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Unleash Your Engine’s True Potential and Performance With Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is formulated with the latest technology and the highest quality of base oils to provide ultimate protection and performance for your vehicle. It is engineered to provide superior protection from wear and tear, carbon deposits and to enhance engine performance/fuel efficiency.

Fully synthetic engine oil is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including cars, bikes, diesel engines, scooters, etc. Whether you are driving an SUV or a high-performance car, you can find the right engine oil on Carorbis.

At Carorbis, we are committed to offering high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. Fully synthetic oil for bike or car is no exception. We are confident that you will be satisfied with its performance and reliability. So, why wait any longer? Order the best fully synthetic engine oil in India from brands such as GulfStar, Bosch and Rowe.

Benefits of Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Fully synthetic engine oil offers several benefits over conventional mineral-based oil.

  1. Protection:

    The engine is protected against wear, deposits and sludge. Fully synthetic engine oil for diesel car is a good option as it prevents oxidisation and helps the engine run smoothly.
  2. Performance:

    Better lubricating properties helps the engine run smoothly with more power. You will notice better acceleration especially when you use fully synthetic engine oil for scooter and motorcycles.
  3. Extended Change Intervals:

    Lasts almost three times longer than conventional oil which is why owners prefer using fully synthetic engine oil for Activa and Bullet.
  4. Environmentally Friendly:

    Helps reduce emissions due to its lower volatility. Some riders consider using fully synthetic engine oil for Royal Enfield motorcycles due to its low emissions.
  5. Compatible With Modern Engines:

    Cars and motorcycles using new technology engines can run smoothly with these oils. It is recommended to use fully synthetic engine oil for bikes in India.

Fully synthetic engine oil price starts from Rs.1000 on Carorbis and is compatible with a range of cars, SUVs and heavy vehicles.

Different Grades of Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Each engine oil has a specific range of temperatures it is designed to operate in. Here are some common grades of engine oil used in cars - fully synthetic engine oil 5W30, 10W 30 fully synthetic engine oil, fully synthetic engine oil 10W30, fully synthetic engine oil 15W50, fully synthetic engine oil 10W40 and fully synthetic engine oil 5W40.

But you must be wondering what the numbers mean. They refer to the viscosity of the oil specified by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to help consumers select the right grade of oil for their vehicle. The letter W stands for Winter or cold weather viscosity while the second number indicates its viscosity at operating temperature. For example, 15W50 is thicker and offers more protection at high temperatures than 5W30 oil.

The best fully synthetic engine oil for diesel cars retains its lubricating properties despite the high temperatures that diesel engines operate in. Fully synthetic gasoline engine oil improves performance, fuel economy and reduces emissions.

An important question that drivers ask is, how many kilometres does fully synthetic engine oil last? Fully synthetic engine oil life is around 10,000 km until the engine needs an oil change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the fully synthetic engine oil change interval for bike?

Ans. Manufacturers generally recommend changing the oil and filter every 8,000 to 12,000 km or once a year, but this can vary depending on the model.

Q 2. Is synthetic oil better than regular?

Ans. Synthetic engine oil provides better performance, improved fuel economy, better cold weather performance and longer change intervals.

Q 3. Is full synthetic oil 100% synthetic?

Ans. It is a blend of fully synthetic oil bases with advanced additives which provide better performance and protection over conventional motor oil.

Q 4. Does brand of synthetic oil matter?

Ans. Yes, different brands of synthetic oil have a range of additives and chemical compounds that are designed for specific engine types.

Q 5. Which engine oil is best for car synthetic?

Ans. Popular brands of fully synthetic engine oil are GulfStar, Bosch and Rowe. These brands are available on Carorbis in various grades and sizes.

Q 6. What is the disadvantage of synthetic oil?

Ans. Synthetic engine oil costs more than conventional oil, however, it lasts longer and requires fewer oil changes in the long run. 5w30 fully synthetic engine oil price starts from Rs.1000 but conventional oil can be purchased for less.

Q 7. Can synthetic oil last 2 years?

Ans. Although synthetic engine oil lasts longer than regular oil, it is not recommended to leave it in your engine for two years without an oil change. Replace it after at least 8 months.

Q 8. Does synthetic oil expire?

Ans. Synthetic oil does not expire; however, its properties degrade over time, causing chemical compounds to oxidise and break down.

Q 9. Can fully synthetic oil last 1 year?

Ans. Yes, fully synthetic engine oil will last around 6 months to 1 year.

Q 10. How many months can synthetic oil last in an engine?

Ans. Synthetic engine oil can last from 6 months to around 1 year without being replaced.

Q 11. How many km is synthetic oil good for?

Ans. You can use synthetic engine oil for around 10,000 km without any problems.

Q 12. How do I know when my synthetic oil needs replacing?

Ans. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended oil change interval. You may notice a drop in performance or low fuel mileage.

Q 13. Why use high mileage synthetic oil?

Ans. High-mileage synthetic oil reduces oil consumption, prevents engine wear and improves performance.

Q 14. Does synthetic oil reduce mileage?

Ans. No, in fact, synthetic engine oils improve the fuel efficiency of an engine.

Q 15. When should I start using high mileage synthetic oil?

Ans. After around 50,000 km -75,000 km on the odometer.

Q 16. Is high mileage synthetic oil good?

Ans. High-mileage synthetic oil improves fuel efficiency in worn-out engines. It may also improve performance.

Q 17. Is full synthetic oil better for high mileage?

Ans. Yes, fully synthetic engine oil is better than regular oil in terms of fuel economy.

Q 18. Is synthetic oil better for older cars?

Ans. Yes, synthetic engine oil can provide better performance and reduce engine wear, therefore prolonging engine life.

Q 19. Which is the best fully synthetic engine oil for diesel cars in India?

Ans. Rowe Hightec Synt Engine Oil is a good choice for diesel cars in India as it provides better performance and high fuel efficiency.