How to Restore car Paint

Your car paint not only adds an aesthetic appeal and personality but also serves as a protective barrier against the elements. Exposure to sunlight, rain, pollution and wear and tear can leave paint dull, faded, oxidised and covered in scratches. Learning how to restore car paint brings back its former glory and keeps it safe from further damage. This blog will show you the best way to restore car paint, address challenges in preserving it, and offer a guide to keep your car looking showroom-worthy.

Understanding the Factors Behind Paint Damage

Your car’s paint is exposed to all sorts of challenges either while driving or when parked. Over time, paint loses its shine and glossy appearance. Understanding the various kinds of paint damage will help you find the best way to restore paint on a car.


Gradual exposure to UV rays, harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures causes paint to lose its colour. Dark paint is more likely to appear dull on exposure to sunlight.


As the paint is exposed to the atmosphere, oxygen reacts with it and breaks it down to a chalky appearance that can flake or peel off. The paint then crumbles away, leaving the bare metal susceptible to rust and corrosion.


Dust, dirt and debris can leave minor scratches and swirl marks on the paint. The smoothness of the exterior is ruined by imperfections as they refract light unevenly.

Sunlight damage

Ultraviolet rays can cause the paint to lose its lustre and natural shine. The clear coat is easily damaged by sunlight, accelerating the paint’s deterioration.

The types of paint damage are influenced by certain contributing factors such as:

Environmental Effects

Harsh weather conditions, road chemicals, bird droppings, wind and rain all cause damage to paint that is difficult to restore.

Lack of Maintenance

Improper washing techniques along with harsh cleaning chemicals and abrasive sponges can scratch the paint’s surface and accelerate wear. If dirt is left on the car’s exterior, it will dissolve the clear coat and hasten paint damage.

Age and Driving Habits

An old car that is driven in dusty conditions is more vulnerable to paint damage. These vehicles require regular care.

Lack of Protection

Parking a car in the open without a car cover leaves the paint exposed to harsh elements. A wax or ceramic sealant will add a new layer of protection for cars parked outside.

Preparing Your Car:  How to Restore Car Paint?

To bring back your car paint to the best condition, you need a systematic approach and preparation.

Wash and Dry the Car

Give your car a good wash using a pH-balanced car wash shampoo and a soft microfibre towel. Remove all traces of grime, dirt and grease to ensure a clean surface for the restoration process. Don’t forget to dry the car to prevent water spots and swirl marks.

Assess the Damage

Inspect the paint carefully and make a note of scratches, fading, oxidation or any signs of peeling or cracking. This will help you choose the right restoration method.

Keep Your Tools Handy

Gather essentials such as sandpaper, polishing compound, wax, microfibre towels, primer, colour coat and clear coat of paint. Also, ensure you have a clay bar to remove contaminants from the car’s exterior.

How to Fix Faded Car Paint?

Paint that has lost its vibrant look due to fading can be restored with the right products and approach. Here’s how to restore dull paint on car.

Paint Restoration Kits

These kits have essentials such as polishing compounds and sponge pads that can rejuvenate faded paint effectively.

Colour Correcting Compounds

Paint colour correction sprays can restore faded paint easily. They contain abrasive compounds that eliminate deteriorated surfaces to unveil the paint’s natural colour.

UV Protecting Coating

Once the paint has been revived, add a protective layer that shields against UV rays, sunlight and weather conditions. This will preserve the life of restored paint.

Restore Paint That Been Exposed to UV Rays: How to Fix Sun Damage on Car?

Reversing sun damage is not that hard when you employ the right techniques.

Use a Cutting Compound

The car needs to be cleaned and dried before adding a cutting compound. With a foam or microfibre pad, apply the cutting compound which contains abrasive chemicals. The damaged layer of paint is removed, revealing fresh unblemished paint beneath.

Apply a Ceramic Coat

After successfully repairing sun damage, shield the restored paint with a ceramic spray that guards against future sun-induced harm. Wax or other types of sealants also work.

Long lasting protection and shine

Bring Your Classic Car Back to Life: How to Restore 50 Year Old Car Paint?

Older cars will often have paint damage that does beyond surface-level imperfections. The process of wet sanding will smooth out the surface and level the paint for a flawless finish.

Prepare the Car

Identify the area of paint you want to correct and mask of adjacent areas with painter’s tape to protect them from accidental sanding.

Choose the Right Grit

Deep scratches and imperfections require a coarse grit of 800-1000 while finer grits of 2000-3000 help achieve a smoother finish.

Soak the sandpaper in water and continuously wet the surface during sanding to prevent damage. Use light pressure in a circular motion.

Check the progress to ensure you are not going too deep into the paint layers. Stop sanding once the desired level of finish has been achieved.

Polish the Paint

Once sanding is complete, you need to polish the paint to restore its shine. For light oxidation, use a mild polishing compound and buff the surface with medium pressure. Finally, add a layer of wax to preserve the rejuvenated paint.

waxes polishes sealants

Tips for Maintaining Restored Paint

Restoring paint requires a lot of effort and time, so you need to preserve that brilliance with these easy tips.

Regular Washing

Washing is the best way to protect the paint from further damage. Use a gentle cleaning technique and avoid harsh chemicals. Stay clear of automatic washes which can damage paint in the long run. Follow up with a wax routine to maintain the glossy finish.

Parking Tips

Choose a shaded area or covered parking spot to shield your car from the weather. Parking under trees may expose your paint to tree sap and bird droppings, so it’s best to install a car cover that is waterproof and dust resistant.

UV and Rain Protectant

These detailing products come in many forms including wax liquids, polish sprays and rubbing paste. They are easy to apply and will form a barrier against UV rays and moisture to prevent fading and oxidation.

If you can promptly address paint damage, it will save your paint from further damage and save you a lot of money on repairs and restoration.

Here are some amazing ways to protect your vehicle in the rainy season, ensuring your paint remains in good condition.


Remember that paint restoration is not merely a cosmetic revival, it shows how much your love your car and want to preserve its legacy. The techniques of using paint restoration kits, buffing and polishing, cutting compounds, wet sanding with precision, and regular maintenance such as washing and waxing are key to ensuring your car’s paint stands the test of time.

You can find more how-to guides and other interesting automotive-related topics on the Carorbis Blog. Detailing enthusiasts should check out the main differences between polishing, buffing and waxing for further information on the paint restoration process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Recover Car Paint?

Ans. To recover the natural appearance of car paint, first, wash the car to remove all dirt and debris. Next, use a clay bar to eliminate imperfections and contaminants from the surface. Lightly sand the paint if you find rough spots, and finish off with a coat of wax or sealant.

Q2. How To Restore Car Dashboard Color?

Ans. Use a soft brush to clean the surface of dirt and grime and wipe with a microfibre cloth. Apply a dashboard cleaner onto a clean cloth and gently wipe the dashboard to restore its natural colour and shine. Buff to a clean and shiny finish to keep the dashboard protected from UV rays, etc.

Q3. How To Repair Car Body Paint?

Ans. Clean the affected areas and apply a degreaser to remove any traces of oil. Use sandpaper to remove a small portion of the old paint until you see bare metal. Then apply primer followed by the base coat colour. Add a clear coat for added gloss, shine and protection.

Q4. How To Repair Car Bumper Paint?

Ans. After the dent is fixed, sand the damaged area to smooth out the surface. Apply a plastic primer to seal the surface then add the base coat of appropriate colour. Once the paint has dried add a clear coat. Once the paint has cured, apply a layer of wax for maximum protection.

Q5. How To Restore Black Car Paint?

Ans. Black paint does not show scratches and imperfections as easily as other colours. Consider using specific black paint car wax to restore the deep, black colour and to protect the paint from further damage. Maintain the paint with regular washing and waxing to keep it looking glossy.

Q6. How To Restore White Paint On Car?

Ans. White paint easily shows imperfections and scratches, so use a colour paint restoration product specially formulated for white paint or wax sealant to restore its natural shine.

Q7. How To Restore Scratched Car Paint?

Ans.  The easiest way to fix a minor scratch is to use a scratch remover pen , liquid or paste to buff it out gently. For deeper scratches, apply a layer of touch-up paint and allow it to dry. Here is some more information on how to remove scratches from your car.

Q8. How To Restore Oxidized Car Paint?

Ans. Oxidation of paint is caused by exposure to moisture which leads to rust and corrosion. Wash the car thoroughly then use a rubbing compound to remove the oxidation layer completely. Light sanding will also help at this point. Seal the paint with wax to protect it from further oxidation.

Q9. How To Restore Metallic Car Paint?

Ans. Metallic paint has tiny microscopic specks of metal shavings which give it a shimmering, reflective appearance. A clay bar works best to remove paint surface contaminants and imperfections. Buff with a wax solution to enhance the metallic shine.

Q10. How To Restore Shine To Faded Car Paint?

Ans. Apply a specialised car polish or paint restorer product. Buff the paint gently with a microfibre cloth or polishing pad to restore the shine of faded paint. Finish off with a ceramic coating spray for log lasting protection and glossy shine.

Q11. How To Fix Faded Paint On Car Roof?

Ans. Car roofs are often subjected to harsh sunlight, UV rays and rain which cause the paint to fade over time. A polishing compound will remove a thin upper layer of paint and reveal a bright undercoat. Park your car indoors or use a car cover to prevent the roof paint from fading.

Q12. How To Restore Sun Burnt Car Paint?

Ans. Use a paint colour correcting product on a microfibre cloth and gently buff the paint. Use a sponge to remove excess product and then use a UV protectant wax or ceramic spray after the first stage of product application has cured.

Q13. How To Restore 20 Year Old Car Paint?

Ans. A 20 year old car will most likely have faded or damaged paint. Use an orbital polisher machine to remove the top layer of paint. Then polish the paint with a high-quality rubbing compound. Finally, seal the paint with a good quality wax and ceramic spray.

Q14. How To Fix Faded Paint On Car Hood?

Ans. The car hood covers the engine and gets extremely hot after a drive. The hood is likely to be treated with a temperature-resistant paint that will not crack or peel off in the heat. A layer of wax will prevent the paint from drying out further.  

Q15. Does wax restore car paint?

Ans. Wax does restore the colour and appearance of paint to some extent. It is basically a protective layer made from carnauba wax which covers minor imperfections, fine scratches and swirl marks. Overall, you get an improved appearance, shine and long-lasting protection from environmental elements. For deeper scratches, use special polish and rubbing compounds to improve the paint condition and prevent further damage.

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