Top Tyre Companies

Ever since air-filled tyres were designed, it has changed how people looked at mobility. For over one and a half centuries, tyres have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of personal as well as commercial vehicles. From cycles, buses, cars and trucks to larger-than-life commercial excavators, tyres have helped countless people and goods reach their desired destinations. But more than just mobility, tyres play a crucial role in terms of mileage, safety and comfort. And with so tyre companies in India to choose from, picking the best can get quite confusing. But fret not, for Carorbis is here with a comprehensive list of the top 15 tyre companies of India.

Top Tyre Companies List

Tyres are the only component separating a vehicle from the road surface. So, it is important to have the right set of tyres for the smooth running of the vehicle, superior comfort, enhanced safety and good fuel economy. 

Listed below are the top tyre companies of India. Have a look and decide which is the best set of tyres for your vehicle.

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MRF Limited

While there may be several tyre companies in India, if you are looking for the largest manufacturer of tyres in India, MRF is the name. An abbreviation for Madras Rubber Factory, MRF is a brand that almost every Indian knows. From a balloon factory in Chennai to growing its presence in as many as 65 countries across the world, MRF has its own journey of success, making it one of the best tyre companies in the world.


In India, MRF operates from its eight manufacturing plants spread across the Nation. From passenger cars, bikes, buses and trucks to farm equipment, OTRs, LCVs and SCVs etc., MRF has a wide portfolio across various segments. Known to offer a little something for everyone, MRF has everything from entry-level budget tyres to luxury car radials and high-performance tech-infused tyres. 

Hailed as the best tyre brand in India in terms of sales, MRF accounts for over 25% of the market share and rightly so. While the brand itself is synonymous with premium quality for affordable prices, it has also strategically marketed its brand portfolio through sports, television and event sponsorship, notably in cricket.

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Apollo Tyres


While MRF is the best tyre brand in terms of sales, Apollo is the best tyre brand in terms of original equipment fitment. In simple terms, Apollo has been the first choice for several car makers for tyre fitment onboard their new cars. Established in 1972, Apollo has grown substantially to become one of the best tyre brands in the world.

With a presence in over 100 countries and several manufacturing plants across India, Netherlands, Hungary etc., Apollo also possesses global research and development centres across India and Europe. In terms of offerings, the brand produces all kinds of tyres under the moniker of Apollo, Regal, Vredestein and Kaizen. With a wide range of tyres fitting every budget, the brand makes premium tyres for two-wheelers as well as commercial, passenger, off-road vehicles etc. Much like MRF, Apollo is also budget-focused, with a premium range of luxury radials as well. In terms of sales, Apollo is the second largest tyre maker in India and a proud member of the best tyre companies list. 

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A well-known brand in the Indian market, Bridgestone was established in 1931 and entered the Indian market in 1996. Since then, the brand has garnered high popularity and a great following. Known for its quality, Bridgestone offers high-quality tyres for both passenger cars, bikes and SUVs as well as buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Other than offering quality tyres at affordable prices, Bridgestone’s R&D centres are also working on a smart tyre solution with a smart strain sensor that will help the user remotely analyse data related to real-time air pressure, wear and tear, load etc. With two major tyre manufacturing facilities in India, Bridgestone has a wide network of dealers across India that help make the brand one of the best tyre companies in India. As an iconic brand, Bridgestone is popular both in the new as well as aftermarket sector. With a wide range of world-class tyres, Bridgestone is the best tyre brand when it comes to quality tyres in India.

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CEAT Tyres


Unlike other brands, CEAT entered Indian soil quite late in 1979 as part of the RPG Group. However, despite being a foreign brand, CEAT tapped into the Indian value system rather well and made a name for itself in no time. Today, if you go about and ask any average Indian about the five tyre brands they know, CEAT will surely be one of them. Offering tyres that help move passenger cars, Pick-ups, SUVs, two-wheelers, agricultural/earthmovers, commercial machines and much more, CEAT is a brand that produces 15 million tyres globally each year.

With presence in over 130 countries worldwide and an headquarter in Mumba, CEAT operates via several manufacturing plants across India and thousands of dealers for consumer attention. Majorly profiting company, CEAT tyres are best for their quality, price and range. In fact, CEAT was the first company in India to get the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification, which is a combination of ISO 9000 and QS 9000. 

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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


Another foreign brand that now is a household name in India, Goodyear has been in the game in India since 100 years, which is a testament to the fact that Goodyear has unmatched commitment for the Indian market. While globally the brand posses over 25 manufacturing facilities, its Indian operation are carried out from two main plants located in Ballabgarh and Aurangabad.

Goodyear’s strong hold in the passenger car and bike as well as farm segment is unmatched. Goodyear’s trust and quality is its USP which has made it a great choice for Original Equipent as well as replacement tyres. The Indian product range of Goodyear includes entry level offerings, off-road biggies and even high performance radials. Socme Goodyear has an overall experience of over 100 years, it has a strong hold over the market and understands consumer sentiments, making one of the top tyre companies in India.

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TVS Eurogrip – (TVS Tyres)

TVS Eurogrip

TVS Srichakra/TVS Tyres was established back in 1982 and since then has rebranded and rebadged its entire inventory with the moniker of TVS Eurogrip. A trusted name especially in the world of two-wheelers, the company at present operates with over 3500 dealers across the nation and export in over 70 countries from its two manufacturing plants in India.

Due to its legacy, TVS has a notable presence in the aftermarket as well as OEM segments. Majorly dealing in two and three-wheeler tyres, implement tyres and other specialist-usecase tyres such as the ones used in the skid-steer, pneumatics, and flotatiton, the USP of the brand is its high quality motorcycle tyres that include even the off-road and high performance range.

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JK Tyre & Industries


A name that is almost synonsymous to the Indian motorsport industry alongside MRF, the JK Tyres. Having a global presence in over 100 countries, JK Tyres is one of the best tyre brands in the world and rightly so. Operating dominantly in both EM and aftermarket segments, the brand boasts 12 manufacturing facilities round the globe, with 9 of them being in India; showing how committed the brand is to the Indian nation.

With more than 4000 dealers and 500+ brand stores, JK Tyres is indeed having “Total Control” of the market. Moreover, not only the brand has a presence throughout the nation, it also has a presence across all segment in the Industry. Offering passenger car tyres, commercial tyres, farm tyres, motorcycle/scooter tyres, off-road tyres, three-wheeler tyres, and also retreaded tyres. Launching its first product back in 1977, JK now even has its very own Smart Tyre that is topped with sensors that let you monitor the tyre’s health in real-time. 

Ralco Tyres

ralco Tyre

While Ralco might not be as famous as other, it is still one of the best tyre companies of India. Untill the turn of the millennium, Ralco’s parent company Ralson focused only on bi-cycle tyres. But finally when Ralco entered the two and three-wheeler segment, it made a name for itself in the Industry. In 2010, the brand also announced its entry into the farm and LCV segment as well.

After wining over the bicycle tyre segment, Ralco a few years back entered the HCV segment as well. It is the also the original equipment for several EV brands in India, with its parent company Ralson having its presence in India since 1974. While the Ralco name might be relatively newer, its growth is substantial enough to help it make it to the top tyre companies list. With over 5000 dealers across the nation, Ralco is one of the fastest growin tyre companies in India that offers affordable two and three wheelers tyres in India and is the first choice for OE of cars like the Hyundai Venue and Renualt Triber.

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Continental Tyres (Tires)


This german based tyre maker, has made it presence in India via its premium range of saloons, SUVs, hatchback and high end car tyres. While there arent too many high-perforamnce options onboard, the ContiSport tyre of the brand is still revered as one of the best tyre ranges in India.

Established in the year 1871, the company has been diligently making tyres ever since, growin its consumer base and national presence. The company’s plant in Modipuram has been there for around 50+ years producing high-quality tyres for India. Available across 12 countries, with 13 plants, Continental Tyres deserves the special mention.

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Intellegently marketed by its cute and chuppy tyre man mascot; Bibendum, the brand is loved by Indians. With its HQ in france, the brand has a presence in over 171 countries with as many as 69 Research and development centres making it one of the tyre brand in the world.

In India, the company sells premium and high-quality tyres for passenger cars, two-wheelers, off-road cars as well commercial cars. It also makes quality tyres for buses, trucks. In terms of offerings, the USP of the brand it its energy-effienct range of tyres along with specialised vehicle specific and off-road oriented tyres and high-performance radials. Even for two-wheelers the brand offers off-road tyres and high end products.

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With a tagline that says Power is nothing without control, Pirelli has been in the game for over 150 years with Indian operations being rather new. Nonetheless, the brand is a world renowned name and has been the official tyre supplier of the Formula 1 championship as well. With resence in over 16 0 countries, Perelli in India offers premium range of quality tyres for cars as well as SUVs tyres. Known for its speed, comfort and technology, Pirelli tyres are worth the money you pay.

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Yokohama Tyres are known for safe driving, good fuel economy and good handling. Be it the highway, rainy roads or even a desert, Yokohama’s Tyres are known for their leading performance. Entering Indian in 2007, Yokohama is indulged in making India-specific and specialised tyres mainly for passenger cars and off-road vehicles. The brand has a legacy of over 100 years and is a fast growing name in India as well.

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Entering India in the year 1896, Dunlop is another loved tyre company in India. Having its own ups and downs in India, Dunlop now manufactures high-quality and affordable tyres with presence in diverse sectors such as passenger cars, LCV, trucks and even two-wheelers. Dunlop can be a good choice if you are looking for affordable tyres that offer a balanced performance overall.

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BKT Tyres

Balkrishna Industries or BKT Tyres as we know it is a leading manufacturer of highway suited tires for heavy equipment vehicles segments of mining and agriculture. Balkrishna Industries is a leader and benchmark in the global Off-Highway tire market and committed to always offering best quality.

Metro Tyres

Hailed as one of the largest exporters of two-wheeler tyres and tubes from India, Metro Tyres also produce motorcycle, three-wheeler and scooter tyres across India as is known for its highly affordable yet quality range of products that suit the specific Indian need quite well.

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With the Tyre Industry being one of the fastest growing sectors in the Indian automotive economy, brands from all over the country are competing in a bid to rule the market. With so many brands concentrating the market, knowing a little more about each brand can help you make the right choice. 

We hope you found this article on Top Tyre Companies in India useful, as it should help you make a decision on upgrading your ride. Check out some of our other blogs such as The Pros And Cons Of Bigger Tyres On Your Vehicle and How Often To Fill Air In Tyre or visit Carorbis Blog for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best tyre brand in India?

Ans: As per sales, MRF is the largest and best tyre brand in India

Q2. Which is the best tyre brand in the world?

Ans: As per data, Michelin in 2020 and Bridgestone in 2021 were the largest tyre manufacturers in the world and were one of the best in terms of sales as well.

Q3. What are the top 5 tyre companies of India?

Ans: Top 5 tyres companies in India include MRF, Apollo, Bridgestone, CEAT and Goodyear Tyres.

Q4. Which is the best Indian tyre brand?

Ans: MRF is the best Indian Tyre Brand that dominates the Indian market as well exports to over 65 countries as well.

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