Essential Car Accessories for New Car

As a proud owner of a new car, there is nothing comes close to the excitement and joy of that first drive. However, to truly get the most out of your new purchase, you need to get the essential car accessories for new car in India. In this blog, we will be counting down the Top 10 essential car accessories for new car in India that are designed to make your journey safer, more comfortable and with added convenience. From practical gadgets to stylish add-ons, we have curated a list that caters to every car enthusiast’s needs.

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Essential Car Accessories for New Car in India

When it comes to new rides, equipping with the essential car accessories list is crucial on many levels. Having the right aftermarket automotive products not only enhances the overall driving experience, but also ensure safety, comfort and convenience. Given the diverse Indian road conditions, it is important to add some protection and style to your new ride for a smoother drive. In the list below, you can also find some suggestions on what to pack for a road trip in the car.

Car Covers

A car cover can become a game changer when it comes to complete protection for parked cars. It shields the vehicle’s exterior from dust, dirt, wind, rain and sunshine while preventing UV damage and scratches from debris. You get all-weather protection and reduce the risk of rust, corrosion and paint damage over the years. Imagine how much time and effort you will save on frequent car washing, not to mention your exterior will remain new looking. Prolonged exposure to the elements can cause body trim to fade and crack which is not desired on a new car. Car covers come with convenient storage bags and have convenient straps for easy installation and quick removal. Essential car accessories for new car especially if you don’t have a closed garage space or private area to park your vehicle. By choosing the right car cover, you can extend the life of your car, maintain its shine and have peace of mind knowing your car is well protected.

Polco Car cover

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Tyre Inflators

Flat tyres can turn a smooth journey into a hassle, especially if you don’t have a spare tyre onboard or are far from a service station. That’s where a handy portable tyre inflator can come to the rescue and get you out of a stranded situation. These devices can inflate tyres anywhere, anytime by simply connecting to the car’s power outlet. You even get manual, foot-operated tyre inflators for emergencies. They are the best essential car accessories to carry on a road trip or daily commute. In fact, they are so compact that you could store them in your trunk and have plenty of space for luggage. A number of adapters can be attached to the air pressure nozzle to even inflate bicycle tyres, sports equipment like footballs and inflatable toys. Its convenience and versatility to provide quick assistance to inflate flat tyres make it a must-have on the essential car accessories list.

Tyre Inflator

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Car Floor Mats

Car mats might seem insignificant, but they greatly impact your vehicle’s interior. They shield car floors from dirt, dust, water and general wear and tear. Mats act as a barrier against grime which can make its way onto the carpets, preventing the soiling of car floors. Car floor mats have deep groves and water-resistant materials to protect against accidental spills, rainwater and moisture. You’ll save huge costs on cleaning and prevent corrosion and rust from setting in. By minimising wear and tear, you can preserve original carpeting and upholstery. A well-designed car floor mat also adds comfort during long drives, reducing fatigue on passengers’ feet and providing soft cushioning to absorb bumpy rides. Not to mention they can add a touch of style and personalisation to your cabin, with colours that match your seats and complement your car’s overall aesthetics.

Car Cushions

Car Seat Cushion

Car seat comfort can turn a long, tiring drive into a pleasant journey. These accessories are car essentials for long road trip as they enhance seating comfort, provide additional support, and relieve pressure on aching muscles. During extended periods of sitting in a cramped position, the spine and neck muscles are often strained to the point of becoming stiff and sore. Car seat cushions can help alleviate this discomfort with ergonomic designs that promote proper posture and reduce fatigue on long journeys. Seat cushions with memory foam can help distribute weight evenly, eliminating pressure on sensitive points in the lower back, hips and thighs. Breathable fabrics keep the driver cool by preventing excessive heat build during the summers. These vital accessories come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit every driver’s preference and style. Moreover, they are versatile and compact interior add-ons, fitting in any vehicle model with ease.

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Car Air Fresheners

Car Air Freshener

Whether you prefer the traditional lemon fresh scent or tropical breeze perfumes in your car, an air freshener is the best way to keep your interior smelling great all the time. One of the main reasons drivers install scented accessories is to combat unwanted odours. Pleasant fragrances are also known to uplift moods which is beneficial for drivers who get stressed out in rush-hour traffic. It’s the energy boost they need while commuting and the perfect way to unwind after a rough day. Some car owners opt for cute and funny hanging car air fresheners which add a touch of personality to their daily drives. While others add an aesthetic that caters to the sporty nature of their cars. Most car perfumes are designed to last weeks or even months at a time, ensuring a fresh ambience for an extended period. These essential car accessories for new car should be on every driver’s wish list. So why not indulge in the delightful world of car air fresheners every time you hit the road?

Car Wash Shampoo

The best part about a new car is the shiny exterior and glossy paint job that makes your ride stand out from the crowd. And to maintain that showroom shine, you need a high-quality car wash shampoo. Regular soap and detergent just won’t cut it when it comes to eliminating dirt and grime on the car body. On the other hand, harsh cleaning agents may damage the delicate paint job and ruin plastic and metal trip parts.

Auto detailing and Car care

Car wash shampoos are designed to provide deep cleaning without compromising the car’s exterior finish. They also go beyond mere cleaning, as the formulas contain special compounds to protect and preserve the car’s shine. The vehicle is safeguarded against UV rays, rain, sunshine, extreme heat and other environmental factors. Car wash shampoos minimise the formation of spots and scratch marks to achieve a streak-free, glossy finish. The thick foam generated by these cleaning products makes car washing a breeze, maybe even something you look forward to on the weekends and not just a chore.

Car Dash Cams

Onboard cameras on vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the digital age with a range of benefits including safety, security and ease of making insurance claims. Not to mention it’s essential for capturing memorable road trips and scenic drives on weekend getaways. There is no substitute for the magical all-seeing eye that records your drives in high definition. Car dash cams are essential accessories for new car in India, because they significantly reduce insurance premiums, which are considered quite high for showroom vehicles. Insurance companies deem a car safe with a dash cam installed and make it easier to claim damages in case of an accident. Unfortunate incidents such as rash driving, motorists changing lanes dangerously and collisions can be documented as evidence to authorities and fines issued to the offending party. Dash cams also become your personal videographer on scenic drives, to relive those memories and maybe share them on social media. Dash cams are now so advanced that they can even detect hit-and-run situations while your car is parked, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands. Vandals will also be hesitant to mess with a car that has a dash cam blinking, as it may record their crimes. So, why not equip your ride with this useful accessory and explore the world with an extra pair of digital eyes?

Interior Care Products

Just as we like a shiny, new exterior, the car interior deserves the same level of attention and care. Interior care products such as dashboard polishers, upholstery cleaners, detailing brushes and stain removers can leave your cabin spotless for a luxurious driving experience. All-purpose interior cleaners can tackle a wide range of surfaces such as leather, plastic, rubber, vinyl and almost all types of trim and embellishments. They are safe to use, non-toxic and effective at removing dirt, grime, dust and stains. The convenience of these products makes them essential car accessories for road trip, especially when you are driving with many passengers, perhaps even pets or children. With a wide selection of interior care products, you can maintain a fresh and inviting cabin that reflects your pride in your new vehicle. There’s a product for every surface, so roll up your sleeves and give your interior the brilliance it deserves.

Performance ECU

Performance Parts

A new car may not always have the desired performance level that you require. If you are looking to enhance the overall power, torque and efficiency of your car, you may be interested in ECU add-ons to unlock the true potential of your ride. The ECU is the brain of your vehicle, responsible for managing fuel injection, ignition timing and other parameters to optimise engine performance. Piggyback ECUs are designed to boost power characteristics while ensuring a smooth drive. They are plug-and-play accessories without the need for complicated modifications or programming, hence they don’t void the manufacturer’s warranty. It is important to choose the right performance ECU for your particular vehicle make and model to ensure the best results, safety and reliability. If you are seeking power and efficiency gains, then it’s time to explore ECU performance accessories for your new car.

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Mobile Chargers and Holders

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, so it’s natural that we will seek seamless connectivity with our vehicles. Mobile holders are convenient ways to mount devices, keeping them securely in place while we focus on the road. These handy items are essential car accessories for road trip in India, offering adjustable viewing angles and charging ports that connect to the car’s power 12-volt outlet.

Audio and Electronics

They can even be used to view media and GPS navigation in the absence of an infotainment system. Drivers can enjoy a safe ride without any distractions through the use of hand-free calling and voice-controlled media playback. Charging on the go ensures your smartphone and electronic devices are powered up and ready whenever you need them.


So, there you have it. A round-up of the Top 10 car accessories for new cars in India along with essential things for a road trip. These automotive add-ons not only enhance the functionality and performance of your vehicle but also elevate the overall pleasure of driving a new car. From protection, comfort, to safety and convenience, there is an accessory for every need and preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Important Accessories and Essential Things for Road Trip?

Ans. Carry a spare tyre and a portable tyre inflator in case of emergencies. A GPS infotainment will be useful to find your way around unfamiliar roads and areas. Take a lot of snacks and bottled water because it may be difficult to find a restaurant on the road. If you are going camping overnight, a tent and sleeping bag would be a perfect end to the day.

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