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Get Superior Engine Performance and Protection With Semi Synthetic Engine Oil From Carorbis

As an automotive enthusiast, you always want the best performance and protection on your vehicle. This is where semi synthetic engine oil comes in. Carorbis offers a range of semi synthetic engine oil products that are specially formulated to provide the perfect balance between performance and affordability. Shop for semi synthetic engine oil on Carorbis and choose from popular brands like Bosch and Gulfstar for your car and bike.

Experience the Benefits of Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

Using semi synthetic engine oil offers a range of benefits that can optimise the performance and life of your vehicle’s engine. Here’s why choosing semi-synthetic engine oil from Carorbis can be a smart choice.


Your engine is protected from wear and tear, oxidation, sludge and carbon deposits. This keeps it clean, reduces friction and results in improved performance and durability.

Fuel Efficiency

Improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. For example, semi synthetic engine oil for bike can lead to less energy loss and help you save on petrol costs.

Extended Oil Change Intervals

This engine oil allows for longer oil change intervals which can save you time and money while still maintaining optimal engine protection and performance.


Performs well in a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for all year-round use. Semi synthetic engine oil is compatible with cars, SUVs and bikes.


Semi synthetic engine oil is less expensive than fully synthetic engine oil, while still offering optimal engine performance and protection

Comparing Fully Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil: Understanding the Difference

When choosing the right engine oil for your engine you may have the option of synthetic engine oil vs semi synthetic.

The main difference between fully synthetic and semi synthetic engine oil is that fully synthetic oil is made entirely from chemically engineered base oils, while semi synthetic is made from a blend of synthetic and mineral-based oils. While both types of engine oil provide superior performance, semi synthetic engine oil is a cost-effective option and the best fit for your vehicle.

Semi Synthetic Engine Oil Grade

The grade or viscosity indicates the flow characteristics at various temperatures. It is commonly denoted as 5W-30 or 10W-40, where the first number in the grade represents the oil’s winter or cold start viscosity, while the second number indicated the oil’s high-temperature viscosity.

A lower W number is for better cold start performance while a higher second number indicates better high-temperature performance.

For example, 5W-30 would flow better at cold temperatures compared to 10W-40 which is better suited for high temperatures.

Why Carorbis is the No.1 Destination for Semi Synthetic Engine Oil?

Carorbis is the top choice for car and bike accessories and consumables such as semi synthetic engine oil. Browse through an extensive catalogue of products with detailed descriptions, specifications and additional information. With a user-friendly interface and safe online payments, Carorbis is the best place for online shopping when it comes to automotive accessories.

Find the perfect engine oil for your vehicle with Carorbis, and enjoy a seamless online shopping experience to buy your favourite car and bike parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is semi synthetic engine oil?

Ans. Semi synthetic engine oil is a mixture of both conventional mineral-based oil and synthetic base oil. This kind of oil offers improved performance and protection for engines over regular engine oil.

Q 2. Which is better fully synthetic or semi synthetic engine oil?

Ans. Fully synthetic engine oil results in superior performance characteristics and enhanced lubrication. However, semi synthetic engine oil offers a balance between performance and costs as it is less expensive.

Q 3. Is semi synthetic oil good for engine?

Ans. Semi synthetic oil good for car provides better performance, higher viscosity stability across a wider temperature range, enhanced resistance to oxidation and improved lubrication.

Q 4. How long does semi synthetic oil last?

Ans. Typically, the oil change interval falls around 10,000 km or 6 months-1 year.

Q 5. What is the disadvantage of semi synthetic oil?

Ans. They have limited benefits for older engines or engines with high mileage. They can also be more expensive than conventional oil.

Q 6. What is the difference between synthetic and semi synthetic oil?

Ans. Synthetic engine oil offers superior performance compared to semi-synthetic engine oil, however it is usually more expensive.

Q 7. Can I switch from semi synthetic to fully synthetic?

Ans. It is possible to switch to fully synthetic engine oil for reasons of better performance, lubrication and engine life.

Q 8. Is semi synthetic oil good for older cars?

Ans. Semi synthetic oil may not be compatible with some older engines due to the materials used in gaskets and seals.

Q 9. Can I mix synthetic and semi?

Ans. Engines will operate without any issues with a mixture of semi and synthetic engine oil.

Q 10. What is semi synthetic engine oil price?

Ans. The price of semi synthetic engine oil is Rs.299 for 1 litre on

Q 11. Is semi synthetic cheaper?

Ans. Semi synthetic engine oil is more expensive than conventional motor oil, however it has benefits in terms of performance and protection of engine components.

Q 12. Can I use semi synthetic engine oil for Royal Enfield bikes?

Ans. Yes, Royal Enfield motorcycle engines can use semi synthetic engine oil for better fuel economy and performance.