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Inevitably, all of us want our car’s engine to run smoothly and demand for minimum repairs. However, not many of us realise that to have your engine working in its best condition, a superior quality synthetic engine oil is essential.

At, you can find an impressive variety of synthetic engine oil for cars and bikes. Products at Carorbis are sourced from the most popular and trusted brands in India that are renowned for their premium quality. With lowest synthetic engine oil prices, 24-hour dispatch, and doorstep delivery service, shopping for synthetic engine oil online can not be easier.


You may already know that synthetic engine oil is better than conventional oil. Synthetic oils outperform conventional oil in their efficiency, noise reduction, and change time. There are two types of synthetic engine oils:

  1. Synthetic Hybrid Oil -

    This is a mix of mineral oil and synthetic base stock. They are formed to offer better protection during higher engine temperatures. Synthetic hybrid oils are most popular with pick-up and SUV drivers as while they offer better protection, they majorly cost less than synthetic oil price for car and bike.
  2. Fully Synthetic Oil -

    This is a synthetic base mixed with various additives to boost the performance of the oil. The best synthetic engine oil maintains a peak lubrication at increased temperatures and flows better on low temperatures.


Synthetic engine oils are obtained by mixing some synthetic components. They are more efficient than other categories of engine oil, that is mineral oils and semi-synthetic oils. This is because a synthetic engine oil comes with less impurities and it is designed to provide supreme performance even under high temperature conditions. Also, they don’t need to be changed as often as other oils, so they are more economical as well.


Not all synthetic engine oils are equal as each of them has a different formula of high-performance fluids and additives. How these mixtures come together results in the performance and protection level offered by a synthetic engine oil.

The best synthetic engine oil in an engine works like blood in humans:

  1. It ensures the engine system is properly lubricated.
  2. It circulates throughout the body of the engine.
  3. It helps the pistons to move smoothly inside and outside the engine cylinders.
  4. It cleanses and purifies the engine of any impurities.


By now, you already know that not all engine oils are equal and each synthetic engine oil formula works best for different automobile engines. So, how do you choose the one most suitable for your vehicle? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Viscosity Grade -

    Viscosity is basically how thick the synthetic engine oil is. It is usually represented as ‘xWy’ where ‘W’ stands for winters, ‘x’ is the oil’s viscosity in cold temperatures and ‘y’ is the oil’s viscosity in hot temperatures. If you live in a colder climate, you will want the number ‘x’ to be as low as possible. However, if you are residing in a hot climate, like in India, you can do with a greater ‘x’ value but want an engine oil with a higher ‘y’ number like Bosch Engine Oil 20W40.
  2. Driving Environment -

    The conditions where you live and usually drive are important to consider when choosing an engine oil. Whether your place is in hot or cold climatic conditions, or if you use smooth, paved roads or not affect the performance of the synthetic engine oil. These factors affect the efficiency of the oil and how frequently you will need to change the oil.
  3. Oil Additives -

    Various oil additives are mixed with synthetic engine oil for car and bike to keep your engine cool, corrosion-free, clean. Here are the most important oil additives that you must look for:
    • Viscosity-index improvers that reduce the engine oil’s tendency to thin with increasing temperatures.
    • Dispersants to avoid large particles from coming together and forming sludge.
    • Detergents that inhibit the formation of rust, corrosion, and deposits on the engine body.
    • Friction modifiers like graphite and molybdenum to reduce engine friction.
    • Anti-Wear agents to prevent the lubricating cushion from breaking down.


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Shopping for synthetic engine oil online is made easier with Carorbis’s user friendly interface that guides you for selecting the most suitable synthetic engine oil for your automobile. Just feed in your car’s year of manufacturing, model and engine type and the next page opening in front of you will display a wide range of synthetic engine oils that you can choose from. Buy synthetic engine oil online and get it delivered right at your doorstep within 5 working days. How easy could it be?


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    We don’t want you to pay large sums of money only to be able to leverage the perks of online shopping. Hence, you are offered with a free delivery service above the purchase of INR 1000.
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    Although Carorbis ensures to provide you with only the best quality products in their best condition possible, there can be chances when you receive an ill-fitting or damaged product. In such a case, we want you to reach out to our customer team and apply for hassle-free refundable returns.
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    The customer support team at is always active and willing to help you with any of your queries and problems.

    Q 1. What are the disadvantages of synthetic engine oil?

    Ans. The only disadvantage of synthetic engine oil is its cost as it costs as much as twice or even four times the cost of regular engine oil. However, when you consider how frequently it needs to be changed in comparison to regular oil, synthetic engine oil is far more economical and in fact, a smart choice.

    Q 2. What does W represent in 40W50 synthetic engine oil?

    Ans. The ‘w’ stands for winters. The number left to this ‘w’ is the engine oil’s viscosity in winters and the number right to it refers to the oil’s viscosity under high temperatures.

    Q 3. Can you mix synthetic and regular oil?

    Ans. Yes, you can mix regular and synthetic engine oil. However, the mineral oil will diminish the worth of synthetic oil and reduce its performance and benefits.

    Q 4. Can frequent oil change remove sludge?

    Ans. Yes! In fact, frequent oil change is the best method to remove oil sludge. The best synthetic engine oil comes with detergents that are effective in removing any sludge, varnish or deposits from the engine body.

    Q 5. What happens if you use regular oil instead of synthetic?

    Ans. If you use regular engine oil for your vehicle when the recommended oil for it is synthetic engine oil, then it affects the engine warranty. Regular mineral oils are thicker in their viscosity and hence they are not able to flow properly through the engine body, hence making it wear quickly.

    Q 6. What cars require synthetic engine oil?

    Ans. Typically, high-performance automobiles and vehicles with a turbocharged or supercharged engine require synthetic engine oil the most.

    Q 7. Can I use synthetic engine oil for bullet?

    Ans. Yes! Synthetic engine oil works best for bullets.