What is DieselTRONIC ECU

If you own a diesel car or SUV, you must know about their power, torque and mileage advantage. But there is a way to take your stock diesel engine to a new level of driving performance with a simple plug-and-play device – DieselTRONIC, an advanced piggyback ECU that has the potential to turn any diesel vehicle into a supercar, in less than 30 minutes. Read on for more details on how DieselTRONIC ECU can benefit your driving experience and have you spending less time at the fuel station.

What is DieselTRONIC used for?

Diesel enthusiasts have long sought to extract more power, BHP, torque and performance from their stock engines. Modifications such as free-flow air filters, rally exhaust headers, polishing the pistons, adding larger turbos and race-derived transmission are some of the popular methods of turning an ordinary car into a beast.

There is also a simple method known as ECU flashing which rewrites the control instructions that the engine provides to the fuel injectors and turbo booster to extract more bhp and torque. However, this alters the manufacturer’s standard parameters regarding torque limits, exhaust gas temperature, turbo kick-in, fuel delivery and ignition timing. This may boost power but there’s no guarantee the engine will last under these conditions. The original ECU would also have to be dismantled which can lead to safety issues.

DieselTRONIC is a game changer in the sense that it is a piggyback ECU that works in perfect harmony with the original ECU, without overwriting its settings. All it does is optimise the engine power, making sure to stay within the manufacturer’s limits so that the warranty is not affected in any way or causing damage to critical engine components.

How Does DieselTRONIC Work Exactly?

Manufactured by RaceDynamics, the DieselTRONIC ECU makes real-time adjustments to engine parameters such as fuel delivery, and turbo boost. Dieseltronic advantages include better performance, high fuel economy and smooth engine operation within safe limits.


DieselTRONIC connects directly to the fuel rail sensor to control fuel delivery timing and duration. The result is that the right amount of diesel is injected into the combustion chamber at the right time depending on various factors that the stock ECU is handling such as throttle position, engine speed, gear selection, etc. With an optimised fuel delivery system, your diesel engine has efficient combustion which gives you an increase of about 30%-40% in power.


Diesel engines rely on turbochargers for that extra boost of power when operating at about 3000-4000 rpm. As the turbo spins, it compresses the air-fuel mixture which enters the combustion chamber at a higher pressure. This gives more power as your engine speed increases. The problem is that power drops drastically when engine speed falls below 2000 rpm as the turbo is not spinning fast enough. At other times it spikes when the rpm is raised and then lowered, leading to jerky performance, or turbo lag. DieselTRONIC connects to the turbocharger boost sensor to avoid all this drama. It manages turbo boost pressure more efficiently, leading to improved performance.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Since DieselTRONIC is connected to the stock ECU, it has access to all engine parameters and can make instant adjustments for smooth driving, high performance, and enhanced mileage. This is done dynamically to deal with real-time driving conditions.

Fuel Efficiency:

With a stock ECU, the more you step on the throttle, the more fuel you consume. DieselTRONIC uses various other factors of engine operation to fine-tune fuel delivery for efficient combustion and reduced smoke emissions from the exhaust.

Driving Modes:

DieselTRONIC comes with 4 different driving modes to suit every driver’s preference. It comes with an economy mode for maximum fuel economy and 2 power modes, 1 for city driving and 1 for highway driving. Drivers can even select stock mode where the DieselTRONIC box does not interfere with engine operation, it’s as if it wasn’t there.

Here are the driving modes explained in more detail:

  • Stock Mode: This setting uses the stock ECU settings and bypasses DieselTRONIC ECU
  • Economy Mode: This setting improves fuel mileage, and engine smoothness with reduced turbo spiking thus saving fuel.
  • Power 1 Mode: Fuel economy is further improved along with a boost in BHP, torque and overall performance. Gear shifts are quicker and jerk-free. Good for city driving.
  • Power 2 Mode: Maximum power and high torque setting for peak performance. Well suited for highway driving.
  • Plug-n-Play Installation: Users can install DieselTRONIC in under 30 minutes without any special tools or mechanical knowledge. It’s as simple as connecting a few wires and you are ready to go.

Is Installing Dieseltronic Safe? Will It Void My Warranty?

Many diesel car owners are concerned about whether DieselTRONIC will void their warranty coverage. But you can be sure that DieselTRONIC is completely safe, doesn’t affect the warranty in any way and provides hassle-free engine power and mileage enhancements without damaging engine components or leading to long-term wear and tear.

DieselTRONIC does not involve permanent modification of your engine. It connects to existing sensors without any physical alterations to components. The plug-and-play nature of DieselTRONIC works both ways, as you can easily remove the device from your vehicle before visiting a service centre. It leaves no trace of installation and is as good as a vehicle with factory settings. Technicians won’t even know that you are enjoying the benefits of DieselTRONIC on daily drives.

Many vehicle owners have reported positive experiences with the use of DieselTRONIC and have not had any warranty-related issues with this tuning piggyback ECU. So, with DieselTRONIC, you can have the best of both worlds, maximum power and mileage along with manufacturer warranty protection.

What’s the Difference Between Single Vs Dual Channel Vs Off Road Dieseltronic?

You can buy DieselTRONIC in 3 different variants, namely single channel, double channel and off-road. Not all vehicles are compatible with these versions, so you will have to check on the DieselTRONIC website for the right model that suits your car.

Here are some of the key differences between the 3 types of DieselTRONIC versions.

1. Single Channel DieselTRONIC

As the name suggests, it can control fuel injectors only and not turbo boost. By optimising fuel delivery and timing, it can enhance power and fuel economy by up to 25% above a stock engine.

2. Dual Channel DieselTRONIC

Dual Channel DieselTRONIC controls both the fuel injector rail and the turbo boost by interfacing with both sensors. So, the result is optimised fuel flow, and injection timing while simultaneously controlling the turbo boost pressure and preventing turbo lag. Drivers will notice a 30% improvement in power and mileage with the dual-channel DieselTRONIC box.

3. Off-Road DieselTRONIC

Designed for use in all offroad vehicles, SUVs and dirt trackers. It offers high performance for navigating rough terrain and extra torque for steep climbing. The box is durable and resistant to environmental factors such as dust, mud and water. Offroad DieselTRONIC is perfect for providing extra traction for four-wheel drive off-road vehicles driving through slushy terrain.


What Do I Get in the Dieseltronic Box?

You will find the following contents in the DieselTRONIC packaging:

  • DieselTRONIC tuning box which contains all the electronics in a robust, durable and weather-resistant sealed case.
  • Wiring harness kit with fuel rail, turbo boost sensor connectors and battery terminals. The wiring harness kit is custom-made for each car model, but the main DieselTRONIC tuning box is universal. If you want to install DieselTRONIC in another vehicle, then you just need to get the particular wiring harness for that car.
  • Single Channel has 3-wire harnessing kit (1 bypass connector, 1 fuel injector connector, 1 battery ground terminal wire)
  • The Dual channel has a 5-wire harnessing kit (2 bypass connections, 1 fuel injector connection, 1 turbo connection, 1 battery terminal ground wire)
  • Remote Control to switch between driving modes on the fly. It has a keychain which can be attached to your car keys.
  • Decals, stickers and a keychain with Race Dynamics and DieselTRONIC logos. Race Dynamics is the company that manufactures DieselTRONIC tuning boxes. There are also some zip ties included to keep the wiring harness secured.
  • Instruction manuals, safety information and documentation to help you install DieselTRONIC in your vehicle. The guide provides a step-by-step guide to install DieselTRONIC for optimum and safe results.

How to Install Dieseltronic Ecu?

  1. Ensure your vehicle is parked on level ground with plenty of ventilation and space to work around the car.
  2. Switch the engine off and disconnect the battery terminals. You can even remove the battery for better access to the engine bay.
  3. Locate the fuel injector rail sensor connection. Also, find the turbo boost sensor connection.
  4. Prepare the wiring kit and inspect the connectors and DieselTRONIC box.
  5. Carefully disconnect the stock fuel injector rail sensor plug on the engine and connect that wire to the DieselTRONIC bypass wire connector. Next, gently disconnect the turbo sensor connector plug and connect it to the DieselTRONIC bypass wire connector. Now connect the DieselTRONIC fuel and turbo plugs to the stock fuel rail sensor and turbo sensor connection on the engine.
  6. Connect the battery ground terminal to the negative of the battery. Reconnect engine battery terminals and start the engine
  7. The DieselTRONIC box has four LED Lights that indicate the current driving mode. Use the remote control to switch between the driving modes based on your preference.

What Are the Dieseltronic Pros and Cons?

DieselTRONIC Advantages

Here are some advantages of using dieseltronic on your vehicle

Increased Power & Torque: Most users report that they have noticed improved acceleration, better overall performance, smooth power delivery and reduced turbo lag, while some mention it’s a sort of hidden boost that they didn’t know was possible from a stock diesel engine.

Better Fuel Economy: DieselTRONIC optimises fuel consumption so that you get more power with less diesel. All users say that mileage has increased after the installation of DieselTRONIC and that it has resulted in big savings at the fuel station.

Hassle-Free Installation: The installation is simple without the use of complex tools. There are many videos online where users have installed DieselTRONIC themselves in minutes using just their hands.

Custom performance: Multiple driving modes allow users to choose their driving style (economy or power) which can be changed on the fly while driving. The driving modes or not reset even if the battery is disconnected as it is stored in the memory of the tuning box.

Doesn’t Void Warranty: Perfectly safe for your vehicle without damaging engine components or voiding the warranty. Plus, it can be removed at any time in a few easy steps.

Cost-Effective: No need for expensive mods, parts and accessories. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution to boost power from a diesel engine.

DieselTRONIC Disadvantages

Now Here Are Some of DieselTRONIC Disadvantages in Real-world Scenarios

Compatibility: Some owners have had DieselTRONIC problems with certain vehicles that the box was not designed for. The official RaceDynamics website has all the models that are compatible with DieselTRONIC ECU chips. 

Limited tuning: DieselTRONIC provides a power boost for stock engines and may be less effective for highly modified diesel engines such as those used in racing and motorsports.

User variability: Performance also varies depending on driving conditions and the state of the engine as well as maintenance. In addition, improper installation may not lead to optimal results. Sometimes professional assistance may be needed to sort of small issues.


DieselTRONIC has proved to be a powerful performance boost solution for stock diesel engines without compromising fuel efficiency or warranty. User’s firsthand experience outlines its effectiveness, durability and easy installation. It is the right step to take your stock diesel up a notch to unleash some more horsepower and save some trips to the fuel station. All while maintaining a safe driving experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Use of DieselTRONIC in Cars? 

Ans. DieselTRONIC is a plug-and-play piggyback ECU that can be installed in all common rail diesel engines to improve overall performance, power (BHP), torque, and boost fuel economy by around 40%. Diesel engines will have better acceleration, and extra power and travel more kilometres per litre of fuel. DieselTRONIC can be installed in less than 30 minutes without any complicated tools or complex procedures and does not harm engine components in any way.

Q2. Does DieselTRONIC increase mileage?

Ans. DieselTRONIC comes with an economy driving mode that can increase fuel mileage by up to 40%. It does this by adjusting the fuel delivery by controlling the fuel injector to provide the right amount of diesel for efficient combustion. In addition, turbo boost is adjusted to reduce fuel consumption during acceleration and driving with heavy loads. Finally, the fuel delivery timing is controlled to minimise energy loss while driving.

Q3. Does DieselTRONIC really work?

Ans. Yes, many diesel car owners have shared positive experiences with DieselTRONIC, highlighting real-world benefits in terms of power increase, smooth engine operation, improved fuel economy and overall, a better driving experience. DieselTRONIC piggyback ECU is available for a wide range of cars and SUVs and has earned a reputation for delivering optimum results in all types of driving conditions.

Q4. Does DieselTRONIC void the warranty?

Ans. DieselTRONIC doesn’t void your car warranty as it is a plug-and-play device that offers a safe performance advantage for diesel engines. It doesn’t interfere with the stock ECU signals or modify any engine components. Some owners simply unplug DieselTRONIC before a service as a way to prevent any warranty-related complications as some service centres may be unfamiliar with DieselTRONIC.

Q5. What Is Dieseltronic Tuning?

Ans. ECU tuning is the process of optimising engine operation parameters to improve power and fuel efficiency. Since DieselTRONIC is a plug-n-play piggyback ECU, it does not require any further tuning and is manufactured with all the necessary tuning adjustments to suit each car or SUV model.

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