New High-Security Number Plate

A high-security number plate or high-security registration plate (HSRP) is a special aluminium number plate that is fixed on a vehicle in India. It has two permanent snap locks and various identification features that enable it to be seen from a distance.

The HSRP along with a colour-coded fuel sticker is a mandatory feature on cars sold in India after April 1st 2019. It is used as a vehicle identification number similar to the BH number plate.

A vehicle found without the HSRP will be fined up to Rs.10,000 by law.

What does a high-security number plate consist of?

HSRPs have a hot stamped, chromium-based hologram of the Ashoka Chakra symbol in the top left corner. Below is the International Registration Code for India, IND, with a unique laser-etched serial number (10-digit permanent identification number)

The registration number looks like this:

AA ## XY $$$$

AA denotes the state where the vehicle is registered

## is the district of registration

XY $$$$ is a unique alpha-numeric code

The alphabets and numerals have a hot stamped film with a special design applied to highlight the registration plate.

High-security number plates are issued to vehicles after the digital registration process. This links vehicles to their registration number in a computerised database maintained by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Theft and misuse are prevented with the use of HSRPs.

Third registration plate (Colour coded fuel sticker)

Another mandatory feature for registration is the colour-coded fuel sticker affixed to the vehicle’s windscreen. Petrol cars have a blue sticker while diesel vehicles have an orange sticker. If the vehicle is BS6 compliant, it should have a green sticker.

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Which cars require a high-security number plate?

All vehicles require high-security number plates in order to be deemed road legal. This includes two-wheelers, petrol cars, diesel vehicles, electric vehicles and any other type of vehicle that drives on Indian roads. This rule states that all vehicles must have an HSRP by July 2022.

What are the benefits of HSRP?

  • It prevents thefts because vandals cannot remove or replace the HSRP without damaging the permanent snap locks. Vehicles with older number plates cannot be easily tracked as thieves often swap registration plates.
  • High-security number plates are issued by authorized vendors and automobile dealerships. These agents have all the vehicle credentials such as engine number, chassis number and other registration codes. These details are uploaded to a central database so that authorities can access this information with ease.
  • Older number plates had varying font types, numeral sizes and colours. Identifying a vehicle from a distance by traffic authorities was not possible. High-security number plates have standardised fonts, colours and styles which makes them easy to read.

How do you apply for a high-security number plate?

The process of making a number plate is undertaken by authorised automotive dealerships and private organisations. The application process varies in different states of India, however, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) can provide information on obtaining a high-security number plate.

Certain states have obtained permission to outsource high-security registration plates to private organizations. There are also options to apply for an HSRP online.

How much does an HSRP cost?

The cost of a high-security registration plate will vary in different states. The cost for a two-wheeler HSRP is approximately Rs.400 and for a 4-wheeler it will cost you around Rs.1,100.

The colour-coded sticker for the fuel type and BS6 compliance will cost approximately Rs.100.

What are the differences between older number plates and HSRPs?

  • HSRPs are made from aluminium and have a special hologram of Ashoka Chakra to identify them as authentic.
  • HSRPs have special permanent snap locks which make them tamper-proof. In case the number plate is removed the locks will be disabled and new snap rings are available only at authorized dealerships.
  • HSRPs come with a unique 10-digit PIN code which is scannable. The vehicle’s credentials can easily be retrieved through this method.
  • HSRPs come with a special colour-coded sticker denoting the fuel type and BS6 compliance.
  • HSRPs have standardised fonts, colours and schemas. Older number plates were customised to car owners’ preferences and were sometimes difficult to read.


Number plates issued before April 1st 2019 were not standardised and difficult to identify. They could be swapped from vehicles easily and didn’t have any special identification features. High-security number plates have multiple specifications and identification functions that make them a tamper-proof security measure for new cars.

Since having a high-security registration plate is mandatory by law for all vehicles by July 2022, we suggest you fix one soon before it is too late.  

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