Michelin 12209 Digital Double Barrel Foot Pump with Rubber Feet (Black)

By Michelin
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About this item

Tyre pressure maintenance at home is made easy with double power Michelin double barrel foot pump.
  • Compatability for all Cars, Bikes and Tractor Tyres
  • Digital Gauge Accurate to +/- 1 PSI to 50 PSI
  • White LCD Digital Display
  • Twin barrel design for high volume inflation
  • Triple Display for PSI and BAR and kPa
  • Ergonomic Rubber Tread Plate
  • Snap-in Adaptor Storage
  • Wide Tootprint Steel Trame With Rubber Teet
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Versatile and Durable Michelin 12209 Digital Double Barrel Foot Pump

Have you ever had a day when you got your car’s tyre punctured right in the middle of a lonely road and then you had to change the tyre all by yourself? If yes, you know how tiring it is to change a tyre. Michelin 12209 digital double barrel foot pump is a value-for-money addition to your car tool kit as it saves you from the hassle of completely removing the tyre to get rid of a puncture.

Compatible With All Cars, Suvs, Tractors, And Motorbikes

The iconic Michelin brand is renowned for producing premium quality digital footpumps with an extremely versatile nature when it comes to compatibility with tyres of different vehicles. You can use this digital double barrel foot pump to inflate tyres of all cars, SUVs, tractors, motorbikes, and cycles. Furthermore, this amazing product can also be used to inflate air inside sports equipment like football, basketball, volleyball, et cetera. The snap-in adaptor storage comes with three different adaptors for different usages.

Easy To Use

Now you can inflate any tyre in 3 simple steps – Unlock the tread place by twisting the locking lever on the sides, connect the hose with the deflated tyre, and press the pump by pushing the tread down and up with your foot.

Double Barrel Output

Pumping with Michelin foot pump 12209 is not a calf muscle exercise as the dual barrel and piston assembly produces twice the pressure and twice the output, inflating your tyre in half the time.

Ergonomic Tread Plate

Don’t worry about slipping your foot from the tread plate as it is designed for increased stability. Couple this with the wide footprint frame and four rubber feet, and pumping a deflated tyre is easier than ever!

Lcd Display Digital Gauze

The unique digital gauze displays pressure readings accurate to +/- 1 PSI to 50 PSI in three different units – PSI, BAR and kPa. You can switch between these units by pressing the yellow button right below the display. The white LCD digital display makes it easier to read the pressure measures even when you are using the pump under bright sunlight. The digital display operates on two button cells that are inserted under the screen.

Compact And Handy

With product dimensions of 10 x 6 x 30 Centimeters and a weight of 2 kilograms, Michelin 12209 car foot pump is the perfect size to fit in your car’s boot – just lock the tread plate in, put the adaptor in its snap-in storage and the Michelin double barrel foot pump is ready to be a forever partner for your long drives.

Vehicle Compatibility:
All Cars, Motorcycles and Tractor Tyres, Bicycles


Weight 2.1 kg
Country of Origin


Manufacturer Details




Vehicle Compatibility

All Cars, Motorcycles and Tractor Tyres, Bicycles

Special Features

‎Braided Hose, 67 CM Hose, Snap in Adaptor

Assembly Required



Alloy Steel

Power Source

‎Manually Powered


‎MICHELIN 12209 Digital Double Barrel Foot Pump (Black)

Maximum Pressure

‎50 Pound Per Square Inch (PSI)

Manufacturer Part Number


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How accurate is the digital display?

Ans.The digital display generally provides accurate readings in the range of +/- 1 PSI, aligning well with internal tire sensors.

Q2.Is the foot pump easy to use?

Ans.This pump has a straightforward operation compared to electric inflators.Simply place the pump next to the tire, pump with foot pressure, and monitor the digital display for inflation progress.

Q3.What is the inflation speed of this pump?

Ans.Inflation times depending on tire size and initial pressure.For example, inflating 18-inch tires from 27 psi to 35 psi typically takes around 2 minutes with minimal effort required.

Q4.Can the foot pump be used for different types of tires?

Ans.While primarily designed for car tires, it comes with 3 valve adapters for various tire types, bicycles, sports balls and small inflatable toys.

Q5.How does the double barrel foot pump compare to electric tire inflators?

Ans.This foot pump operates mechanically with foot pumping action.It doesn’t require a power outlet or continuous running of the engine making it portable and suitable for emergency use without external power.

Q6.What should I do if the digital display malfunctions?

Ans.If you experience issues with the digital display, such as showing errors or not functioning correctly, consider checking and replacing the batteries.

Q7.What kind of batteries does the foot pump use?

Ans.It requires 2 x CR2032 batteries to power the digital display which is backlit.

Q9.What are the dimensions and weight of the foot pump?

Ans.The pump's dimensions and weight are ‎10L x 6W x 30H cms and weight 2 kg making it portable and suitable for storing in your vehicle for emergency tire inflation.

10.Is the foot pump noisy during operation?

Ans.The pump operates quietly compared to electric inflators, making it a practical choice for inflating tires without causing disturbance.

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