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About this item

  • Professional car wash shampoo for quick cleaning
  • Instantly shines and smooths the painted surface
  • Removes stains and adds a protective layer
  • Silicone polymer layer repairs damaged areas of paint
  • Leaves a glossy finish that’s water-repellent
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Refresh Cleaner for Coated Cars – 00251 by Soft99

REFRESH CLEANER FOR COATED CARS  is a car wash body cleaning system that is specially formulated for professionally coated vehicles. It removes stains and water marks while leaving a silicone polymer layer to repair any damaged areas of the coating. It also produces great gloss and water-repellency.

How to use the product

Note: Apply to a washed and thoroughly dried car.

1. Shake well before use.

2. Apply a coin-sized amount of liquid to the included towel, and spread across the surface while polishing in. Apply panel-by-panel, using more liquid in any heavily soiled areas.

3.     Change the towel surface ℃casionally to prevent unevenness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is this professional car wash shampoo used for?

Ans.This professional car wash shampoo is used for quick and efficient cleaning of your car.

Q.What does the car wash shampoo do to the painted surface?

Ans.The shampoo instantly shines and smooths the painted surface.

Q.Does the car wash shampoo provide any additional benefits besides cleaning?

Ans.Yes, it removes stains and adds a protective layer to the car's surface.

Q.How does the shampoo help with damaged paint areas?

Ans.The silicone polymer layer in the shampoo repairs damaged areas of the paint.

Q.What kind of finish does the car wash shampoo leave?

Ans.The shampoo leaves a glossy finish that is water-repellent.

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