipping off while riding. Make a criss-cross ‘X’ pattern with the rope to create a tight fit. And double check the stability before riding.

Q6. How To Tie Bag To Bike Rack?

Ans. Place the bag on the rack, then use straps and buckles to fasten the luggage to the bike rack. The bag should not shift while riding and you should be able to control the bike without any interference. Take a short test ride to confirm stability and make sure the bag is secure.

Q7. How To Use Motorcycle Luggage Rack?

Ans. The luggage rack is installed on the rear seat or rear fender of the motorcycle. It will typically require some fastening bolts that attach to the bike frame. Then position the bag to balance its weight evenly. Verify that the bag does not come in contact with the exhaust, lights, or tyres and that it won’t shift during a ride. It is also convenient to place your backpack on a bike rack.

Q8. How Much Weight Can A Royal Enfield Carry?

Ans. Royal Enfields are known to carry heavy loads on long road trips. They could easily be loaded up with at least 50 kg of luggage, including the rider and passenger. However, overloading the motorcycle can affect ride handling and safety, so it is essential to keep the weight minimum.

Q9. How To Carry A Box On A Bike?

Ans. Since the box has a flat surface, it can easily be placed on the rear seat or in a motorcycle luggage rack and secured with straps.

Q10. How To Carry Groceries On A Bike Without A Rack?

Ans. For light groceries, a backpack is ideal as it doesn’t require fastening to the motorcycle. For heavier groceries, attach panniers to the side of the bike which can carry bags comfortably. Avoid hanging bags around the handlebars while riding as this may lead to an accident or loss of control.

Q11. How To Carry A Duffel Bag On A Bike?

Ans. Duffle bags are medium size luggage that has to be strapped onto the side of the bike with special belts and buckles. Attaching a duffle bag with rope is only a temporary measure and will not be convenient to use.

Q12. How To Wear A Messenger Bag On A Bike?

Ans. Place the bag diagonally across your body with the strap running over your shoulder and chest. Messenger bags are large enough for a laptop, some books or any other light items you need to carry. Fasten the strap tight with the adjustable buckle to keep the bag secure on your body. Be mindful of the bag’s weight distribution for a comfortable and safe ride.

Q13. How To Carry Shopping On A Bike?

Ans. The easiest method is to install saddle bags on either side of the bike to place shopping items. They will provide secure storage for your grocery items.

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