Amit Saraswat
Sep 2, 2021
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Tesla Homologates Four EV Models for India – Launch imminent

Tesla Homologates Four EV Models for India - Launch imminent

Tesla India has been testing various models of its range that is available globally. We have seen spy shots of the Model 3 and Model Y test mules on test on the Indian roads. Even though the brand is hushed about its future model range, Tesla has homologated four EV models for India. Tesla is expected to make its entry into the Indian market in early 2022 and will retail its cars via the CBU route.



Tesla homologates four EV models for India

Homologation is a certification of roadworthiness that ensures the car meets all the safety requirements of the Indian market. Tesla has homologated four models for the Indian market. They could be four different models, but in all likelihood, the four models will be the extension of Model 3 and Model Y. That being said, Tesla could offer both the Model 3 and Model Y in standard plus and long-range variants.

However, it doesn’t mean India won’t ever get the all singing and dancing Model X and the ludicrous Model S. If the brand stands upon the test of time, we can expect the full length of Tesla offerings in the Indian market. If the authorities show support, Tesla could even set up an assembly plant here in India that will be utilised to assemble the Model 3 and Model Y. The homologation confirmation is a sign of imminent launch and you will soon be able to buy Tesla officially in India.


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Amit Saraswat

Amit Saraswat

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