Wurth Plastic and Rubber Care Silicone Spray 500ML

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About this item

Protects, maintains the surface of plastic and rubber components

  • Container: Aerosol can
  • Chemical basis: Synthetic oil with a multifunction additive combination
  • Density: 1 g/cm³
  • Shelf life from production: 12 Months
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Wurth Plastic and Rubber Care Silicone Spray (500 ML)

Silicone spray that ensures long-lasting protection, preservation and insulation of exterior and interior plastic, rubber and metal parts; good lubricating properties. This is made from good quality material. Care instructions keep away from the items or products which may cause damage to this product.

  • Protects, maintains the surface of plastic and rubber components
  • Protects, maintains, lubricates & insulates plastic, rubber & metal components and can also be used as a mold release agent.
  • These instructions are only recommendations, which are based on our experience, preliminary testing is advised before use.


Suitable For:

  • Imparts a high-gloss finish to plastic components (e.g. roofs etc.) & prevents embrittlement.
  • Rubber components (e.g. door & bonnet or hood seals, rubber buffers, side molding, water hoses, tires, etc.) are maintained, do not become brittle, do not freeze up, and do not stick fast.
  • Impregnates folding roofs and covers.
  • Has antistatic properties and thus does not attract dust.
  • Protects electric contacts against dampness.
  • Eliminates annoying rattles and squeaks, particularly where different materials rub (e.g. metal/plastic) serves as a fitting aid, e.g. for those connections.


  • Spray on clean surfaces from a distance of 20-30 cm and smooth out with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Cleaning and care of plastic parts, and care products for door seals, especially in winter.
  • Lubrication of plastic rails.


Dimensions 23.3 × 6.1 × 6 cm


Manufacturer Details

Wurth India Pvt Ltd

Country Of Origin


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.On what surfaces can I use this spray?

Ans.Wurth Plastic and Rubber Care Silicone Spray is used to protect and preserve exterior and interior plastic components of your vehicle, roofs, interior trim, rubber parts such as door and bonnet seals, moulding, hoses, metal parts, electrical contacts and also for lubrication of plastic rails.

Q2.How do I use Wurth plastic vinyl rubber care silicone spray?

Ans.The surfaces you intend to treat should be clean and free of dust.Shake the can well and spray approximately 20 cm away from the surface.After spraying, use a clean, soft cloth to distribute the product evenly on the surface.

Q3.Does this spray work well as a lubricant?

Ans.Wurth plastic and rubber care silicone spray is useful for stuck car windows, doors, bonnets and trunk hinges and works well to reduce squeaks, rattles and noises caused by inadequate lubrication of parts.It also softens rubber and prevents deterioration of plastic parts.

Q4.Can I use this product on my car tires?

Ans.Yes, the silicone spray provides a high gloss shine on tyres and protects the rubber from environmental factors and weathering effects.Before applying the spray, ensure that the tires are clean and free of dirt and debris.Apply a thin layer for effective protection and wipe away any excess product.

Q5.What’s the cost of Wurth plastic and rubber silicone spray?

Ans.The 500 ml spray can cost Rs.450 online.

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