Elegant Water Resistant Car Body Covers Compatible with Maruti Suzuki Alto 2014 Onwards

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About this item

  • All-Weather Proof: Protects your parked vehicle from rain, dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, UV rays and minor scratches.
  • Water Resistant: Water-repellent fabric with reinforced stitching resists water splashes and moisture.
  • Custom Design: Provides a snug fit with elastic edges and soft material.
  • UV Protection: Paint is safe from harsh sunlight and UV rays
  • Wind Proof: The secure fit prevents the car cover from coming off in strong winds.
  • Scratch Proof: Soft and breathable material is gentle on the car exterior. Prevents moisture buildup.
  • Universal Fit: Suitable for a wide range of car models.
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Universal Fit & Water Resistant Car Body covers for Maruti Suzuki Alto 2014 Onward By Elegant

Elegant car body cover is your trusted & reliable solution for comprehensive vehicle protection in all types of weather conditions. Its water-resistant, dustproof & custom design keeps your car exterior in pristine condition no matter the environment. Safeguard your vehicle from all potential damage with durable & heavy-duty car covers from Elegant.

Water Resistant

These car covers are made from waterproof materials & reinforced with moisture-repellent threads that prevent moisture & raindrops from seeping onto car paint & exterior trim. As a result, your vehicle stays dry in during heavy rain & thunderstorms.

Comfortable Fit

The soft fabric with secure elastic edges keeps the cover in place even in the strongest winds. It’s easy to slip on & off as well. Enjoy the breathable material which prevents moisture from building up on the car exterior in humid/misty conditions. Also, the scratch-proof fabric is gentle on paint & prevents scratches & minor damage from debris.

UV Proof

With Elegant car covers, you have superior UV protection from harsh sunlight so that your paint won’t fade over time. In addition, interior trim & upholstery are also shielded from extreme UV rays & heat.

Universal Design

These car covers are suitable for a wide range of vehicles because of their universal dimensions & custom fit. The versatile body-hugging design ensures the car cover stays in place, offering uninterrupted protection from the elements.

Hassle-Free 3-Month Warranty

It comes with a 3-month warranty against manufacturing defects, giving you peace of mind while your vehicle is parked outside.

Vehicle Compatibility:
Maruti Suzuki Alto 2014 Onward


Vehicle Compatibility

Maruti Suzuki Alto 2014 Onward

Vehicle Compatibility

Maruti Suzuki Alto 2014 Onward


Breathable Fabric, Universal/ Group Fit

Water Resistant


Country of Origin


Manufacturer Details

Elegant Auto Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Which material car body cover is best?

Ans.Lycra is a stretchable fabric that is good for a snug fit over the vehicle.However, it isn’t water or UV-resistant.High-density polyethylene is durable, lightweight and breathable.Non-woven fabrics are the best because they offer water resistance and are scratch-proof.

Q2.Is it good to cover the car with cover?

Ans.Using a car cover offers protection from weather elements, prevents scratches, provides a barrier against acidic substances from the road and is a good theft and vandalism deterrent.Your personal items are also concealed providing some level of privacy.

Q3.Can I use a car cover daily?

Ans.Using a car cover daily is a good way to protect your vehicle from exterior elements, dirt, scratches and potential damage from debris.However, you should choose a good quality cover from Polco or myTVS, and properly care for it so that it provides the required level of protection.

Q4.Do car covers attract thieves?

Ans.No, in fact, a car cover can conceal the interior of a car, discouraging thieves from breaking in.Vandals want to spend the least amount of time fiddling with someone’s vehicle and removing a car cover will be an inconvenience to their plans.

Q5.Do car covers destroy paint?

Ans.Car covers usually do not damage the paint.Choose a high-quality cover, ensure a snug fit, and keep the car and cover clean.Get rid of any moisture trapped inside after the rains.Inspect your car cover regularly to avoid potential damage to your vehicle’s paint.

Q6.How do I scare my car from burglars?

Ans.Burglars are more likely to avoid vehicles that are visibly secured.Use a car cover to keep valuables out of sight.A well-fitting car cover can deter thieves by concealing the interiors.Burglars will not target a car they cannot access easily.

Q7.Should you cover your car every night?

Ans.You should cover your car every night if it is parked in an area with high levels of dust, dirt, debris, tree sap or harsh weather conditions.Heavy rain, snow or intense sunlight can damage your vehicle’s exterior if not covered.

Q8.Is using a car cover a good idea?

Ans.A car cover is important to protect against harsh weather elements and to shield against environmental hazards.There is less chance of scratches or dents and a car cover provides protection during long-term storage.

Q9.Which type of car cover is best?

Ans.All-weather car covers are the best because they provide protection from rain, snow, UV rays and other environmental factors.The fabric should be soft and flexible to prevent scratches and damage to the painted surface of your vehicle.

Q10.What are the types of car body cover?

Ans.The main types of body covers are universal fit and custom fit.Universal covers have a standard size and can fit most vehicles, but you should use a custom-fit car cover that is specifically designed for your car make and model.This will provide maximum protection and good aesthetics.

Q11.Which car cover colour is best?

Ans.Light-coloured car covers such as white or silver are perfect for hot and sunny climates, while dark colours such as black and blue are preferred for cooler climates.A neutral colour like grey is good for parking the vehicle outdoors where it won’t be noticed.

Q12.Which car cover is best for outdoor parking?

Ans.Consider a car cover with a durable material such as heavy-duty polyester or propylene fabric.The material should be waterproof, UV resistant and allow air to pass through for good ventilation.Choose a good-fitting car cover so that it doesn’t get blown away in the wind (you can secure it with straps or buckles).

Q13.Is car cover good in rainy season?

Ans.A car cover can keep your vehicle dry and clean, minimising water damage, rust and corrosion.Rainwater can create spots on your car’s paint and render the finish dull and lacklustre.A car cover prevents mould and mildew formation.

Q14.Are Car Covers Rain Proof?

Ans.It depends on the type of material the car cover is made from.Materials such as polyester, nylon or other synthetic fabrics are often treated with waterproofing agents to prevent moisture from seeping through to the vehicle’s exterior surface.

Q15.Why car covers are not waterproof?

Ans.Some materials used in car covers are not water resistant and allow moisture to pass through the fabric.Choose a material that is 100% waterproof if the car is parked in the rain often.Fabrics such as PVC, nylon and polyester prevent rainwater from reaching the vehicle’s painted surface.

Q16.Can car covers damage paint?

Ans.If the car cover material is abrasive in nature and the fit is not perfect, there may be chances of paint damage.Car covers that do not provide protection from UV rays may allow sunlight to penetrate and fade the paint over time.If moisture can get through the car cover, the paint will surely start peeling away.

Q17.Are car covers good for hot weather?

Ans.Hot weather is mainly due to harsh sunlight and humidity.A good car cover can provide UV ray protection, heat reflection, dust and debris protection and give a cooling effect to the vehicle if the fabric is breathable.

Q18.Is it Ok to cover car in sun?

Ans.It is advisable to cover your car in the sun to prevent the sunlight from fading and damaging the painted surface.If the body gets heated in hot weather, there is a chance of the paint cracking and chipping off, which will prove expensive to fix.

Q19.Do car covers need to be washed?

Ans.Wash car covers regularly to maintain their effectiveness and extend their lifespan.Washing can remove dust and dirt which could potentially scratch your vehicle.Avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents as this can damage the car cover’s fabric coating.

Q20.Is plastic cover good for car?

Ans.Avoid using a plastic cover for your car as it may cause damage to the vehicle’s exterior.Plastic will trap moisture and mold underneath which can lead to paint corrosion and rusting over time.Additionally, plastic covers cannot protect from UV rays, dirt and debris effectively.

Q21.What are the disadvantages of plastic covers?

Ans.Plastic covers can cause scratches and abrasions on the vehicle’s paint due to friction of the cover, especially in windy conditions.Plastic is not a breathable material and may lead to corrosion of metal parts over time during exposure to weather elements such as rain and snow.

Q22.Should I use a waterproof car cover?

Ans.It is recommended to use a waterproof car cover if you park your vehicle outdoors in rainy weather, during the monsoons or where there is a chance of moisture building up on your vehicle’s exterior.This will prevent the paint from fading due to exposure to moisture.

Q23.Do car covers cause rust?

Ans.Car covers need to be breathable in order to wick away trapped moisture that may accumulate on the vehicle’s exterior.This may lead to rust or corrosion.The car cover should be 100% waterproof and breathable to avoid rusting.

Q24.Do car covers trap moisture?

Ans.Car cover fabrics do trap moisture under certain conditions.If the material does not allow air to circulate properly, or if the car cover is not secured properly, it can trap moisture underneath which can damage the paint, metal components, etc.

Q25.Should we remove plastic cover from new car?

Ans.Yes, this is referred to as the shipping film which acts as a protective layer during the transportation of new cars.It is not intended as a long-term protective measure and should be removed after delivery of the new vehicle.

Q26.Do car covers really protect your car?

Ans.Car covers protect the car from rain, snow, sunlight, dirt, debris, tree sap, bird droppings, scratches and dents.Your vehicle’s exterior will be preserved for a longer duration if you use a car cover as a protective measure.

Q27.Which car cover material is waterproof?

Ans.Notable waterproof car cover materials include polyester, polyurethane, vinyl, nylon and multilayer synthetic fabrics.Waterproof car covers prevent moisture build-up or condensation which may damage the vehicle’s paint.

Q28.When should you put a cover on your car?

Ans.If you don’t have access to a covered garage and have to park your car outdoors, a car cover can help protect the vehicle’s exterior from weather elements, dust, dirt and debris.A car cover extends the life of your vehicle and keeps it looking new for longer.

Q29.Do car covers protect the engine?

Ans.The engine will not receive much protection from a car cover as it is already covered by the vehicle bonnet.The car cover can prevent moisture and water from damaging metal components on the engine if the car is exposed to rain or snow.

Q30.Do car covers reduce heat?

Ans.A car cover with a reflective surface will be able to reduce heat build-up on the vehicle’s exterior.These kinds of covers can block a significant amount of UV rays and reduce the temperature inside the vehicle when parked outdoors in harsh sunlight.

Q31.Do car cover protect from rain?

Ans.Waterproof car covers can protect the vehicle from rain, moisture, snow and mist.Water-resistant materials will prevent moisture from seeping in so that your vehicle remains dry and clean when parked outdoors in wet weather.

Q32.Does car cover protect from sun?

Ans.You can browse through a wide collection of UV-resistant car covers on Carorbis.These car covers can protect your vehicle from UV rays, harsh sunlight and heat.The special reflective materials block the sun’s rays from damaging the paint and trim.

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